Chernobyl Grass Fires (End of June, Begin of July – 2015) – A Quick Look + Update

July 3, 2015 – 1:08 am MDT – in the Colorado Rockies, USA

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[Scroll down for main post, further below. — Added Update: July 3, 2015 9:09 am MDT (just after 5 pm in Europe) – Never a good sign:  Following Romania (screenshot of its delay further down), Italy has now imposed a 24+ hour delay in public data sharing as well:

ItalyJoinsTheDataSIlenceA sampling of some more monitors:

SanCataldoItalia TuscanyItaly SOuthernItaly PatraGreece Italy_DataGaps SLovakia

Just for the record: EURDEP’s disclaimer, which makes it sound that WHEN there is a radiological incident… there’s isn’t one.  “Go back to sleep, Europe.”eurdep_disclaimer_july3_2015

——-original post as follows:———-

I haven been following the news much recently, but a comment on a recent post notified me of wild lands contaminated with radioactive fallout from the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Northwestern Ukraine are on fire again.

For some monitoring options, see Online Radiation Monitors.  The page Radiation Units and Conversions may be helpful to make sense of the reported.

I’ll check on wind data in a sec (further down), and see if the European Commission’s radiation monitoring network is working according to the IAEA’s wishes again (namely, blocking out any troubling data when it actually matters…).

First, my older blog posts (listed also in my Nuclear Blog Post Archive) on the forest fires at the end of April 2015 contain lots of information, such as detailed fallout deposition maps, that can help other researchers estimate what may be in that smoke:

Recent News of new fires: 

“The fire broke out at 17.10 p.m. (1410GMT) on Monday [June 29, 2015] near the villages of Kovshilovka and Polesskoye (same as Poliske, I think) in the flood plain of the Uzh River.” July1_2015ChernobylFireAreaYou can use that dip in the southern border of Belarus as a reference point and see that the contamination in the burning area varies, including extremely badly contaminated hot spots.

To repeat from my May 16 post, here are deposition maps for Plutonium-239/240/241 and Cesium-137:

Plutonium_1998_Ukraine_KyotoStudy Cs137_1998_Ukraine_KyotoStudy

!->  Regional gamma radiation monitoring (just added to my Ukraine Radiation Monitors page), @ showed these (H= nanoSievert/hr) values, as checked on July 3, 2015 @ 3:30am UTC:

Note:  Dose rates are highly deceptive to estimate fallout dangers.  To better understand some basics of why, see ‘The Dose Deception‘, ‘K40 versus Cs137‘, and… !-> also keep in mind that many dangerous synthetic radioisotopes decay in Beta and Alpha radiation (which is far more health-hazardous when inhaled or ingested), which don’t even (or often barely) affect the gamma dose rate monitors. 

Alright… Nullschool for wind…  Looks like in the beginning it blew into Ukraine (likely even straight into Kiev and beyond), and if it didn’t rain out over the Ukraine (possibly creating new hot spots), then it brew south over the Black Sea with one wind arm taking it to Crimea and definitely into Russia from there; and the other wind arm blowing west and likely into Bulgaria: Nullschool)ChernoFire_June29_2015_1Later on the wind turned a bit.  Most of Western and Northern Europe looks like it was be spared this, but it looks like in the past 4 days…  some South-Eastern European countries, in particular the fine folks of Bulgaria, Romania and Greece, may have been breathing traces of airborne nuclear waste… Nullschool.ChernoFire_June29_2015_2Alright, that at least gives me an rough idea of where to check the EURDEP monitors… Hard to interpret data gaps, but if it means what I suspect it means, then it looks like Greece was hit first, then the high pressure over Romania-Hungary pulled the delivery route  north, bringing the nuclear industry’s gift to humanity (future cancers, leukemia, heart diseases, mental ailments, immune system disruption, etc.) to Hungary, Romania and surroundings. Romania has imposed a 24+ delay in its data reporting, as obvious on the data for the last 24 hours: July3_2015_EURDEPgammaLast(Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova are not plugged into to the EURDEP data sharing network.) A couple monitor screenshots from EURDEP’s Public Map, which their disclaimer makes clear you should take with a grain of salt [sarc.]: Lamia_Greece_gamma_July3.2015_1wk –> “Hmm…” A little strange, isn’t that?  The data gaps starts before the fires supposedly started… Hmm…Constanta_Romania_July3_2015_1week_gamma Salonica_Greece BotevPeak_Bulgaria_July3_2015_1week_gammaAnyways, you can find gaps like that this week all over that region. But… to put it into context… here’s a MONTH graphs, which show that such gaps happened also when there were no known incidents: VidinBulgaria_1monthYou can find examples of that all over the place as well.  The little spikes are likely mostly natural, as Beryllium-7 and Potassium-40, and some other natural ones rain out off and on.

As most of you already know,  I think these ongoing gaps are often caused by that one big sinking sun on a Pacific beach we’re not supposed to think about…   I think Fukushima is still leaking large amounts of radioactive gasses and particles into the atmosphere.   I even think it is still fissioning (some blog posts on that further down).   Yet it’s going to become really hard to pin-point where what is coming from as accidents just compound each other.  Releases from Blayais in France last week, for instance, or all the various little refuelings, and the various cover-ups of radioactive clouds we’re not supposed to even know about (like Zaporizhia NPP last December 2014),… Put it all together and you get a pretty gloomy picture for what’s in store for the next generations…

The Cs-137 and I-131 monitor on Cyprus has not yet gone back into data gap nor spike mode.  Here showing the past two months of Cs-137:


Now, what I find somewhat more curious is that Iceland’s entire network (4 monitors) went off-line, and wind-patterns make it obvious that this has nothing to do with the latest Chernobyl fires this time:

Reykiavik_IcelandIn fact… Hm….   Other monitors in the north show curious data gaps too:

Mehamn_NorwayOdd… not?  And then when you check the northern hemisphere jet stream patterns…,91.01,274 …  you can also see that if Fukushima fallout were arriving to the European scene by jet stream delivery… it would actually be merging with the smoke from the Chernobyl fires and affecting the same areas.

nullschool_250hpa_july3_2015_0000etcSee… I know this is “out there”, but…

Given the fires were set by arsonists last time… how the smoke moved was covered up by the IAEA-alligned governments (and they raised some nice money while they were coincidentally fundraising for the Chernobyl’s decommissioning),…   [Don’t forget that part of this industry is driven by the desire to maintain the capacity to flash-incinerate hundreds of thousands of people at the push of a button.  And that it’s “peaceful” wing has very little regard for future generations either.  We’re talking about the greediest most heart-detached alienated deranged psychopaths here – Just saying…]  … I wouldn’t even be surprised if these fires in the Chernobyl region are set on purpose, sometimes perhaps to distract from attention to the fallout from Fukushima reaching Europe.

Some more “stuff to entertain you” can be found by clicking the ‘Nuclear’ tab at the top.  Some recent ones include:


Also added (July 3, 2015):  Blog traffic! ;-D


Bulgaria uptick

After France (16), the two most nuclear-powered countries in the world are Belgium (2) & Hungary (2), which, just like data-gagged Italy (1), show almost no blog traffic.  Same for Japan…

Does Japan still exist?   (j/k)


I still wonder about that sometimes…




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Still wonder sometimes…

To add to last winter’s admittedly-borderline-paranoid post (Dec 5, 2015),  ““Access Denied” – Blog Blocking Confirmed !“…  I just noticed that for 3 of the past 5 hours ‘blog traffic’ pretty much vanished.  I know… hours.  haha:  I must be bored…  to wonder about such things.  It’s a full moon night… I won’t sleep all that much anyways…


48 hours

According to, the views of my blog from Japan at the moment is just a blank screen with an error message:

Teleport_JapanJuly1_2015_LateI’ve noticed that since (May 22, 2015) Additional Ponderings Re. Pacific Ocean Ecological Crisis, interest from Japan (and my country of origin, Belgium (which supplied the Plutonium-contaning MOX fuel used at F1), too, strangely… has steadily declined.  Do some folks not like that I keep hammering on my hunch that Fukushima is probably still fissioning?

Not enough nature photos to compensate for the cognitive dissonance?   What does it?


sinking down the charts…

Ah… Probably random.

According to GeoPeeker, my site is currently not very visible right now…:


Anyway… “whatever”…     These proxy investigative tools used to be much more reliable.

