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“Ah, Come On, Man, Someone* Would Have Said Something.”

*Not me.

I wouldn’t.  Why would I?

See… Okay, let’s use a hypothetical incident… like… um… Okay, here:

Let’s assume… that a large radioactive plume escaped from a mystery nuclear facility somewhere.   You read about it or heard of it in the mainstream news.  It was reported on in various outlets you consider trustworthy, including award-winning newspapers with what you believe is a well-established track record of journalistic integrity. These mainstream media outlets reported, practically verbatim, what nuclear watchdogs told them in a press release.  The nuclear watchdogs are staffed by credentialed scientists, and trusted by elected officials, as well as big names in the world of physics.  Let’s pretend they told us something along the lines of, “Hey, check this out, we [of such and such nuclear watchdog agencies] found Ruthenium-106 in the air at various locations across Europe during the last week of September and first week of October.  Here’s the details: We know it can’t have come from an active nuclear reactor, because a leak from an active reactor would also include other radioisotopes, such as Iodine-131, which would be tell-tale sign of recent fission.  And at the very least we would definitely also see a significant uptick for Cesium-137, and probably Cs-134.  And more pronounced traces of many others as well, including upticks of ‘enhanced naturals”, from Be-7 to Na-22, even Pb-210, etc.  Because none of these were present outside of normal variability, our best guess is that the radioactive cloud must have leaked from – not a reactor, but- likely some kind of nuclear waste processing facility.   Because such waste is already cooled-down, if there’s a leak, it doesn’t rise stratospheric-high like the hot volatile particles and gasses than come off a hot nuclear reactor do.  That’s why we could trace this cloud with just slow-moving surface winds to what we think is almost certainly the facility it came from.   Here’s the probability map [shows map], and in the most likely area we do in fact find a facility that is already notorious for environmental pollution.”

Of course this is EXACTLY what happened [with the French IRSN braking the story, and various ‘experts’ soon pitching in and pointing at Mayak in Russia, see here and here, among other blogposts], but let’s not get carried away by facts.  For now, let’s just approach the just-described as hypothetical.  Forget about what actually happened; just PRETEND the described is what happened.  Okay?  Alright…

Now let’s just invent a fictional character, let’s say: a blogger somewhere in a remote part of the Colorado Mountains, who began scrutinizing radiation data after the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear catastrophe began in Japan in spring 2011.  Off and on he still looks at the data available online.  He reads and hears these mainstream articles and thinks to himself, “Hm…  It shouldn’t, but… let’s see if this beta-emitter Ru-106 leaves a signature on any gamma monitors.”  And as he’s checking gamma monitors, and finding mostly strangely timed data gaps around that time all over the map, he checks a couple radioisotope-specific monitors too.  What he finds at first puzzles him: there were significant detections in Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia, Switzerland,…  Strange they wouldn’t mention a word about these…  And the more he looks, the more he gets the impression that the official story is simply wrong:  Gamma and other monitors show widespread data gaps around the same time over vast distances.  And most strikingly, exactly around the same time as the Ru-106 detections (last week of September, first week of October), there were also upticks of various other artificial radioisotopes, including Cs-137, Cs134 and I-131, some even as ‘significant spikes’.  Let’s say he documented and shared the data, with all the sources where that data can be found.

He wonders about it:  With Cs-137 & I-131 as apparently a significant part of this radioactive cloud, it MUST have come from an active reactor!   And thus it was hot and cannot be simply traced upwind to its source with surface winds.  It might have come from somewhere else entirely:  an active nuclear reactor, and in that case the fallout was more likely ALSO distributed by the jet stream much higher, starting somewhere… perhaps more likely in Western Europe or much further, perhaps in North America somewhere.  (Or even further, of course.)  Bottom line of his discoveries is simple: the official narrative, from the detected, its implications about its origin, to the most-likely source location, falls apart upon scrutiny.

He tells a couple friends that he suspects a major nuclear accident must have happened somewhere and that he’s convinced that officials are actively covering it up, including with what he begins to believe are intentional ‘diversion stories’ that ALL media outlets carry without any questioning.

