Easy access to global radioactivity monitors!

DISCLAIMER — In the wake of the March 11, 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, I sought to understand the scientific units radiation measurements are reported in, how to put the reports into context, as well as find out how much radiation is present wherever a cloud of radioactive particles may be blowing.  Regardless of what happens, this website got started as a summary of what I found, so anyone [by clicking on it] can now easily :

  • >> Check ‘CURRENT RADIATION LEVELSWORLDWIDE << for easy access to local radioactivity monitors from all over, including Japan, USA, Europe, etc.
  • Check ‘Radiation Units’ for clarification of the various scientific units in use for radioactivity aspects, and learn how to convert one to another.
  • Check ‘Radiation Exposure Effects’ to see an overview of the potential health effects of different gamma ray radiation exposures, to put measurements into context.* If you spot inaccuracies, PLEASE leave a comment. I’ll fix it asap.

*:DISCLAIMER: All provided information should not to be misunderstood for health or safety advice.  My intent is to be of benefit for those committed to accurate reporting, those interested in the actual truth of the matter, as well as to challenge misinformation. All opinions and posts are subject to change without notice.  What you do with the information found on these pages is your own responsibility.  – MVB © 2011. Read updated DISCLAIMER.

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