It’s probably nothing again… 

Here, a photo of a lichen:


In other news…  Earlier today, the lightning in the thunderstorms was obviously much fiercer on the other side of the mountains, by the Wet Mountains near Westcliff, Colorado:




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A Prayer To Avert Nuclear War, by Chatral Rinpoche (+ Couple Photos taken today)

Crestone, Colorado, USA — Last Day of June 2015


A Prayer To Avert Nuclear War by Chatral Rinpoche:

1 2 3

Somewhat related blog posts include:

DSCN4544 DSCN4543

The following page is an excerpt from a book, A Field Guide to Radiation, by Wayne Biddle.  The significance of mentioning this neutron activation product released by a major nuclear weapons facility may not become clear until a future blog post:

See also my blogpost, The Hanford Site, holding the Pacific Northwest at Nuclear Gunpoint.  And the strange perplexing mysterious detection of the neutron activation product Cobalt-60 in a Japanese Kelp in autumn 2013, and -How bizarre: no media follow-ups re.  those detections – in Finland air in May 2015

Couple bumper stickers:

DSCN4545 AFreePeopleMustCoexist

I read somewhere that lichen, like mushrooms, absorb some radioisotopes more than other organisms.   Makes me curious sometimes…   Most the lichen here are of the green type, but some are yellow or bright orange.

DSCN4505. . .


… May Peace Prevail on Earth …




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Van Gogh? Furry Wolf? Bird of Prey?



Or a clue to where over the Pacific Fukushima’s radioactive fallout may be raining down today*?

*”Current” = June 29, 2015, 15:40 MDT, TCW view of Northern Pacific on Nullschool, wind height 700 hPa.

You may also want to check out the Saiga Antelope and the Fin Whales



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So Beautiful here… YES.

MeowMmm…  I took these photos today (June 27, 2015) on my way to Moffat (near Crestone, between Alamosa and Salida in Southern Colorado’s Northern San Luis Valley) today:

DSCN4415 DSCN4403 DSCN4414 And these on the way back:

DSCN4421 DSCN4424 DSCN4428 DSCN4429Mmm…

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Disclaimer & Don’t Share my Photos, Please.


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What really happened at Blayais NPP near Bordeaux, France? Regional Radiation Monitors were turned off.

Colorado Rocky Mountains, USA – June 27, 2015

Got an email, Something going on in ‘Blayais NPP’  124 workers evacuated, 2nd incident in week 

–> The shortlink opens to

  • Where is this?


  • Anything on the Radiation Monitors in the region?

Nuclear tab –> Online Radiation Monitors –> EURDEP:  (Public Map -> Disclaimer -> data) 

Data for Gamma – maximum, 1 week prior to June 27, 2015 19:30 UTC + 1:  area with Blayais NPP marked by red circle:


Zoom in to the monitors around the nuclear power plant.  At first sight all looks normal:

Bordeaux_BlayaisArea_EURDEP_June27_2015_1Week_Gamma_maxUpon checking monitors, however, it looks like there must have been a (serious?) release of radioactivity, ’cause, as I’ve documented already plenty of times, the EURDEP monitoring system is rigged to hide radioactivity data when it matters most.  A sampling of this week’s data from the area:

2 3 4 5!-> The closer you get to the nuclear power plant, the more monitors show the same data gap as in the above last screenshot:  no data shared with the public from around noon on June 22 till yesterday morning, June 26, 2015.

On Nullschool, it’s clear that there hasn’t been much wind.  If the radioactive cloud left the region, it could have blown towards Eastern Europe first, and maybe Northern Africa later (but there are no monitors there).  Browse through the days for details @,32.04,512

Screenshot with Total Cloud Water, showing possible fallout rain-out events over Eastern Europe at the onset of this data gap period, with that weather system blowing into Russia:

Nullschool_June23_2015_1200UTC_500hPa_TCWA sampling of monitors left me with the impression that the cloud only sporadically made ground-fall, and may have blown over most of Europe to disperse over Russia, where data gaps are entering their 4th day, the most for the past month.

Data gaps are becoming more common, as radioactive hot fallout, some even from recent fissioning flare-ups, rises out of the Fukushima-Daiichi rubble, to be carried by the jet stream and spread across the Northern Hemisphere.  See my Nuclear Blog Post Archive for recent posts on that matter.

  • Screenshots of some monitors: 

Data artificially brought down to zero in parts of Italy:


Switzerland:Vicosoprano_CHOver the regions were traces might rain out, widespread, but very short data gaps can be found:Nyiregyhaza_Hungary

Austria:Rudolfstutte_AustriaNote:  the upticks on the 23rd may be related to the very significant solar flare event around that time.

For more recent Solar Activity data, see

For more recent Solar Activity data, see


Macedonia:Veles_MacedoniaRussia:Kursk_RussiaA look at the month for this other Russian location shows the data gap is unusually long:ILOVLYA_RussiaNOTE: I do not know if the spikes and data gaps are related to the Blayais NPP release, but it sure looks like that’s a possibility.    If there further developments, drop me a comment, as I’m not actively watching this situation.  Thanks.

Hope this quick post is somehow helpful.

Peace –

— — — — — — —

Added after posting: [h/t or-well @ ENEnews], June 28, 2015:

Local French anti-nuclear activists @

!-> English Google translation @

“[…]   Twice in a few days, over a hundred employees were evacuated from the reactor 4 of the Blayais nuclear power plant. For its part, the reactor 3 is stopped for nearly a year. But in reality all French reactors, not only those of Blayais, which are in an advanced state of degradation and risks that cause increasingly high.

It should be noted first that, unlike the soothing declarations of EDF leaders, evacuated employees are actually endangered by the risk of contamination: ingestion or inhalation of particles even slightly radioactive, is almost certain to develop sooner or later a cancer, in 5 or 10 or even 20 years.

More generally, it should be recalled that the construction of a few years (late 70s and early 80s) of dozens of reactors has long been touted as a “feat” performed by the industrial hexagonal atomic industry. In reality, this coup (imposed without consultation of the population) amounted to schedule an impossible situation for thirty to forty years later we are.

Indeed, it’s almost the same time as almost all of the French nuclear reactors are reaching the end of life. It is – fortunately – impossible to replace them with new reactors, both in financial terms (the money flowed freely in the 70, it’s not at all the case today) and industrially EDF and Areva fail to build one reactor on their respective sites in Flamanville EPR and Finland.

Moreover, the French authorities are well guarded to program an alternative energy (energy savings, energy efficiency, renewable energy, etc). So, the situation is hopeless and only remaining option rushing ahead: patching reactors somehow, and at great expense, to try to make them last longer.

The immediate incidents multiply, threatening employees and residents of the plants. But it seems inevitable that this option will result in the coming years (or much faster) by a serious nuclear accident or a disaster comparable to that of Fukushima. […]”

— — — — — — —

!!!–> Disclaimer <–!!!


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Fin Whale Die-Off by Alaska area ‘a Perplexing Mystery’… + More Data Rigging Evidence: EPA Radnet Beta radiation monitor @ Anchorage spiking when DATA GAPS @ Anchorage

Shortlink:    Soundtrack:  Humpback Whale Sounds @

May Whales Roam This Beautiful Earth Forever.

CLICK for source at Huffington Post,

CLICK IMAGE for source at Huffington Post, Mysterious Whale Deaths In Alaska Baffle Scientists” @


This blog posts adds to “(May 28, 2015 – How does it taste, Alaska? Metallic?” and wonders IF perhaps ocean creatures are being affected by radioactive fallout, similarly as I’ve out-loud-wondered about the ‘mysterious’ sudden die-off of Kazakhstan’s Saiga antelope, which, by the way, must have occurred roughly in the same 10 days!)




You know what I find ‘curious’ about all these baffled perplexed vexed expert scientists? They all -somehow- discount Fukushima’s ONGOING gushing of radionuclides into the Pacific.  Why discount that?  Based on practically no data and a lot of blind faith in the statements of a couple men?   Add to that the airborne releases being deposited in erratic patterns, with relative “hotspots” most likely over regions of the Northern Pacific… and that 1) the effects of low doses of fallout have been systematically underestimated, and 2) though we know the effect of various radioisotopes varies from species to species, little is actually known about the specifics.    This is the stuff that has me stare into space sometimes.  ‘Cause you know what *I* find baffling, perplexing,… truly ‘a mystery’?  That they aren’t very aggressively pursuing this vein of investigation!  In my mind, that’s outright ‘bizarre’…

Meanwhile I came across Fukushima Diary‘s relay of the latest TEPCO data.  (Fukushima Diary is listed in my top 20 of Nuclear News Sources).