I’m interrupted.  My friend does not find the hypothetical story believable:

“Ah, Come on, man, someone would have said something.  Someone either with measuring equipment would have posted their contradictory data on an easily accessible data exchange platform, and any reporter doing a quick fact check, or even just someone monitoring the monitoring data would figure out they’re lying.  With today’s communication means, you can’t keep such a thing a secret.  It’s not 1986 anymore, you know?  You can start a blog or open a twitter or facebook account in a matter of minutes and make the story available for the whole world to see.  I mean… Come on, man, someone would have said something!”

He’s got a point.

Not sure where I was trying to go with that story…

Oh yeah, my blog’s staple:  Filling space with audiovisuals for artsy edge of it all, accentuating atmospheric vibes, sketching mind-scapes, flashbacks, inserting infotainment, reflections, contrasts and/or just MUSIC…

One very big question remains, though…:  WHERE?!  When did the radioactive leak start?  Who’s affected?   Why the cover-up?  How massive must it be for that to somehow have seemed the best route to take for those in-the–know?  Where, though?  Near a very big population center?

 Why ‘WHERE’ matters.






And so forth…

“Anyways…  No need to re-hash this.  There were no consequences anyhow.”


The Flu is certainly unrelated…

But is it ALL unrelated?…:

Canada_cardiacarrest_5years copy

USA_hypertension_5years copy

Canada_cardiacarrest_5years copy

Russia_HeartArrhythmia_5years copy

GoogleTrends_metal.taste_vomiting.blood_5years_USA_Feb12_2018 copy

Breathing_vs_CardiacArrest_SearchTerms__GoogleTrends_5years_USA_Feb12_2018 copy 2


Damn… It IS really over, eh? 

That free world… 

Was nice while it lasted… ;-/

I surrender…  I guess…

Get your damn military parades going alright, Trump.  And build that Iron curtain to keep them God-fearing Catholics south of your buddies’ expanded experimental zone…




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Driving Home at Sunset

Photo from T Road heading towards Crestone, at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range (with its 5 nearby peaks above 14,000 ft.), Southern Colorado:


Beautiful region…

——— ————— ———–

 Rest: “filler”:  A speech + some music, just ’cause I like it…

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Severe Drought

Crestone, Northern San Luis Valley, Southern ColoradoMid-march 2018 – The headwaters of the Rio Grande, the Arkansas River (side arm of the Mississippi) and the Colorado River, among others, are in severe to extreme drought, as per the latest data from http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/CurrentMap.aspx


Particulates @ size PM1, which is a pretty good setting to see smoke on Nullschool, isn’t an issue yet at my location.  Via Nullschool (https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/particulates/surface/level/overlay=pm1/orthographic=-117.98,40.30,1076/loc=-105.228,37.805):

https-:earth.nullschool.net:#current:particulates:surface:level:overlay=pm1:orthographic=-117.98,40.30,1076:loc=-105.228,37.805 copy

It could still become a very wet spring (200% of normal precipitation would be needed to break drought conditions), but it’s not looking like raining or snowing before spring starts (and anything further than a week is highly speculative, often meaningless); Wasn’t much of a winter ;-/, with tonight already being the first frost-free night of the year…:   via https://www.wunderground.com/forecast/us/co/crestone Screenshot of March 14, 2018:

March14_2018_10_dayForecast_CrestoneCO copy

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Sirènes hurlantes dans une dimension rougeoyante? [EURDEPs, 3/6 months] w/ Perverse* Rant

This blog is supposedly an artistic expression.  Make sure to read my DISCLAIMER if you haven’t yet.   Closing in on the 7 year anniversary of this blog…

End Time of end of most recent 3-month graphs: 2018-03-12 06:00

Some repetition in there from previous posts; just wanted to have this series, below, all end at the same time, for glancing of visual patterns.  I know… absolutely ridiculous what I’m doing.  There sophisticated software that combines wind patterns precipitation, etc. and with which pretty much any leak can be traced to its spewing origin.  I don’t have access to the fancy tools, and it looks like those that do “have better things to do” than eposing that the nuclear industry’s equipment is failing left and right.  Anyhow.

This paragraph is for the traitors at the European Commission, the IAEA, the secretive CTBTO, Areva, GM, TEPCO and Co, and all the fuckers in the spineless media, bought-off government and NGO’s that suck up to them:

“… You keep lyin’ when you oughta be truthin’
You keep losing when you oughta not bet
You keep samin’ when you oughta be a’changin’
Now what’s right is right but you ain’t been right yet..”


