3 months in Turkey (EURDEP, 9 monitors)

Colorado Rocky Mountains – July 22, 2017

Turkey copy

Includes area currently occupied by Turkey.

Shown below are 3-month graphs for those [non-yellow] Turkish monitors that showed a ‘Standard Deviation’ (1 or more) on EURDEP (See Online Radiation Monitors) during the past month.

In no particular order:

KarsDigor_Turkey_3mo_July22_2017 copyKutahya_tavsanli_Tuncbilek_TS_Turkey_3mo_July22_2017 copyAydinKusadasi_Turkey_3mo_July22_2017 copyYozgatAkdagmadeni_Turkey_3mo_July22_2017 copyIzmir)Turkey_3mo_July22_2017 copySamsun_Turkey_3mo-July22_2017 copyKirikkale_Turkey_3mo_July22_2017 copyAnkaraCankaya_Turkey_3mo_July22_2017 copyBursa_OrhaneliTS_Turkey_3mo_July22_2017 copy

—— ——- ——


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Staircases to Hell (EURDEP 3/6 months, various)

An enormous radioactive cloud has been circling the Northern Hemisphere.  It is most obvious in the past three weeks, but may have been released from one or more sources earlier on.  The fact that there’s apparently Iodine-131 in the latest whiff (See (July 18, 2017) Couple EURDEPs (w/ Cyprus I-131/Cs-137 data gap & spike) indicates a recent release from an active or very-recently-active nuclear core.  Other ‘fallout patterns’ in the preceding months could be from the same or entirely different sources.  Unknown to me whether or not the mystery whiff  (containing Ru-103, Co-60, Nb-95, Cs-137&134,…) detected in mid-May (2017) in Southern Finland came from the same mystery source that caused this latest batch of radiation data weirdness.  In short: I have no freak’n clue where what is coming from.  And I can’t figure it out.  Too much noise amidst the muffled signals.

The monitoring system is way too well-rigged to figure out the source of this radioactive cloud.  Was there a nuclear incident somewhere with a significant release of radionuclides?  A covered-up full-blown nuclear reactor accident?  A further deterioration of the ongoing perils at Fukushima-Daiichi in Japan? (Is it really still having fission flare-ups, as I’ve speculated about before, and RT once even reported??? – See (Nov. 20, 2015) Debunking the ‘Impossibility’ of Ongoing Criticalities at Fukushima-Daiichi; (June 4, 2016) Anatomy of a Serbian Data Gap + RT: Fukushima Still Fissioning! and (May 29, 2015) Land of the Sinking Sun…, among others.)   Was a nuclear bomb test conducted somewhere, and -“Where are they when we need them?”- somehow the CTBTO/IAEA folks are in on it and sticking to strict secrecy?   Maybe a dirty bomb was set off somewhere and the same nuclear-news-controllers chose to keep under wraps?   ALL possibilities are disconcerting.

It’s a little hard to just say, “Ah, maybe it’s nothing…”, ’cause gamma monitors aren’t particularly sensitive to artificial fallout in the first place.  (Because Radon progeny emits strong gamma in its first 24 hours, gamma upticks from natural sources can make upticks from artificial radionuclides hard to discern.)   And while that (and everything else for that matter) could be dismissed as just my amateur opinion (see my DISCLAIMER), I’d say there are clues, though:  If what the monitors would measure were entirely due to radionuclides of natural origins, no one would have any incentive to manipulate the data…  The nuclear industry has enormous incentive to hide the truth of its polluting nature and the consequences thereof.    Hence all the various radiation data “phenomena”, such as times values mysteriously drop to zero, or are strangely lower-than-average, baseline shifts that suggest data processing changes, “ninja dots”, “glitch dots”,… and probably the best/worst of ’em all, the data gap, are worthy of scrutiny.   Patterns often appear when you string multiple months together and look closely.   In this case, like in various other cases over the past few years, it’s too widespread to blame it on mere local rainouts.

Couple more examples, starting with 2 x 3-months, and then a series of 6-month graphs.

  • Leeming, UK, 3 months:  a ninja dot pair at the end of June, followed by an apparent baseline adjustment, with more ninjas and a nice example of lower-values- than-normal ‘fallout pattern’ this past week:

Leeming_UK_3mo_July21_2017 copy

-> For another telling example of such a ‘fallout pattern’, see for example early May 2016 @ Hertmoncieux, England, preceding another data gap, in the wake of the (also unresolved mysterious) Spring / April Event 2016‘.