What he just relayed is, unfortunately, right in line with my Sept. 25, 2014, “Strontium-90 skyrocketing in Fukushima’s On-Site Groundwater. German meltdown model that predicted this suggests worst is yet to come“…

That just to sketch a bit of a context, somehow lost on the perplexed.

So I was wondering if I could pinpoint a fallout deposition zone in this latest whale death region, by looking at radiation and wind data.

(I mean… Who knows, right?  Why, again, ‘radioactive fallout’ or even ‘Fukushima’ is somehow not to be mentioned…  What is this? THEY LIVE‘ ?  Where’s the transmitter?)

Does anyone have the precise location the whales were found in, and the direction they likely came from or where they were most likely before they died?   If I knew that, perhaps I could do a better job at this…

!!!–>  I was looking at just the days before.  Then, by re-reading the reports relayed by ENEnews, I realized the whale deaths occurred probably about a month ago.   So, to be clear, the below SAYS NOTHING about the whale deaths, BUT I’m sharing it as-is, because the same “methodology” could be applied to other dates.   Maybe I’ll expand into more earlier time periods another day (in which case, they’ll be added at the end of the post), but for now I have to wrap this up due to time limits I put on myself for this post.

Methodology EXAMPLE

In Nullschool, you can see the wind slow downs at 250 hPa (jet stream height), and very clearly at 500 hPa (just below); Change date to June 17, 2015 6:00 ETC: ->,71.15,274    Areas marked with a red squares and question marks are areas I would check for traces of fallout right at the times the wind patterns are like that.  (If I were a perplexed scientist seeking answers, that is…)   The small green circle is right near Kodiak Island

Nullschool_AlaskaNorthPacific_June17_2015_06.00ETC_annot1There’s also a high pressure west of AK marked with a yellow circled and H.

Anyhow, to find out if perhaps this wind pattern brought down fallout, I checked the EPA Radnet monitors for Anchorage and Fairbanks for the June 15-21 week (has Beta too!).   There is no radiation monitoring ‘network’, just a couple monitors very far apart from each other: Fairbanks, Anchorage & Juneau is it for this enormous region:

Click for Google maps

Click for Google maps

Now, part of why I’m sharing this blog posts is to show yet another example of data rigging.  As I’ve pointed out numerous times in the past year, the same thing that’s going on in Europe with EURDEP is going on in the American EPA Radnet too:  systematic data omissions.   They’re invisible unless you do some puzzle work.   Check out this latest discovery of such an example:

Also via my page Online Radiation Monitors:

US EPA Radnet queries:

-> Scatter plot ’em and you’ll see that the 3 peak dots in Beta at Anchorage more-the-less yet strikingly correspond with the 3 DATA GAPS at Fairbanks.  This just happened this past week, Annotated to makes it easier to spot:

Fairbanks_Anchorage_AK__June15_21_2015_You see what I mean?   When it might matter most, there’s nothing to see.  With nothing to see, the so-called authorities can stick to the sorry story they broadcast, that nothing unusual is being detected.  Obviously, we-the-people are not allowed to know some things…  How high do these hidden radiation measurement data points really go?  What was in the air that they are being omitted?

So… running with the hypothesis again that radioactive fallout reaches the surface in those areas where upper air wind slows down…    WHAT IF a peak fallout deposition (of the kind that is extreme enough that “levels of concern” need to be omitted from the public data graphs…) happened somewhere over areas off the Alaska coast, in the Northern Pacific Ocean?   Is it really that lunatic tin-foil-hatted wacko to wonder if this may be playing a role in strangely coinciding animal deaths?

See, if the ‘experts’ were to take these suggestions serious, they could simply start by studying these wind patterns, and search for the specific slow-downs that could bring down high-altitude air (with whatever’s in there), then they could jump in their research cars, boats & helicopters and go take various samples on land and ocean, as well as from air filters they carry with them, and then put the samples in scintillators on the way to the lab to not miss possibly quickly decaying radioisotope energy emission markers.  And then have ’em analyzed ASAP in detail, with microBecquerrel per gram precision, and maybe at least get some clues about which isotopes are making the monitors spike.  Maybe the ninja isotopes that have mysterious jedi trick capabilities to turn radiation monitors off could be identified, and the executives of the corporation that sends out these monitor-gagging ninja radionuclides could be arrested for tampering with nuclear infrastructure?   [sarc.]   Or perhaps if enough tests are done, they could rule out what I’m wondering about?  You know, they could just go up to higher altitude and collect air filter samples for analysis too…

Or, I suppose, they can just stay ‘perplexed’…

And I can keep shaking my head and be like, “what the hell are they waiting for…?”

— — — — — — —



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Note: in the title, I had Fairbanks and Anchorage reversed (as the web-link still shows).  If you spot other errors, please point ’em out to me.  Thanks. 


Summer Solstice 2015 – Blip

Just a rant / ramble / conversation with imaginary friends and foes / …

“Let the fires burn tonight
Let the jugs of wine get drunk
Let the truth be known tonight
Don’t go lettin’ yourself hide

Go and sing to the mountains
Go and sing to the moon
Go and sing to just about everything
Cuz everything is you …

[…]” – Sing to the Mountain, by Elephant Revival

It was me who turned my blog ‘Private’ for just 41 hours.


48 hours of hourly blog traffic. The couple blips were due to ‘Google cached’ somehow being counted in the traffic, at the end by me, in the middle by someone interested in Buddhism and/or aliens. Anyways, as of 2pm Mountain Time June 20th, blog’s back up.

Not the first time I pull the plug, I suppose…  Maybe it was a last.  Possible.  The pointlessness of doing so has sunk in…  You may thank Big Brother for its return, as Google Cache and web-Archives like the WayBackMachine make disappearing my blog not really possible anymore anyhow.   In November-December 2013, there were about three weeks that there was nothing to see here either, shifted out of with “Blog Currently “Radio Silent”“, and then I re-appeared its content.   Back then, that was for very specific reasons (after my visit to Japan).   When I make the mistake of reflecting on ‘the past’, such as whatever I sensed were valid reasons at that time, I do wonder if it had all been ‘just in my head’… No way to know for sure.

Once again, I’ve come to question the point to my armchair investigations and attempts to expose lies and all that jazz.  Just like in Useless Nuclear Disaster Information! — [Fukushima Update – February 2013], to bring up a (perhaps more informative Fukushima-related) rant from the past, I’ve simply come to question the reason for this blog.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again

and expecting different results.

 – Albert Einstein

Obviously, the ‘experts’ know everything best, and ‘the media’ takes their word for it.  I get no answers from experts and top bureaucrats.  Journalists… nevermind… Journalists?  Maybe I ask really stupid questions…  They could say so, though, so I can quote them, and then you know what you’re supposed to think about my posts and questions.  That would be something, wouldn’t it?   :-/  …

In April, I shared, “Just Another Spring Day, Staring into Space…”, when the factor of raging dust storms helped me “reach my limit”.  Then there’s them sploggers, folks who steal blog content to boost their traffic.  That gets to me at times, especially since I make so many corrections after posting, and I absolutely hate it when I unintentionally sent ‘misinformation’ out into the world…  (See also,  “So if this blog goes silent again… Have a toast to the plagiarizers, the trolls, the spooks,… They won.“).

No it wasn’t them this time, it was just me being moody.

Them dust storms gave way to record spring snows and more rain than has ever been recorded in the month of May in this part of Colorado.   Now many valley meadows are flooded now (Some nature photos) and Mosquito Season might go on all summer this year…  (I’ve already been “eaten alive.”)

HomeFor2015Though I’m still just camped out, things are actually changing for the better in my life (I put an actual bed in my tent (ha!), which is a nice shift from sleeping on the ground for most of the past two years, and I have a drive-way and just got tap water on-site this past week! Happy camper!), but nevertheless… every now and then I feel like, ‘fuck it’… All of it! – and then I want just walk away from even giving a damn, or following the news, never to look at another online radiation monitors‘ graph or nullschool wind patterns again.   You know?   Some of you  know…   But I would like to take the whole damn blog with me.