It was all over the news in the UK, “background radiation jumped by 10% from one day to the other in early February. Scientists puzzled” [sarc.]  Smoothest baseline shift, no one even noticed:

Shoeburyness_UK_3mo_March12_2018 copy.jpg

The French press couldn’t shut up about it,  “background radiation doubles on some weeks. Scientists baffled” [sarc.]   Have fun believing them when they start about bananas, too…:

PY0KRS802MA_76_SIT_GM_France_3mo_March12_2018 copy

Belgium and Luxembourg are where I wanted to look at most:

Luxembourg_Luxembourg_3mo_March12_2018 copyLuUseldange_Luxembourg_3mo_March12_2018 copyConsthum_Luxebourg_3mo_March12_2018 copyErnage_Belgium_3mo_March12_2018 copyMontRigi_Belgium_3mo_march12_2018 copySprimont_belgium_3mo_March12_2018 copyWasseiges_Belgium_3mo_March12_2018 copyFarciennes_Belgium_3mo_March12_2018 copyDehaan_Belgium_3mo_March12_2018 copyKluizen_Belgium_3mo_March12_2018 copySint_Jan_Eremo_Belgium_3mo_March12_2018 copy


Ijzendijke_Nederland_3mo_March12_2018 copyNieuwdorp_Nederland_3mo_March12_2018 copy

The ones I checked in France (either near the Channel or near Luxembourg, check the coordinates for location), show a peculiar fallout pattern in the past 10 days, which is sometimes data-gasped away -poof: no data-, or zero-values (such as @ Sprimont, Belgium, see above), among very widespread disturbances:

PA0KRS809MA_76_GM_France_3mo_March12_2018 copyPA0KRS805MA_76_GM_France_3mo_March12_2018 copyCA0KRS924MA_57_SIT_GM_France_3mo_March12_2018 copyPA0KRS913MA_76_GM_France_3mo_March12_2018 copyPA0KRS807MA_76_GM_France_3mo_March12_2018 copyCA0KRS802MA_57_SIT_GM_France_3mo_March12_2018 copy


ThorneyIsland_UK_3mo_March12_2018 copyJersey_Jersey_3mo_March12_2018 copyGuernsey_UK_3mo_March12_2018 copyCardington_UK_3mo_March12_2018 copyAlderney_UK_3mo_March12_2018 copy


This shows just how far this latest whiff is spreading.  Spikes may seem “worse”, but those are often just normal natural radon rainouts.  The devil is often in the details on these radiation graphs

Koszalin_Poland_3mo_March12_2018 copy

Couple 6-month-ers:

Runde, Norway, 6 months:

Runde_Norway_3mo_Dec12_2017 copyRunde_Norway_3mo_March12_2018 copy

Liscombe, UK (note the ‘ninja dots’ here too, a phenomenon I hadn’t even spotted until May 2017: The “Ninja Dot” – Reading Between The Lines: a EURDEP gamma graph detail)

Liscombe_UK_Dec12_2018 copyLiscombe_UK_3mo_March12_2018 copy

Schwedt, Germany:  Here too, the pattern actually fits that of a major nuclear disaster again, with the fallout patterns taking weeks to become more pronounced data gaps, and months for the bulk of the sick-making heavy metals to dose us, oblivious surface dwellers.  What I called “the second wave” later in October (when media were still bullshitting about “the Ru-106 cloud from Russia” of the beginning of the month) was more pronounced here as well.   Note correspondences between data gaps in one place, and odd values elsewhere.  Sometimes you’ll also find correlations with radioisotope-specific measurements in other locations (for recent such data, comb through (March 7, 2018) Iodine-131 & Cesium-137 Spiked in Finland [Mid-Feb. 2018]. Schwedt, 6 months:

Schwedt_Germany_3mo_Dec12_2017 copySchwedt_Germany_3mo_March12_2018 copy

Skillinge, Sweden, 6 months:

Skillinge_Sweden_3mo_Dec12_2017 copySkillinge_Sweden_3mo_March12_2018 copy

Wave after wave… and the lying keeps on going on and on.  On the one had they claim it’s all harmless (which it isn’t), and on the other they don’t even want the general public to see the measurements (the data gap record shows very clearly that the public monitoring networks are programmed to turn themselves off when it matters most, or otherwise obscure the measured with what appear automated algorithms).

