The Japanese are held in loving prayers.

Entry Gate towards Kami Shrine at Shambhala Mountain Center, where I lived in 2004.

Growing up practicing Judo, reading Yoko Tsuno (a Belgian Comic strip), recalling a brief teenage fascination with anti-gravity research by Japanese Prof Seike Shinichi (perhaps my first international correspondence, pre-internet), and later many years of Shambhala training, with its Japanese Zen influences, such as the Oryoki dining mindfulness practice; Kami shrine offerings, and so forth…  I guess I can say that some of the more traditional aspects of Japanese culture have always resonated with core values I hold dear.  Instead of decoding radiation measurements, tonight I share some of the love for Japan from around the world, starting off with a prayer that may be of benefit to avert worse:

  • Tibetan Buddhist practice advice related to the Tsunami in Japan, and particularly in the light of the nuclear disaster, Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

    Dzogchen master Chatral Rinpoche

    recommends the following prayers and practices:    Chatral Rinpoche’s Prayer to Avert Nuclear War.  While this is a very different situation, the vibrational effect makes reciting this prayer at this time very good and important.

For more like this, see The Vajrayana Foundation:] [Added later: Some link no longer work.  See my later post:A Prayer To Avert Nuclear War, by Chatral Rinpoche ]

  • Hope Letters ( has received more than 2,000 letters (1,000th letter on March 22/11).  Volunteers are working hard to translate them into Japanese.
  • COLOMBO, March 27, Kyodo:   Sri Lankan Buddhists led by President Mahinda Rajapaksa Sunday sent blessings and benediction to the people of Japan in the wake of the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster at ceremonies conducted in hundreds of Buddhist temples countrywide.  The main ceremony was held at ”Temple Trees,” the president’s official residence in Colombo, and attended by Japanese Ambassador Kunio Takahashi and about 150 Japanese living there. []
  • JAKARTA, March 27, Kyodo: 10,000 Indonesians send palm prints to support Japan quake victims. Ten thousand Indonesians stamped their palm prints onto a huge board in Jakarta on Sunday as a message of solidarity to survivors of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan on March 11.  … thousands of people lined up in front of the Japanese Embassy in Jakarta to stamp their palms onto the board that will be sent to Japan. ”We organized this event to express our sympathy and support to the Japanese people,” Kuntoro Mangkusubroto, former chairman of the Aceh-Nias Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Agency, told reporters.  The agency set up soon after the 2004 quake and tsunami in Indonesia’s northern province Aceh that killed 270,000 people. It also oversaw reconstruction after a quake that killed more than 800 people on North Sumatra Province’s Nias Island in 2005.  ”Japan was among the countries that helped Indonesia most in doing rehabilitation and reconstruction in Aceh and Nias for four years,…” []
  • Shambhala International encouraged its members to dedicate their practice at this time to the victims and survivors of the disaster: “You may include them in your tonglen practice, and the practice of the Four Immeasurables — which can be done in the course of your individual practice or at your Shambhala Centre or Group.  You may also wish to recite the Heart Sutra for the millions affected in various ways by the quake, tsunami and fears of a nuclear disaster. Kindly recite the sutra, including 108 recitations of the mantra.” []
  • Music Benefits: Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban, Justin Timberlake, Cee Lo Green, Black Eyed Peas, Kings of Leon, U2, Madonna, Bob Dylan, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Adele have joined other top artists in contributing material to Songs for Japan, an 18-track compilation to benefit the Japanese Red Cross Society’s efforts to assist those affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  All acts appearing on the album and their labels and music publishers have waived royalties to ensure the maximum amount of money is forwarded to the disaster relief efforts. Songs for Japan is available as an iTunes download for $9.99.

May all those who find themselves in trackless, fearful wildernesses

be guarded by beneficent celestials.

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