This blog is just thoughts, impressions, ideas, things I found interesting at that time.  I don’t know what to think of some of what I discover myself.  I got an all-encompassing disclaimer for a reason.   My views and opinions are subject to change without notice.   Maybe this blog has been one giant mistake?  I do actually wonder about that at times.   For the most part, it’s just information, pretty freak’n useless information…   Who cares it was unavailable for 48 hours?  (Okay, I got 2 emails and 1 request for private access)  So I guess a couple folks had to look for useless information elsewhere…    Woopty Doo…


A Depeche Mode modified version may be called for… (click image for unrelated song)

A lot of people believe Fukushima’s cores disintegrated through the concrete (See my take in “Land of the Sinking Sun…“) and some have been speculating about ongoing fission flare-ups, too.  I voiced my concern that this is what’s being detected all the way in Europe (See my recent blog posts, like, “Pink Unicorns beach themselves on the shores of Lake Dystopia” and many other posts, listed in my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive).

Same:  I don’t know if a fallout rain-out event caused a relative radiotoxic hotspot that affected the Saiga antelope, lead to their already-weak immune system being weakened, even just a bit, and BAM: 134,000+ of ’em succumbed en mass to some bacteria that already does many of ’em in in the spring many years.  (See previous post, The “Mysterious” mid-May 2015 Kazakhstan Saiga Antelope Die-Off – aka “Do Not Mention Radioactive Fallout…”I don’t know.  I’ve become a tad cynical on the “reporting” about it, though, and now simply expect that at some point, they’ll discover “the responsible virus” and that will be the end of it.  Case closed.   Meanwhile, the UN folks I emailed, just like folks I emailed at the IAEA and TEPCO months ago, have – so far – been completely unresponsive.  And there have been no follow-ups.  Unless you call that cuddly saiga toy a ‘news’ update…

Anyway, either the I-131 detections came from Fukushima, or there’s a major nuclear accident that’s simply not even being reported.



I don’t know what to say, to the point of wondering if what I already wrote was better left unspoken.

Something different:  Did you see this book list in “US Intelligence : Bin Laden Read About ‘Illuminati Conspiracy Theories’ and MKULTRA” [Vigilant Citizen / VC / BBC]: “Four years after the triumphant announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death by the US government, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence recently released a list of books allegedly found in his compound.”   Though I didn’t didn’t believe the news at that time (See blog post, May 1, 2011: Lier Obama catches skeleton Osama. Oh shocker… (yawn)), it’s a great book list.  It also includes Crossing the Rubicon by Michael Ruppert, whom I hung out with at the local pub months before he allegedly committed suicide.  ;-/  (See April 18, 2014, “R.I.P. Michael C. “Tracker” Ruppert …“)


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The “Mysterious” mid-May 2015 Kazakhstan Saiga Antelope Die-Off – aka “Do Not Mention Radioactive Fallout…”

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“The saiga antelope has roamed the earth since before the Ice Age, but now a sudden and mysterious outbreak of disease threatens the saiga’s existence.  In just two and a half weeks between May 10 and May 27, an estimated 120,000 deaths occurred, wiping out more than 35% of the world’s population, and the death toll continues to rise. As of now, the cause of deaths is unclear, but researchers have jumped into action and clearer answers are expected within the next few weeks.”

– As reported on June 3, 2015 by the Saiga Conservation Alliance, in anURGENT APPEAL FOR FUNDS’

Meanwhile that number has gone up to well over 50%…

Image Source:

Saiga Antelope… What a special creature…   – Image Source:

Colorado Rocky Mountains, USA, June 2015.

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As a matter of principle, I do not claim to know.  I surely get convinced sometimes, sometimes to my later embarrassment, but in this case I’m not at that later point just yet.   I suspect radioactive fallout was a factor.   The silence on this matter, from experts and media alike, is deafening.  It would be really nice to be wrong… :-/

I understand if you are an expert in some fine scientific field, though, that I may come across as some ignorant laptop-wielding tent dweller from a crazy-making rugged remote mountainous region of a politically backwards country.  I get that.  No problem.  But… I have brought up some observations that réally ought be investigated AS IF long-term planetary quality of life depended on it.   And yes, all that is ‘just a viewpoint’.

No, this is not the end of the world, but yes, this is extremely serious.

That being said,… I have NO IDEA if the die-off of ANY species (Northern Pacific Ocean or elsewhere) can be directly linked to ongoing releases of radioactive gasses and particles from Fukushima-Daiichi (F1), Chernobyl Forest Fires or other sources of synthetic nuclear pollution.   I don’t know.  But I certainly do not rule it out just yet.  And I am honestly concerned, however, that, for starters, that possible if not likely factor is being downplayed (intentionally, actively, covertly, disgustingly) by a well-oiled machine of perception management PR professionals…

In this blog post I will simply look at, seek background and context, and wonder about the unprecedented Saiga Antelope die-off in Kazakhstan, which suddenly began on May 10, 2015.   I learned a lot about this interesting animal while researching… And I’m sure there will always be more to learn about it.    Beautiful strange looking fragile creature… Worth protecting.  Worth shutting down the nuclear industry for, if that’s what it takes…

  • The Betpak-Dala region of Kazakhstan:

If you go to Wikipedia (June 13), it sounds like the mystery has already all been figured out: “An epizootic of pasteurellosis occurred in Betpak-Dala in May of 2015, in which more than 120,000 saiga antelope were confirmed dead” wiping out more than 35% of the world’s population   It lists as a source a UN document, by its organization UNEP (“United Nations Environmental Programme“) @ SOURCE:  which, includes exactly what I was looking for: a map of the Betpak-Dala region of Kazakhstan with the Saiga habitat areas marked on it:   The herds of the Betpak-Dala are now dead… :-(


Anyhow…That UNEP document includes this:

“[…] According to information received from the members of the CMS expert mission, it is becoming clear that two secondary opportunistic pathogens, specifically Pasteurella and Clostridia, are contributing to the rapid and wide-spread die-off. However, the hunt for the fundamental drivers of the mass mortality continues since these bacteria are only lethal to an animal if its immune system is already weakened […]

“Experts are working around the clock to investigate the impacts in terms of wildlife health of the relatively high rainfall observed this spring, the composition of the vegetation and other potential trigger factors including a suite of viruses. None of the data analyzed to date indicates that rocket fuel is related to the mass die-off. Fresh laboratory results are becoming available every day,” says Aline Kühl-Stenzel, Terrestrial Species Officer at the UNEP/CMS Secretariat, who has been supporting the expert mission remotely from the Convention’s headquarters in Bonn, Germany. […]”

That was dated, May 28, 2015.  And in other words: the actual cause that triggered this is still unknown and that Wikipedia entry is thus essentially misleading as-is or at least as-was at that time.  [Who made that Wikipedia entry? …]

A few days later, the prestigious scientific establishment magazine, Nature (June 1, 2015), reported with appropriate great concern: “Mysterious die-off sparks race to save saiga antelope”, by Henry Nicholls:

Half of world population of the endangered saiga dies in weeks — and nobody is sure why.  […]   Saigas are known to be prone to massive, as yet unexplained die-offs. These usually occur when the females come together to calve in the spring.

In 1984, such an event in the Ural Mountains resulted in the loss of 100,000 animals — 67% of the local population. […]

[…]  “We managed to do full necropsies on 50 saiga,” says Kock, who returned from Kazakhstan on May 28.  The cause is unlikely to have been an infectious agent that was transmitted from one animal to the next. “Epidemiologically, you cannot get a directly transmitted disease to kill a whole population in seven days,” says Kock. “I’d say it’s a polymicrobial disease,” he says. This involves pathogens such as pasteurella and clostridia that are often present in the body but have seized an opportunity to run riot.   The pathogens may have been responsible for the deaths, but something must have caused the saigas to fall victim to them.  Given that two discrete sub-populations some 300 kilometres apart suffered similarly and simultaneously, it seems likely that an environmental factor is part of the story. […]”

Something… something…  An entire eleven days later, the British weekly,  The Guardian (UK) ran an article on the Saiga Antelope die-off, with the latest, written by the same author…  June 12, 2015:  

134,000 saiga antelope dead in two weeks. What is the probable cause?, yet this new article, written an entire month after the die-off began, did not include a list of all the possibilities that had been eliminated by specific findings, nor anything else unusual…   Unless you’re asleep at the media wheel, it’s a bit of an odd of “update”, if I may say so, as it includes references that seem aimed at making it appear what happened was ‘probably natural’…:

An excerpt:

Last month I wrote a short piece for Nature on the alarming and as-yet unexplained mass mortality of saiga antelope in Kazakhstan in May. I spoke at length to E.J. Milner-Gulland, a conservation biologist at Imperial College London and chair of Saiga Conservation Alliance.  Last week, the charity launched an appeal to raise urgent funds in support of their efforts. Here is an edited transcript of the interview.