So here we are, nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, no one specific to go after, to sue or expose somehow,… with investigating news outlets no longer in existence,  just shells of what once was… pretending…  We’re sitting ducks in a dystopian atmosphere of ever-increasing levels of non-stop atomic violence…

But maybe it’s a good thing.  Yeah… I’m warming up to the perverse idea of just letting them “poison everyone”.  These above-the-law mofo’s also print the money, so it can’t be about that.  Can’t be about electricity. They’ve suppressed alternatives too much.  Sheer power?  Ah, come on.  Doubt it.  In a universe of scarcity, perhaps, but this is a universe of abundance.  Can’t be about power, way too complex of an undertaking for such a pathetic motivation.  It couldn’t have lasted this long.   Nothing makes any sense when I really delve into their motivations.  What’s so appealing about poisoning everyone, including themselves?   [And I’m of course not talking about the engineers.  I get that part: the fun of figuring out how to build and operate something complex and challenging.]

Sorry for the lack of imagination here, but all I can come up with as a possible answer are one of these two:  Either there’s another species involved and they are reverse-terraforming this planet to make it more suitable for themselves, and the eventual killing off of us-humans is a bonus to them. Somehow they’ve hijacked enough minds to carry out or put up with elaborate schemes that anyone can figure out are not in the best long-term interest of our species or society.


perverse copy.jpg

* Definition of ‘perverse’

It’s meant to speed up our awakening!  I’m leaning towards this one now, optimistic as I roll. ;-)  It has to be.  Since all dis-ease has a key metaphysical component, with psychosomatic causation clearly at work… if a substance “causes” a dis-ease to show up quicker, etc., it fundamentally must merely be intensifying what was already there.  If you’re already yourself, unobstructed, liberated, illuminated if you will, lacking in the very psychosomatic patterns that could lead to dis-ease, then it won’t make you sick. Cool, right?  Happy Happy Happy.  All is well.  Follow your bliss.  Doesn’t matter if you die or not, just live life to the fullest.  Peace and Joy to all!

It’s all blessings in disguise…

Just like the freak’n torture…   The pain, the fever, the confusion, the exhaustion, agh… the damned lethargy, like you’re just always tired and down… the joint discomfort, the bloating… Allergies, a cold, the flu, a little bit of cancer here, and little bit of arthritis there… here an itch, there a glitch…   Yeah, I’m slowly learning to love it all…  Tuning in, learning to listen to my body more clearly, changing habits of nutrition, of thought, of beliefs,…   If that’s what nuclear fallout is capable off… Dang, more power to the nuclear mafia …pushing us as hard as they can.

The love… I can barely stand it.

Keep it up with them meltdowns!  Don’t make it stop!  Build more of that shit.  Throw some nukes here and there just for the hilarity of death and destruction.  Freak out some laggards in the process.  “haha”

“…Freak out!

All that pressure got you down
Has your head spinning all around
Feel the rhythm, check the rhyme
Come on along and have a real good time..”

Like we’re these manifestations anyhow.  “Alright.  Profound.”  Either I/you/we step it up, and more strongly embrace your divine nature, be ourselves stripped of false narratives, false beliefs, false priorities, or we die much sooner, in the agony of resisting transmutation… Perhaps this time around resistance truly is futile, eh?  How illuminating…

We’re all supposed to become phoenix’ rising

from these gourds of ashes raining down on us…

Perhaps the whole thing was planned this way.   ALL of it.  Come to think of it…

We have indicators that Chernobyl wasn’t an accident.  It might very well have been part of a well-orchestrated strategy to open up the Soviet Union, master-minded in the secret masonic lodges that are the true global puppet masters, where nations, political parties & ideologies are but pawns on a 3D cube-shaped chessboard.  But for that to not sound full-on nuts, you’d have to read some hard to find books (such as those shown in the July 4, 2017 blogpost, “No Reason For 4th of July US Independence Celebrations. Soviet Takeover of US in Advanced Stage.“, and more.  (But you’d actually have to read ’em…)

We also have indicators that the quake that took out the cooling systems at Fukushima-Daiichi (7 years ago, yesterday) wasn’t exactly an accident, either.  You can look into the seismic record, the odd government response, etc. [but you’ll have to dig a lot deeper and with a more open mind than WIRED…], or even my very specific scientific strange fitting data & others’ findings.

