10 million times normal was not a mistake

“TEPCO has confirmed that radiation levels in water inside the damaged reactors is about 100 rems (1 Sievert) per hour. Apparently that’s only 100,000 times above normal, not 10 million times.” (Source: NIRS, an activist site, no less; all mainstream outlets gobbled it up too)

Not “apparently”, but rather ‘allegedly’,  ’cause apparently you can tell reporters anything. I keep seeing this all over, that so-called “misreporting”.  But normal background radiation for coastal Japan is around or just below 0.1 µSv/hr. and 1 Sv = 1,000,000 µSv, so this 1 Sv/hr truly is 10 million times the normal 0.1 µSv/hr.

1 / 0.0000001 = 10,000,000.   What part of the math am I not getting? Or do they usually have pools in their basement with knee-deep 10µSv/hr-radioactive water in it?  If that’s their alleged normal, then I stand corrected.

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