Henry Nicholls: What is the latest news from Kazakhstan?
E.J. Milner-Gulland: More than 134,000 saigas died
in the space of just two weeks in May. This is about half of the global population.

But, as you see next, this time the inquiry is presented with a context sketched that gives the impression (at least to me) that it’s probably some unknown natural cause…  That what I get from this [my emphasis]:



“[…]  EJM-G: It’s unusual to have something this big, but mass mortality is not uncommon in ungulates.  The Mongolian gazelle had a mass die-off in the 1980s, for instance. It happens in wildebeest and white-tailed deer.  The saiga population suffered several unexplained mass mortality events in the 1980s. It might have something to do with the calving aggregation. The saiga come together in the spring in vast numbers to give birth and the animals seem to be particularly vulnerable at this time.” “There have been similar die-offs each year since 2010, but we do not have a satisfactory explanation for what is going on. […]

[…] Kazakh scientists, with support from the international community, have performed autopsies of 50 animals and the data are being analyzed now. […]”

That was already the case over 2 weeks ago too, when “Fresh laboratory results” were “becoming available every day”…  Whatever they’re doing in those labs, where “the data are [still] being analyzed”...  I’m not sure where the cut-off is time-wise before that sounds like just a media sound-bite without substance…

Okay, so let’s investigate* these claims reported by the Guardian:

  • The Mongolian gazelle had a mass die-off in the 1980s
  • The saiga population suffered several unexplained mass mortality events in the 1980s.
  • similar die-offs each year since 2010

* Armchair investigation: Just using internet search engines over coffee.

On a side-note.:  The Guardian… I won’t delve into what I think about them trying to link absolutely EVERYTHING to “catastrophic man-made climate change”, nor will I add to my own opinion about climate change, here, but I find it worth mentioning that it wouldn’t be the first time this borderline-tabloid-esque publication failed to expose the nuclear industry…    Many awards won aside, they really ruined their reputation by giving air time to known nuke-pusher and climate alarmist extraordinaire George Monbiot’s psycho-rambles.    Just saying…  

I’ll return to a related side-exploration further down.

– “The Mongolian gazelle had a mass die-off in the 1980s”

  • MongolianGazelle_iccs1997_detail_diseaseKilledByYearI found a scientific paper from 1997, “The status and management of the Mongolian gazelle Procapra gutturosa population“, by Badamjavin Lhagvasuren and E. J. Milner-Gulland, which included  these 1980s ‘killed by disease’ data for the Mongolian Gazelle:


Though the same can be said for 1981-1982, I find it noteworthy that in the 2 years after Chernobyl (1987 & 1988), there is no data available for ‘disease-killed’.


which leaves me with the impression that hunting, shrinking of its habitat (due to industrialization, roads, fencing, etc.) and climate (harsh winters or droughts) had much more of a negative effect on this animals’ total population than any kind of die-off due to a disease.

Though 40,000 animals dying due to disease (1983) is extreme, for sure, as a percentage of the population, at that time that constituted about 1.14 % to 1.6 % of the population (depending on going by the low estimate of 2.5 million total Mongolian gazelle population, or the high end of 3.5 million; data shown in the above graphs).  And thát leaves me with the impression that the comparison of a mysterious regional 100% mortality event, that wipes out > 50% of the the total Saiga Antelope population, to die-offs that killed < 2% of a total population, as somewhat belittling the recent die-off.  They’re both major mass-die-offs, for sure, but this one is clearly of a whole other magnitude, something you only discover when you dig for the data on that.

(By the way: For comparison to “human die-off events”:  The Spanish Influenza pandemic of 1918, killed 50 to 100 million people.  That was about 3 to 5 % of the world’s population at that time.   Even Ebola “only” kills between 25 and 90 percent of those infected.  Hasn’t even made a dent in total world population levels…)

So why UNEP-associated experts or the media outlets (that apparently fail to question experts…) bring up past events that aren’t really comparable (except to give the impression, that it’s probably natural), is a “mystery” too, I suppose…

– The saiga population suffered several unexplained mass mortality events in the 1980s.

They seemed to mainly have suffered the consequences of massive poaching in the 1980’s USSR and Post-USSR semi-lawless 1990’s …

An excerpt from shows the dramatic decline of the Saiga Antelope Population from 1980 to 2007:

Note (in purple in the graph above), the Saiga Antelope population in the Ural (KZ,RU) nose-dived in 1984.   That must be the “67% of the local population” mass die-off referred to in Nature (June 1, 2015).   That decline was also observed in the Betpak-dala herd, with over 100,000 animals lost there.  That is indeed a massive ‘die-off’… However… maybe “die-off” is not really he right term here…  About 40,000 of those, at least in Betpak-dala, was due to legal hunting (See before-mentioned, @, and the majority was believed to be due to poaching… How much was due to disease isn’t clear to me, but bringing up a massive population decline, pitched as a “mass die-off”, without mentioning that poaching was a major factor in that decline…   I don’t know…  Something’s not quite sitting right with how the media has spun these die-offs…

But I did find some examples of other a significant ánd actually similar-looking die-offs, which did also happen in spring:

  • The Telegraph, May 28, 2010, mentions, “…an outbreak of pasteurellosis, a disease affecting the lungs…” taking out 15% of the population. “[…] Pereladova said an extremely cold winter, followed by an unusually hot spring, were likely to have contributed to the outbreak of disease this month.   She said more than half of the saiga living in the Ural region had died. […]”

Excerpt screenshot:

Clearly, it happens.

Odd, though…   2010… Makes me wonder if something happened we never even learned about…  I had a quick glance at some radiation data, including my 4-part series of long-term radiation data sets (which I put together for the very purpose of spotting long-term patterns) and… maybe it’s nothing, but one of the four showed a rather striking data gap pattern in both springs…:  North-Eastern Iceland, which is interesting for its monitoring data because the clean air makes abnormalities stand out better… IF abnormalities would actually be shown, I suppose…

Iceland, spring 2010:

Iceland, Spring 2015:

That aside… to be filed away as, “Hmm…”

The next graph, sourced from the Large Herbivore Network (@ ) shows the effectiveness of conservation efforts: an impressive population rebound from 2003 to 2010:

They suffer die-offs, alright…  but never 100% mortality in any region at any point in the known past.  As the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) noted,

“Mass mortality events are not unusual for saiga antelopes, with a case occurring as recently as 2010 with 12,000 dead animals. However, the scale of the current event is unprecedented relative to the total population size.”

Now, in the above data graph, the total Saiga Antelope population of the Betpak-Dala region (yellow triangles) of Kazakhstan is shown here to have reached somewhere between 50,000 and 60,000…

Another “Hmm…”:

– “Similar die-offs each year since 2010.”

So… if the Saiga antelope population of the Betpak-Dala region of Kazakhstan was less than 60,000 animals in 2010…   And the pre-May-2015-die-off population of this Saiga region was said to be…  around 250,000 pre-die-off.    Hmm…

How does one get from ‘60,000’ to ‘250,000’ in four years when having “similar die-offs each year since 2010″ ???  

To me, the little bit of data I found strongly suggests the Saiga population recovery continued well after 2010.   So the allegation of “similar” die-offs after 2010 sounds like a gross exaggeration of the die-offs that may have occurred in the past 4 years.

Sorry, UNEP…

Your PR machine is not passing the mark.

Mass mortality is indeed clearly not uncommon in some types of ungulates, but a 100% mortality die-off has no precedent in the wild.   Not even close.   So… my tentative conclusion about all these statements that try to portray the May 2015 die-off as somehow quite ‘similar’ to die-offs in the previous decades is simple this:  Hogwash!

 Moving along…

What’s left to look at?  The key issue, right?  As suggested in,

“…these bacteria are only lethal to an animal

if its immune system is already weakened.


What weakened the Saiga antelope’s immune system?