But anyhow, not to dabble too much more in facts.   Everything is Love.   So all the meltdowns and covered-up accidents of the past few years, and their perhaps intended consequences, are too.  They’ve figured the process works better when people don’t focus on an external cause, and just undergo their symptoms, the “intensifying energies”, as part of their very personal journey.  No blame game.  No victims.  No distractions.  Just the journey of getting sick, and getting well for those that make it.   A brilliant wonderful intensified growth opportunity…  The spiritual growth fast track, finally available to all.  No more need for grueling retreats and stomach-turning potions.  Just take a deep breath and relax.  It’s increasingly everywhere.

So:  Don’t shut ’em down.  Turn it UP!  Throw your hands up in the air and and say, “It’s now in God’s hands!”  And just walk away.  Let ’em blow up and melt down and out all by themselves.  Let the monitors do their programmed thing.  Let the media lie like their life depends on it.  You can even have a couple bloggers and YouTubers going nuts over the blatant lying, or just document it, sprinkled with music and rambles of utter irrelevance.  It’s all good.  It’s just the beginning of an intense journey to a shining new world.  A golden dawn.   It’s gonna be awesome…

Yeah.  FUCK IT.

—- ———– —-

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Snippets from Non-Flu Land


Fluctuating between 0.110 and 0.260 µSv/hr, with 24 hour average @ 58.9 CPM (normal) – Elevation 8200 ft (2500 m), indoors, second floor, vertical position, dry and windy outside. Southern Colorado – March 10, 2018, 11pm: 

“…Happy 7th Anniversary, y’all…”

A 16-year experience in the follow-up of survivors with acute radiation syndrome (ARS) caused by the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident is presented. Oncohematological diseases and sudden cardiac death were at the top of the list as causes of death.

— SOURCE:  Medical monitoring results of survivors with acute radiation syndrome after Chernobyl disaster (PDF Download Available)

I’ll start off with the EURDEPs from yesterday I hadn’t turned into up-loadable JPEGs yet:

9 months in Greenland:

Nuuk_Greenland_3mo_Sept9_2017 copyNuuk_Greenland_3mo_Dec9_2017 copyNuuk_Greenland_3mo_March9_2018 copy

9 months on some French island far away in the Southern Hemisphere:

Mzouazia_Mayotte_France_3mo_Sept9_2017 copyMzouazia_Mayotte_France_3mo_Dec9_2017 copyMzouazia_Mayotte_France_3mo_March9_2018 copy

6 months, Hungary:

Veszprem_Hungary_3mo_Dec9_2017 copyVeszprem_Hungary_3mo_March9_2018 copy

Germany (NPP perimeter, but not the one that had what looked like a calibration / maroon dot):

Muehlheim_Kaerlich_Germany_3mo_Dec9_2017 copyMuehlheim_Kaerlich_Germany_3mo_March9_2018 copy

far away from mainland France, 6 month:

StFrancoisGudelupe_France_3mo_Dec9_2017 copyStFrancoisGudelupe_France_3mo_March9_2018 copy

How about that for a fallout pattern in September and more pronounced this past week; France:

44.3N_4.7E_autre_France_3mo_Dec9_2017 copy44.3N_4.7E__autre_France_3mo_March9_2018 copy

Calais, France, 6 months:

Calais_France_3mo_Dec9_2017 copyCalais_France_3mo_March9_2016 copy


Couple news snippets from something I was looking into some time ago.  Goes well with (Dec. 20, 2017) Fallout Exposure Often Looks Like Flu-Like Symptoms + Colorado “Flu Hospitalizations” Skyrocket 300% and (also Dec. 20, 2017) Arizona Flu up 800% [“Hm… Wonder why?”], among others (See perhaps my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive).

