The EPA’s PATHETIC radiation monitoring network

3/29 8:30 pm Standard Mountain Time (3/30 11:30 AM JPN-time): Just in from Kyodo (news service in Japan): “Radioactive iodine 3,355 times legal limit found in seawater near plant” (If they’s using the adult legal limit of 300 Bq/L, we’re talking over 1 million Becquerel per liter.

So as the Fukuchima Daiichi situation is being “prevented from worsening”, and several experts now believe that a full-on meltdown is in progress at possibly as many as 3 reactors, I’ll have a peak at the EPA’s RadNet.  Gotta love how the US government looks out for its people…  There’s really only one thing I can say about the US government’s radiation monitoring network:  it sucks.  From my perspective of living in Park City, just outside Salt Lake City, UT, trimming the nearest other monitors off the RadNet map, this gives a simple idea of how much terrain in the US isn’t even monitored, with a comparison to Germany’s monitoring network, which I had to enlarge so you would be able to see how many hundreds of near-real-time totally publicly accessible monitoring stations they have:


Comparison graphic by Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2011

You get the picture.  If shit hits the fan, the US doesn’t even have an adequate monitoring network.  If they don’t even have that, think you can believe one fraction of what they say when they claim they’re prepared?

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