Two factors I want to look at:

  • The weather (or ‘climate change‘ if you want to sound more dramatic. ..) could have severely weakened the herd, a la “…an extremely cold winter, followed by an unusually hot spring…” to mention the stated suspected key contributing factor in that 2010 die-off, mentioned above, for instance.  Was the 2014-2015 Kazakhstan winter exceptionally brutal?  Is spring 2015 exceptionally hot?
  • Secondly, and I must say that I find it a bit odd the media and scientific investigators don’t even raise the issue…. ( I mean… this is Kazakhstan!  If such a die-off happened in Nevada, the US equivalent of what once was a major nuclear testing territory, wouldn’t radioisotope testing be part of any study?)   So, I’ll be looking at whether there was a slow-down in the jet stream, which could have brought down far more significant amounts of radioactive fallout than what was detected in North-Western Europe in spring 2015.  (Strange radioisotopes were detected in the same month of May in Finland (see here) and Germany (see here), + see previous couple dozen blog posts… in my Nuclear Blog Posts archive (list)).


–  Kazakhstan Weather in Winter 2014-2015 and Spring 2015.

I looked at the daily Temperature graphs for the past 5+ years and nope… the winter wasn’t particularly extreme.  The spring not particularly hot. The last two years, in fact, would have fitted that description better than this year.



DATA: Via my Meteo page


Perhaps the lush pastures contributed…  Sure…  But just glancing the precipitation day by day over the past 3 springs shows that this springs isn’t abnormal at all, either.  Last fall was significantly more wet, yes:

2.5yrsrainAstanaThey’re obviously véry fragile animals.  Perhaps a bit of a “canary in the coal mine”

But again, there’s nothing that stands out to explain the extremeness of this event, as far as the recent past weather’s concerned.  It sure could have been part of causing a die-off, maybe some 10,000 or so animals would have died otherwise anyhow, but for this 100% mortality die-off… nah, sorry, the weather factor ain’t it.

–  Jet Stream Wind Pattern over the Betpak-Dala region of Kazakhstan in the week preceding May 12, 2015.

First looking at low altitude to identify the region:  I’ll pick the spot 49 N, 63 E, about 1/3rd east between the Aral Lake and Lake Balkhash, and then a bit more north, north of the cosmodrome area (which is why they looked at rocket fuel), to get a location to keep my eye on.  Put the marker in 49 N, 63 E @,41.45,1024 if you want to duplicate what I’m looking at.  (in many of the below screenshots, my area marker *green circle) is placed close to 49N63N, but not spot-on on it);  Does that seem about right for the area these antelopes were in or near?  It’s just to make a rough estimation.

Annotated Screenshot with some markers to find it on a map if you don;t know where in Central Asia this is  (and, of course, Kazakhstan is not a square… ;-) ):


This just to show a reference point on the map. Note the big (and very deep) lake to the east, and the smaller (and drying out) smaller one to the southwest. Roughly in the mid-point between ‘Finland’ and ‘Turkey’ is Chernobyl, Ukraine.

Okay, I started out by browsing 24 hours intervals of the jet stream level (250 hPa) and took screenshots for the 2 weeks preceding the beginning of the die-off outbreak (said to have suddenly started on May 10, 2015), so I’m starting with on April 26, 2015…

Around that time is when I realized, Oh yeah, that’s right before the Chernobyl Forest Fires broke out.  Maybe I should look at 500 hPa and keep an eye on possible rain-outs downwind…  What if there were new yet-to-be-mapped hotspots of Alpha- and strong-Beta-emitter Americium-241, or Plutonium 239/240 and Strontium-90?

Some of the nuclear industry’s gift that keeps on giving: Plutonium_1998_Ukraine_KyotoStudy(To keep an eye on the wind patterns coming from north of Kiev, Ukraine: easy to locate by moving upstream the Dnipro River past where it turns due north…, or roughly between Finland and Turkey, as seen in the above screenshot.

You know, for this time frame, I think there are only two possible fallout sources to be considered: rain-out events downwind from the Chernobyl fires, and (speculated ongoing) Fukushima-fallout with hotspots due to rain-out events, perhaps in the few days right right before May 10.  Let’s see…

  • I’ll consider possible Fukushima fallout (ongoing!) delivery by jet stream… and simultaneously I’ll consider radioactive smoke dispersion and rain-out from the Chernobyl Forest Fires (April 26 – May 4, 2015 -ish).  It would be WAY too much to include every time frame, but this will at least give some very basic impressions.  These are more ‘notes’ than “solid evidence”:

April 26, 2015 @ 1200 UTC, 250 hPa:,46.85,1024

Here are some screenshots:

These less colorful ones show TWC, which besides wind also shows water concentration (dense clouds that are most likely to cause rain).  On April 27, the wind is blowing from the west.  The antelopes are grazing as occasional light showers pass over.   West in the Ukraine, the forest fires in the Chernobyl nuclear accident contaminated zone are just getting set by arsonists.  There is very little higher-up wind there…

1While Kiev got a brief whiff in the next few days (see further below also), most of the radioactive smoke is blown into Belarus, Russia and beyond.  Given data gaps on EURDEP radiation monitors in Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Iceland, it’s plausible the contaminated smoke reached quite far, and most likely was primarily blown east, and into the Arctic, with possibly some of it being deposited on the far-northern Kazakh border by the very end of April, early May (which is close but not the region of focus).  But right then it didn’t rain in the region, so even if dispersed smoke made it to the area, it seems unlikely much was deposited.

3May 2nd, the Betpak-Dala region now lies in a major jet stream slow-down zone.  If stuff’s blowing in from high above and far-away, around May 2nd this could have occurred.

4The high-above winds pick up shortly, and the area just gets a tiny bit of rain…  Smoke from Chernobyl-2015 would have gone way north of here, not a factor anymore, I think.  May 4:

5May 6, it gets more interesting as far as possible Fukushima / Jet Stream – delivered fallout:  a jet-stream slow-down coincides with rain….

6aA closer look at this jet stream slow-down, May 6 in the late evening, shows this a significant one, the kind that can bring down pollutants that traveled around the globe at that altitude: @,46.85,1024

6bGoing higher to 250 hPa and looking at the globe… shows this is indeed the very jet stream that I suspect caries Fukushima fallout:,55.36,512

6cAnd that is followed by a strong rain-band passing over the region on May 8…,38.19,512

Here comes the rain again…  Raining in my head like a tragedy…

7May 8, mid-day, whatever was in the air rains out as the rain storm system sweeps to the east:

8By the 9th, the weather eases up.

The antelope graze…

9“Rewind” 6 hours, going up to 250hPa…  zoom out…,38.19,512

10bJust wind:,38.19,512

10a“Fast Forward” to May 9, 2015 6am…,38.19,512

11aNorth pole view  11b:,93.49,274


24-48 hours later, the steppe’s littered with dead and dying antelope…

Well…  It’s clearly not something that can be overlooked.  If fallout blew in with the jet stream… then [looking at the last screenshot] I suppose there would also have to have been radiation upticks over Turkey then… and east of the Adrian Sea over parts of the Balkans…

Here’s the same globe, turned:,52.04,512

Most monitors show nothing, but some do… (The week pre-May 10, 2015):

Afyonkarahisar_Turkey EdirneTurkey Manisa_Turkey Eskisehir_Turkey

Clearly something was blowing over… … and reaching gamma ground monitors in that slow-down zone before reaching Kazakhstan…

Even the Canadian government detected AIRBORNE radioactive pollutants from Fukushima this spring 2015, as mentioned on The Weather Channel:

h/t ENEnews (June 18, 2015), “TV: “Canadian gov’t detected airborne elements of radioactive pollutants” from Fukushima — “Radioactive materials are still gushing” from plant — “Unexpected difficulties preventing escape of airborne radioactive contaminants” (VIDEO)” Screenshot:

  • Anything else noteworthy?

I guess it needs to be reiterated: There were VERY ODD detections of radioisotopes in May,and these detections cannot be explained away by the Chernobyl fires, as Chernobyl’s fallout did not include Cobalt-60, and Iodine-131, as well as Zirconium-97 decay away within a few months and a few days, respectively.

And I’ve already brought this up in the past several weeks too: the fact that Beryllium-7 and Iodine-131 correlate suggests that the I-131 is blowing in to the European scene from higher up in the atmosphere.  I have been speculating/hypothesizing that Fukushima is still fissioning, or at least has “fission flare ups” and that the fission tell-tale radioisotopes recently detected, such as I-131 (Detected in Norway in March and May; and in Sweden and Finland in May), Zr-97 (véry short-lived, detected in Germany in May! with a jet stream pattern in place that could explain its fast delivery all the way from Japan), are  adding weight to the likelihood that hypothesis is valid.

