Ibaraki 2011/03/22 02:40 radiation Collection data

As reported by SPEEDI: System for Prediction of Environmental Emergency Dose Information, the highest radiation for this middle of the Night in Japan, for the Ibaraku perfecture just south of Fukuchima were:

Horiguchi Hitachinaka City:   1008 nGy/hr  

Momiyama Hokota City:         1097 nGy/hr  

This over 1 microSievert/hr, over 10 times normal background radiation, but well below health-hazardous levels.  See ‘Radiation Health Effects’ to help interpret the reports.   Looks like the much greater danger is from the consumption of foods in which higher concentrations might accumulate, creating concentrated doses.    See here: for the detailed datasource used for the above report:  http://www.bousai.ne.jp/eng/speedi/pref.php?id=08  Or check out my ‘Current Radiation Levels’ page to find radioactivity measurements from all over the world, including various access ways to monitors in Japan.  My *NEWS* page links to sources for the very latest.

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