https-:www.stjude.org:media-resources:news-releases:2017-medicine-science-news:flu-vaccine-failed-to-protect-young-leukemia-patients.html copy

https-:www.health24.com:Medical:Cancer:News:lymphoma-survivor-the-doctor-told-me-it-was-just-the-flu-20170915 copy

http-:www.independent.co.uk:news:world:americas:influenza-misdiagnosis-death-bacterial-infection-bloodstream-cardiac-arrest-septic-shock-alyssa-a8152881.html copy

https-:www.thesun.co.uk:news:5728428:daisy-sayers-leukaemia-flu-peterlee-county-durham-virus: copy

https-:www.irishtimes.com:life-and-style:health-family:ger-loughnane-thought-he-had-the-flu-he-had-leukaemia-1.2768378 copy.jpg

https-:www.washingtonpost.com:news:to-your-health:wp:2018:02:28:a-teen-was-told-he-likely-had-the-flu-it-turned-out-it-was-late-stage-cancer:?utm_term=.adedeb53b856 copy

Makes you wonder how many of those “4000 flu deaths per week”…  -without an entirely new virus.  No new virus, nope.  Seen H3N3 before.-

… occurred because the nuclear oversight agencies deemed it more convenient to keep the public at large in the dark about what they got dosed with.  Hm?

!-> Nov. 27, 2017: Why ‘WHERE’ matters

Can you imagine… the WHAT IF… if I were not entirely nuts?

What a horrible thought…

http-:fortune.com:2018:02:10:american-flu-deaths: copy

Hey experts, how about… 

…how about you find out what is known to cause “flu-like symptoms”, various kinds of immune deficiency disorders, arrhythmia & sudden cardiac death, and makes radiation monitors switch into data gap mode.  Any common denominators you can think of?

This may be unrelated, BUT…

…How about you find out where that huge nuclear disaster occurred last year, eh?  Maybe that could give you some ‘pointers’ to ‘decode’ the ‘phenomenon’, eh?  Whatcha think?

Oh.  Okay.   Nevermind.  Post-Truth Era.  Right.  Gotcha.

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Fallout Patterns widespread across Europe, following Iodine-131 & Cesium-137 upticks in the Baltics & Finland (see the other day’s Couple EURDEPs and (March 7, 2018) Iodine-131 & Cesium-137 Spiked in Finland [Mid-Feb. 2018] for context.   Nuclear oversight agencies silent in secrecy-agreed-upon unison.  Media stands down. 

“Somewhere high up in the eastern Colorado Rocky Mountains, one guy with a wifi connection fathoms himself in a dystopian sci-fi movie, unable to tell if the drill has already gone live or not…”

Little music to roll with…

Make sure to read my DISCLAIMER if you haven’t yet — March 9, 2018

——— ————- ———

in no particular order, y-axis adjusted to show more detail; data not per se validated by data providers.  Via Online Radiation Monitors -> EURDEP.

3 months per monitor:

Echte_Germany_3mo_March9_2018 copy

–> notice how the data becomes more sparse (less dense graph) at some monitors in Germany, right as all of Belgium was data gapped?

Hoevenen_Belgium_3mo_March9_2018 copy

Latest whiff traveling far and wide…PontaDelgada_Portugal_3mo_March9_2018 copyMonston_UK_3mo_March9_2018 copyTenerife_Spain_3mo_March9_2018 copy

6 months per monitor

Veszprem_2_Hungary_3mo_Dec9_2017 copyVeszprem_2_Hungary_3mo_March9_2018 copy

Plolemais_Greece_3mo_Dec9_2017 copy–> “the data squeeze”, a variation of the zero value or data gap, seen here around Oct. 22, 2017, when spikes (“the second wave” after the Ru-106-etc-cloud of late Sept/early Oct 2017) can be seen elsewhere. / Ptolemais continued, with ‘fallout pattern’ lower-than-average values:Plolemais_Greece_3mo_March9_2018 copy

PenhasDouradas_Portugal_3mo_Dec9_2017 copyPenhasDouradas_Portugal_3mo_March9_2018 copy

Skopje_Macedonia_3mo_Dec9_2017 copySkopje_Macedonia_3mo_March9_2018 copy


Brest_29_France_3mo_Dec9_2017 copyBrest_29_France_3mo_March9_2018 copy

——— ————- ———

It’s long over.  But, ‘I’m good’, too…



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Couple EURDEPs

[Original title was, “Major Nuclear Issues in Belgium?”, but it’s not as clear-cut.]

Colorado Rocky Mountains – March 8, 2018

DISCLAIMER:  Think for yourself.  Take it as you wish.