I found another example of the Be-7 and I-131 correlation: peak values, as well as lowest values match nicely.  Unvalidated EURDEP data from Czech Republic:

CzechRep_June2015_I131_Be7_NV_eurdepAnd when you check on the wind patterns for that Czech Republic location, you’ll easily find that during the sampling period when both Be-7 and I-131 peaked, there was a high pressure system  moving over the region, which brings down air from higher up down to the surface where the monitors are:


Looking at the timing of the onset of the massive die-off (May 10), and the lack of wind patterns to supply Chernobyl smoke-fallout to that area… with the die-off kicking in RIGHT after rain with jet stream patterns in place to deliver (speculated) radioactive fallout from Japan… Sadly, it’s entirely possible radioactive fallout played a role.

Innocent until proven guilty, I suppose..  but the Japanese nuclear energy giant TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Company) may be at least partially responsible for the deaths of one hundred thousand or so saiga antelope, beyond the normal spring die-offs.

The fallout event I suspect (and have no proof for! What I have is at most some “suggestive evidence”…) may just have been the straw that broke the antelope’s back, so to speak.  Perhaps the grasses already contained some extra radioCesium, Americium, Plutonium and Strontium from the Chernobyl forest fires too?

I’m not a credentialed scientist, nor am I associated with a university or institution of any kind, but…

Here’s my amateur thought on what also needs to be looked into, if they haven’t yet:   Surgically remove the thyroid glands and do a gammaspectroscopy of those, dissect the lungs and note its color, etc. and do Gamma, Beta and Alpha radiospectroscopies of those tissues, as well as of the liver, kidneys & what’s left of the blood… As well as look for signs of heart trouble, and chemically test for the trace concentrations of various non-radioactive chemicals, including the decay products of various fallout products, which often happen to be heavy metals (lead, nickel, cesium, cobalt,…).

After excluding ‘rocket fuel’, why do NONE of the articles mention anything about radioactive fallout?  (The Chernobyl fires at the very end of April sent unknown amounts of Cs-137, Am-241, Pu-239/240, Sr-90, etc. in the air, with many radiation monitors going into “data gap mode”, and places that only got the slightest of a whiff, like Kiev, which was only briefly downwind, saw air concentrations of Cesium-137 of over 150 Bq/m^3…).

-> Screenshot was included in the blog post, May 3, 2015, Chernobyl Forest Fire UPDATE – w/ Final Additions: 150+ Bq/m^3 Cs-137 in air 100 km from Forest Fires on April 29

Elevated radionuclide levels that could affect the immunity of an already fragile stressed animal is certainly not outside the realm of possibilities, …

See, radioisotope analysis would be the FIRST thing to test for, as some of the radionuclides decay away fast (Like Iodine-131 (half-life: 8 days), or Zirconium-97 (half-life: 16 hours), both of which were mysteriously detected in Europe in the first half of May 2015…, not to mention that freak-mix detected in Finland with Cobalt-60, Ruthenium-103, Niobium-95, Cesium-137 and a few others – (for details, see previous dozen blog posts) and may end up being non-detectable (below ‘minimum detectable concentration’) in some cases even just a few weeks later.  The Finnish authorities (STUK) were going to “ask the neighbors” … yet then the whole “mystery” was somehow forgotten…  No news follow ups…

See, if UNEP & Co were ON IT, they had this data already by the time the Nature article was written.   It’s completely reasonable to assume that IF they’ve tested for these parameters, the data is already known to the inner circle of researchers.   Does their silence on that aspect imply they didn’t test, or that they wouldn’t reveal the findings?

And then a light bulb popped…


Who is coordinating this investigation?

UNEP, the United Nations Environment Programme.    Rrright… the organization that was part of “investigating” the effects of Chernobyl and whitewashed that whole disaster like it barely did anything…  Thóse guys are in charge of “investiating” the antelope die-offs?   Oh man…  I wouldn’t be surprised if they got the area (what actually may be ‘a crime scene’) tightly controlled…

Here’s some food for thought from a distinguished scientist:

“[…] Many people are mystified that three UN Agencies (IAEA, WHO and UNEP) appear to be agreeing on the minimal damage done to the people directly affected by Chernobyl and other low dose radiation exposures. I think this is a failure to understand the profound influence wielded by ICRP which dictates not only what should be of concern to UN Agencies, but also provides the methodology which must be used in order to determine both the dose of ionizing radiation received by the victims and the risk posed by that dose. All of the U.N. Agencies use these same protocols, methodologies and risk estimates — hence there are no independent assessments. Reform of the UN must assure independence of its agencies. . . […]”

Chernobyl: An Unbelievable Failure to Help, by Rosalie Bertell, International Journal of Health Services, March 2008 [h/t ;

Original @ ]

Part of the source material for that  of that includes some interesting research (, of which I’ll just quote a tiny excerpt (my emphasis):

“[…]   In 1957, a Memo of Understanding was drawn up between the IAEA and United Nations.   One article of this memo is especially contentious:   Article II states:  “. . . if divulging information may constitute `a violation of the confidence of any of its (IAEA’s) Members or anyone from whom it shall have received such information,’ then such information can be safeguarded as confidential.  […]”

So earlier this week I wrote an email to Ms. Aline Kühl-Stenzel, Terrestrial Species Coordinator, UNEP/CMS Secretariat (mentioned at the end of

Dear Ms. Aline Kühl-Stenzel,

First of all, thank you for caring about the amazing planet’s species.  I share in the grave concern for the sad misfortune that recently befell the Saiga Antelope population.

I hope you have time for my two questions:

– Has the environmental factor, or confluence of contributing factors, been identified that weakened the immune system of the Saiga Antelope for this to lead to the extremely odd regional 100% mortality die-off?   (My impression is: Not yet.  Correct?)  Any leads?

– Has very sensitive gamma radioisotope analysis been performed for the grasses, the soil, and various tissues of the animal (thyroid, liver, kidneys, lungs, intestinal track, etc.).  Those results would have been known for weeks; yet I have not even read about the results.  

What where the results for these radioisotopes (gamma spectroscopy): I-131, Co-60, Am-241, Pu-239/240, Cs-134/137, Nb-95, Ru-103, Zr-95/97, as well as Sr-89/90, and gross Alpha and Beta Counts?  Beside the basic gamma spectroscopy, were Beta and Alpha radiospectroscopies performed as well?   Radioactive fallout is known to affect the immunity systems of various species differently.  Is anything known about how this affects the Saiga antelope?   (Is there any data on disease die-offs in post-April 1986, 1987, 1988?, for instance?)

Given possible new hot spots, due to rain-out events of fallout from the Chernobyl forest fires’s radioactive smoke (end of April, early May 2015), as well as possibly ongoing releases from the Fukushima-Daiichi site in Japan (which would have to be carried by the jet stream to make it all the way around), as well as the history of Kazakhstan’s underground nuclear bomb tests way back when, this seems like a factor that ought to be investigated in detail.

I have not found even a mention of results of this vein of investigation, though.  IF radioisotope spectroscopies weren’t performed, are they scheduled to be performed any time soon?  

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Kind Regards,

Michaël Van Broekhoven

No response yet… 

Silence is a bit like data omissions…  “Really hard to interpret”…   I was hoping to include their radioisotope data, but alas… :-/   (  Still waiting…)



Not saying radioactive fallout is the culprit, just noting they don’t even mention its possibility, say nothing about data they might have, and that a suspicious agency is involved in the investigation, which is slow in responding to inquiries on the matter (if not entirely unresponsive, we’ll see…).    That’s all I’m saying.

I mean…

It’s more than an entire month after the die-off happened already.  All that radioisotope, chemical and dissection data would already be in.  What did they find?   I can’t find it.  Why don’t they even talk about the radiospectroscopies?

So I just checked the Latest News from the Saiga Conservation Alliance, since their urgent appeal for funds.   And that latest news is… is… is really cute, actually…

I know they just want to do some fundraising, but…  this almost seems like a sick joke…    June 17, 2015:

Sell some more cuddly saiga toys…

Mix in a bunch of fiction

But make sure…

…to never ever mention the nuclear industry.

Sorry, UNEP, *I* didn’t get thát memo. 

— — — — — — —  

No degree of prosperity could justify the accumulation of large amounts of highly toxic substances which nobody knows how to make “safe” and which remain an incalculable danger to the whole of creation for historical or even geological ages. To do such a thing is a transgression against life itself, a transgression infinitely more serious than any crime ever perpetrated by man. The idea that a civilization could sustain itself on the basis of such a transgression is an ethical, spiritual, and metaphysical monstrosity. It means conducting the economic affairs of man as if people really did not matter at all.

