Under the spreading X-ray cloud, I sold you and you sold me…

I just re-focussed my eyes on this page, helplessly musing I had also been making some edits to the ‘Radiation Exposure Effects’ page, on another tab, unable to ignore the excellent exposé I listened to on Park City’s community radio station KPCW: This Green Earth – March 22, 2011 interview of Damon Moglen, Energy Project Director at Friends Of The Earth, [<– click to listen to it!]  who discussed the latest on the nuclear crisis in Japan, including the radioactive contamination from the runoff and fallout, the partiality of regulatory agencies, the health effects of low level radiation here in the United States, Obama’s funding by the nuclear industry, etc.  So true…

And the ignorant lunies (LMAO) locking themselves up in California basements stocked with KI had been put in their place.   (If only they knew of my blog/website to check on radiation levels, or, much better, got themselves a Geiger Counter, perhaps… Oh well.)… Now a moment of “so anyhow”…  as much as off-the-wall panic can be somewhat funny to watch, the nightmare of Fukuchima is no laughing matter.  And it has only just begun…

If nuclear energy policy doesn’t make your blood boil, radiation soon enough will.

TV unplugged, batteries removed from the cell-phone, Wifi Airport off, and a piece of electric tape to cover the webcam,  …cursor blinking with the frequency of a factory alarm

Reality, crawling out of its prefab box, carved its crimethink scream in large neat capitals onto the cyber walls of blogospheria:




I can’t help feeling a twinge of panic now myself.  It seems absurd, since the writing of those particular words is not more dangerous than the initial act of opening the laptop, but for a moment I’m tempted to delete the flickering pages and abandon the enterprise altogether…

Obviously, I did not do so, because I know that it is useless. Whether I write DOWN WITH THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY, or whether I refrain from posting it, makes no difference.  Whether I go on with blogging, or whether I don’t go on with it, makes no difference.  If push were to come to shove, the IRS, the NSA or some other acronym, the goddamned DHS, would get me just the same.  I have committed — would still have committed, even if I had never set fingertip to keypad — the essential crime that contains all others in itself.  Thoughtcrime, they used to call it.  Thoughtcrime is not a thing that could be concealed for ever.  You might dodge successfully for a while, even for years, but sooner or later they were bound to get you.

For a civilization that thinks in terms of quarter-earnings… to set up scores of nuclear reactors all over this densely populated geologically volatile planet, producing extremely hazardous waste that must be safeguarded for thousands of years…  is pure madness.

Sooner or later, we’ll are all be the howling dogs of Pripyat

Unless we shut it down.  All of ‘m.

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