Radiation Media Deception

To repeat only the end of the last (way to long) post:

That nice interactive from AP, on the Japan (JPN) page, so handy.  They’re adding all kinds of new ‘educational’ stuff.  

Clearly, the nuclear industry is going into full-on propaganda mode.

Check out the below “Radiation put in perspective” graph.  Grrrrrr:

You see that?!   They graphically make “the highest reading” of 47.27 mrem/hr look the most insignificant (visually), although if you REALLY want to compare that to year-exposures, when sustained… that’s 414,085 mrem/yr.
Or in µSv/yr:  472.7 µSv/hr  would get you a whopping 4,140,850 µSv/yr.
Compare THAT to the 400,000 mrem (4,000,000 µSv), the amount listed at the very end of the graph, which may quite likely kill you (after awful radiation sickness).
And how does 1,193 mrem PER HOUR really compare to those “1-time shot” deals like a 1,400 mrem (14,000 µSv) CT-scan, or to natural accumulation over a normal year?  Well…(1193  x24 x365 =)  1,193 mrem/hr would get you 10,450,680 mrem/yr,
or if you want that is microSievert… (1 mrem = 10 µSv; so:)  104,506,800 µSv/yr.  Read: dead a dozen times over. 
They’re trying to make a VERY serious radiation risk situation look like it’s no biggie.  Move along.  Nothing happening here.  Unbelievable.  
By the way, that 1,193 mrem/hr  = 11,930 µSv/hr, on March 15, the “highest reading” You’d have radiation sickness within days.  But why not update your graph to the actual highest reading? Even yesterday (wedn. 3/23), an agency spokesman said “500 millisieverts per hour of radiation was measured at the No.2 unit on Wednesday”.  Did I read that right, MILLI-Sieverts?   That’s, um… 500,000 µSv/hr, on March 23… PER HOUR.   Hellooo?  That’s a lethal dose that day.  No wonder they pulled workers out quickly then.  If those levels were to continue, what’s that per year, AP, care to put that on your graph “for perspective” too?
To be fair, AP, if you report:
“living outside a nuclear power plant: 3,600 µSv/yr“ on your graph, why not:
“Living at Daiichi N2:                      438,000,000 µSv/yr“
(“If the “stabilized / improving” situation continues, that is”).
Is reporting “Radiation Levels at Daiichi No 2 Would Kill Anyone in Less than a Week!” a bit too much REALITY to handle?
Twisted deceptive “educational” reporting…  But they’re not lying, nope – they’re not, just doing tricks with flipping radiation measurements around, using micro here, millie there, per hour here, per year there. 
Don’t be deceived.  It is an extremely serious situation.  Has been, and still is.
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