My car’s being looked at, so I have a few minutes in the coffee shop with wifi down the street… See how far I get…

So… to expand upon last night’s (March 7, 2018) Iodine-131 & Cesium-137 Spiked in Finland [Mid-Feb. 2018]… them spikes… -or upticks is really more like it- WHERE did the radioactive cloud come from this time?   I know they’re “just traces” (they were “just traces” after Fukushima had “5 worst case scenarios at once” too), but I think it’s unlikely to have been from a mere routine refueling/venting, for it affected monitors from central Finland to Estonia… And the cloud hit…  Looks like Feb. 15, 2018 is a good starting point.  Also not trivial is that a week later it was still being detected:

MidFeb_I131_cs137_Finland_Estonia_comboof3_3mo_March7_2018 copy.jpg

My fist guess would be a plant in Finland or somewhere in the Baltics, or the nearby Russian St. Petersburg nuclear plant.  But let’s see…

Just like at the end of September 2017 [when the mysterious Ruthenium-106 cloud drifted all over Europe with surface winds and Belgian media, not only repeated the already debunked nuclear-issued bullshit that “it could not have come from an active rector, ’cause then other isotopes would be present as well”, failing to notice that these other isotopes WERE actually present… but also stated that “the Ru-106 cloud didn’t pass over Belgium“, when fallout signatures on monitors suggested otherwise…], it’s an active reactor again (hence the I-131), and not just a pharmaceutical leak either (coinciding upticks of Cs-137, Be-7 & Na-22).   So, WHERE is it coming from?

I haven’t seen a mainstream media bullshit diversion story yet, apart from Belgium doing nuclear disaster evacuation drills and suddenly having stocked all its pharmacies with iodine pills, available for all citizens for free to come pick up… after its radiation monitors were turned off for almost a month, though that latter detail no media outlet even mentioned during or after, of course…  (See the previous several blogposts).   But anyhow… not to digress…

Could the latest radioactive cloud be traced somewhere?

I started on Feb 13, browsing for “standard deviations” in EURDEP’s gamma records in the 6-hour record… and the first thing that stands out… -‘how odd’- is a zero value followed by a data gap in Belgium, on Feb 15:

  • Mont Rigi, Belgium, 6 months:

Mont_Rigi_Belgium_3mo_Dec8_2017 copyMont_Rigi_Belgium_3mo_March8_2018 copy

Hm…  Now that would be a feat, if they could actually manage to have a nuclear disaster in the heart of Europe and have no news media even report on it…   Except for ‘drills’ and ‘the fear’, of course, such as this one -well-timed?-  in Forbes, Feb. 4, 2018:


https-:www.forbes.com:sites:davekeating:2018:02:04:belgiums-neighbors-fear-a-nuclear-incident:#70b774d06ca2 copy


(At least they didn’t blow up some annoying psycho-fundamentalists this time…)

Okay… Let’s see which way the wind was blowing on Feb. 15, 2018 @ 50.5N, 6.1E


Annotated screenshot of that moment in wind pattern time for 700 hPa:

https-:earth.nullschool.net:#2018:02:15:1500Z:wind:isobaric:700hPa:orthographic=12.56,56.11,1114:loc=6.100,51.500 copy

Okay, that sucks a little too well… (Hence I picked the headline as I did, but there’s plenty of room for various other possibilities.)

Garage called.  Nice.  Car’s fine.

Instead of sleuthing-on, I’ll play a fitting tune “to cheer myself up” -hehe:

PS:  I have NO CLUE what happened where.  Could be anywhere, even much further upwind far outside of Europe.  Best case scenario, this ‘big question mark’ will get some more people to look into these unreported radioactive leaks.


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ADDED at the end of March 8, 2018:

3 months per line:

DeHaan_Belgium_3mo_march8_2018 copyGent_Belgium_3mo_March8_2018 copyKjeller_Norway_3mo_March8_2018 copyFreiburg_Germany_3mo_March8_2018 copyLiscombe_UK_3mo_March8_2018 copy

Cuneo_Italy_3mo_March8_2018 copyEXETER_UK_3mo_March8_2018 copyViterbo1_Italy_3mo_March8_2018 copyVolos_Greece_3mo_March8_2018 copyWadenswil_CH_3mo_March8_2018 copy

6 months:

Achtopol_Bulgaria_3mo_March8_2018 copyAchtopol_Bulgaria_3mo_Dec8_2017 copy


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