Blocked FB-Commenting and Suspended Tweets

I figured more people could benefit from this fast-growing glowy website, so last night I returned to Facebook to “like” some radiation-topic groups and news outlets.  Within minutes of making the same post (with the shortlink for ‘Current Radiation Levels’), I was blocked.  I guess it looked just like spamming does.  Oh well.  So I made a Twitter account (MVB_tweet) and searched for radiation/radioactivity and replied to a few tweets mentioning this website.  I thought it was ‘on topic’ and okay, but I guess the computer wouldn’t know the difference if it statistially looks just the same as spamming.  Within minutes I was suspended.  Oh well.  Trafic began to increase within the hour, though.  Later I posted a comment at the Geiger Counter site in West L.A. (see ‘USA’), which resulted the most trafic increase.  Good.  Still pretty much “under the radar”, but as this blog with all its easy access to radioactivity monitoring continues to improve, I feel it was worth the effort.  Could this already be the world’s best site to access radiation data in near-real time?   Anyhow, first week of my blog, (I’m on lunch break from work) and here’s my first week of page clicks stats):

[Year-end ad-on:  No other day in 2011 reached such high view stats as March 21 -ha.  Lesson learned.]

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