—E.F. Schumacher, Small Is Beautiful, 1973 ***

  — — — — — — —

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More Nature Photos (SLV, Southern Colorado – First half of June 2015)

Some more photos from the first half of June 2015.

All photos by © Michaël Van Broekhoven (All Rights Reserved. Please don’t share), taken in the Northern San Luis Valley (SLV) of Southern Colorado, in or near Crestone, Colorado, and a couple on the way to and in Salida (in the Arkansas River watershed, just to the North over Poncha Pass.)

DSCN3759 DSCN3840

The next 3 are of the same place at North Crestone Creek (National Forest campground):

DSCN3942Flashback to last fall, and ‘sleeping in a deep freezer‘, same place:

NOVEMBER  14, 2014

NOVEMBER 14, 2014


NOVEMBER 17, 2015

And back to June 2015:


DSCN3920(Photos are in no particular order)

DSCN3980 DSCN3998 DSCN4000 DSCN4108 DSCN4110 DSCN4111 DSCN4114 DSCN4120 DSCN4125 DSCN4127 DSCN4136 DSCN4150 DSCN4153 DSCN4155 DSCN4161 DSCN4170 DSCN4172 DSCN4179 DSCN4185 DSCN4188 DSCN4189 DSCN4200 DSCN4204 DSCN4216 DSCN4222 DSCN4223 DSCN4227 DSCN4236 DSCN4239 DSCN4240 DSCN4246 DSCN4249 DSCN4298 DSCN4299 DSCN4303 DSCN4304 DSCN4308Cheers to a beautiful thriving world

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There Comes Another EURDEP-Data-Gap-Inducing Whiff…

DISCLAIMER (I may be wrong about EVERYTHING. No expert. No claim to truth. No credentials. Nada.)  But you may want to have a look at some stuff I point at anyway…

Even if it’s just to ‘get your freak on‘…

So um… But seriously…


Are any ‘actual scientists’ taking what I’m pointing at seriously?   (it would be nice, actually…)

To recap, this spring I-131 was detected in places that are not near labs that produce Iodine-131 for medical reasons, such as in Norway (March 2015), Sweden (May 2015) and Northern Finland (May 2015).  Iodine-131 is a recent-fission tell-tale radioisotope.  Less shocking, I-131 was also detected at CERN, Switzerland.  (That would be like detecting it in Fleuris, Belgium, one of the other places where this is leaked more frequently and legally.)   More noteworthy was the detection of Zr-97 in Northern Germany (May 12-13), however, and the detections in both northern and southern Finland of Nb-95, Ru-103, Cs-134, Cs-137, Co-60,… (May 22-25).  See the previous dozen blog posts or so, or my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive.

I do not know how to shake the scientific, media and political world out of its apathetic slumber when it comes to the ongoing Fukushima-Daiichi catastrophe.  Nor can I prove my suspicions or allegations at this point.  But the data I did find DO tell a story of a very peculiar fission materials leak…  And there is no way I’ll shut up about this until an in-depth investigation gets to the bottom of this.   (No worries, nature photo fans, I’ll alternate between pointing at a likely slowly enfolding hellish nuclear melt-out scenario poisoning the Pacific and beyond…, and enjoying this magnificent world with sharing nature photography. “;-)”…)

I would rather cause acute “PANIC!”  than that this apparent complete denial, which prevents the required global response to meet the challenge at hand for the coming centuries ahead, ruins quality of life in the long run.    Yet whether I try a headline like, “Radiological Emergency – Northern Hemisphere – RED ALERT !“, or one like, “Pink Unicorns beach themselves on the shores of Lake Dystopia“, or spell it out, “Yup… Fukushima is Still Fissioning – A Nullschool Wind Data Analysis of May 2015 EURDEP-Finland/Germany Radioactive Air Samples,” or keep it vague a la, “[…]“, it doesn’t really seem to matter that I brought it up at all…    Last I checked no mainstream or even “alternative” media outlet is even investigating this.  What-the-hell…  So I resort to sarcasm like,  “Anyway…“.   And this past month isn’t the first time I, and a handful other bloggers, have noted these things.  Last fall, for instance, weird radiation upticks over Germany caught my attention, written about in, “Did Germany just get a Massive Amount of Fukushima Fallout and “No One Noticed”? (A Eurdep-Nullschool investigation of the Nov. 16, 2014 radiation Upticks…)“, and expanded upon last January (with I-131 detection data as well) in, “DATA of ‘Fallout Signatures’ on Radiation Monitors Suggest Fukushima Still Going Re-Critical Underground At Times. Airborne Fallout Continues To Come Down Across the Northern Hemisphere“.

So… I don’t know…  I’m just going to keep at it, I guess, until – hokus spokus abracadabra, miraculously – the permanent shutdown of, and global ban on, all 400+ meltdown-capable nuclear fission reactors, and immediate stop to the 60 additional such monstrosities currently under construction, becomes reality…   ;-D

So I was browsing the ever-shifting jet stream wind patterns this morning…  

[Nullschool, @ -> click “Earth” (in a browser like Firefox or Safari), go up to 250 hPa height, turn the globe (mouse-click-drag) to where you want to look at…],66.89,266    … Annotated Screenshot:

Nullschool_June15_2015_1500UTC_250hPa_WesternHemi_annotOkay, you see that jet stream slow down and fan-out just south of Iceland?

Wait, here:  I’ll turn the globe… here, below, is a view of the same, showing more detail over the northern Atlantic (@,61.63,512 ); Annotated Screenshot:

Nullschool_June15_2015_1500UTC_250hPa_NorthAtlantici_annotThere’s 2 areas where jet stream-carried radioisotopes could come down:  instead of northern Iceland, it’s more likely noticeable in southern Iceland this time.  SO I’ll definitely check on Reykjavik.   And then perhaps northern UK, particularly parts of Scotland, and perhaps small signs in Southern Norway… Then it speeds up too much to cause the pattern I’ve been documenting.   The other possibility for upticks would be on the more southern arm of the fan-out, maybe Belgium, The Netherlands, …maybe North-Western Germany?).  –> On quick checks I get the impression the radioactive upticks are confined to a more northern band this time…

You can see what I’m pointing at, yes?  I added a couple scribbles to help with that (above).  Most of the air in the jet stream just continues onward, but those two zones have “potential” to detect the pattern I’ve come to suspect, namely

1) Fukushima is still fissioning and sending radioisotopes high up to jet-stream level; 2) where the jet stream slows down, trace amounts of the synthetic radioisotopes descend (the fact that I-131 upticks correspond with Be-7 upticks indicates there’s validity to this hypothesis!); 3) some may reach the surface in detectable quantities.  Signs of ‘(3)’ is what I’m looking for.

And how does EURDEP respond “to these wind patterns”?  Anything?

Most graphs, below, are 1 week data, a couple show higher resolution for just the past 2 days, and one shows two months.  I’ve highlighted the data gaps with a red box.   If you’re in law enforcement, talk to your supervisor about sending the SWAT teams into the IAEA headquarters, will you?*

*Obviously, like unvalidated public data, that’s just a joke.

Here’s a sampling:

 Greenland_South_EURDEP_1week_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Reykjavik_Iceand_EURDEP_1week_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Bolungarvik_Iceand_EURDEP_1week_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Raufarhofn_Iceand_EURDEP_1week_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Stavanger_Norway_1week__EURDEP_1wk_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Runde_Norway_1week__EURDEP_1wk_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Oslo_Norway_2DAYSonly__EURDEP_48hrs_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Longyearbyen_Norway_2DAYSonly__EURDEP_48hrs_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Lerwick_UK_EURDEP_1week_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Holwerd_Nederland_2DAYSonly__EURDEP_48hrs_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Siauliai_Lithuania_EURDEP_1week_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC Tiree_UK_1week__EURDEP_1wk_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETC OSTERH.-SCHARMB.OT.Pennigbuttel_Germany__2MONTHS__EURDEP_2mo_gamma_preJune15_2015_1550ETCCould all be completely coincidental, of course…

— — — — — — —   — — — — — — —

In other news… France, Belgium, England, ready to evacuate a couple million people?  Could happen sooner than you think.

Checked all surrounding monitors…  (Looks fine.) Soon maybe, but clearly not yet today

What’s it going to take…?     And Why wait:


— — — — — — —   — — — — — — —

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