  • Kotka, FInland, 3 months

Kotka_Finland_3mo_July21_2017 copy

—– —— —-

The next two 6-month graphs are what the headline refers to:  Through a series of baseline adjustments, ‘steps’ appear.  It has a couple consequences, the main one is that new data cannot be accurately compared to older data.  I suspect it hides what would otherwise show as highly unusual spikes.   Also note the data gaps, and see how similar shifts happened at monitors hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles apart (also the the US Radnet data, such as Western US, EPA Radnet (Checked July 18, 2017) and earlier blogposts):

Riga – Daugava, Latvia, 6 months:

Riga_Dugava_Latvia_3mo_April21_2017 copyRiga_Dugava_Latvia_3mo_July21_2017 copy

  • Lublin, Poland, 6 months:

Lublin_Poland_3mo_April21_2017 copyLublin_Poland_3mo_July21_2017 copy

  • Lahnstein, Germany, 6 months

Note that on extreme zoom-in, some monitors show data in stratified data layers too.  Yet, interstingly, in this case that doesn’t hold for values under 100 nSV/hr here (more random pattern):

Lahnstein_Germany_3mo_April21_2017 copyLahnstein_Germany_3mo_July21_2017 copy

  • Muelheim-Kaerlich, Germany, 6 months:

Muelheim_Kaerlich_Germany_3mo_April21_2017 copyMuelheim_Kaerlich_Germany_3mo_July21_2017 copy

Consthum, Luxembourg, 6 months:

Consthum_Luxembourg_3mo_April21_2017 copyConsthum_Luxembourg_3mo_July21_2017 copy

  • Kirikkale, Turkey, 6 months:

Kirikkale_Turkey_3mo_April21_2017 copyKirikkale_Turkey_3mo_July21_2017 copy

Know what’s up?  Drop me a comment.  (Just curious)


—– —– —–    —– —– —–    —– —– —–

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Couple July 2017 SLV Photos

Couple views over the Northern San Luis Valley (SLV)

Southern Colorado, as seen from the Crestone-Baca, July 2017:


Difficult to photograph lightning with my (too automatic) mini pocket camera, it turned out…


 ;-) Most close-by lightning strikes turned out like this:


Or unfocussed far away (this one near Saguache):


Oh well.  Some awesome lightning storms so far! ;-)

Western Tanager, only here in summer:


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Couple EURDEPs, Couple Papers on Lightnings & Fallout

In addition to the couple blogposts from yesterday, here’s 3 more from the low lands, as another lightning show moved over the region…

SintJanInEremo_Belgium_3mo_July19_2017 copyGulpen_Netherlands_3mo_July19_2017 copyOostende_Belgie_3mo_July19_2017 copy

–> those lower-than-usual values, like just last week @ Oostende, Belgium, I’ve come to associate with fallout as much as unusual spikes, etc. as well. In yesterday’s Couple EURDEPs (w/ Cyprus I-131/Cs-137 data gap & spike)the most significant measurements were those of upticks in Iodine-131 and Cesium-137, following a data gap, @ Nicosia, Cyprus:

Nicosia_Cyprus_3mo_I131_Cs137_July18_2017 copy


Anyhow… speaking of thunderstorms, so far a lovely monsoon season here in Colorado, with tons of rainfall and sparks.  Past 24 hours North America:


LightningToGround_24hrs_July19_2017_2300pmMT copy.jpg
–>  Ground strikes can be followed @ https://www.lightningmaps.org/blitzortung/america/index.php?lang=en

http-:onlinelibrary.wiley.com:doi:10.1029:JD094iD11p13093:full copy

http-:onlinelibrary.wiley.com:doi:10.1029:JD092iD09p10996:full#references copy

That’s it for today.

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Western US, EPA Radnet (Checked July 18, 2017)

A Selection of western monitors on which it is apparent that since June, and for many monitors since sometime late April or mid-May, ‘something’ is showing up on the monitors, also in Europe (see previous bunch of EURDEP posts).   After some music from the Farao islands:

No further comments.  Just for the record:





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Couple EURDEPs (w/ Cyprus I-131/Cs-137 data gap & spike)

Just data, via EURDEP @ Online Radiation Monitors

Note the last week on this first 3-months graph-composite (Nicosia, Cyprus, I-131 & Cs-137), which strongly suggests that the weirdness in gamma monitoring land (more examples further below) is due, as suspected, to yet another widespread wave of radioactive fallout of manmade origins, from a fissioning source:

Nicosia_Cyprus_3mo_I131_Cs137_July18_2017 copy

If it were just a quasi-localized spike in Cesium-137, it would have had a chance to make the news, as then they can point at stored waste leaks, resuspension by forest fires, etc.  If it were “just Iodine-131”, they can play the “must be pharmaceutical” card.  If, however, they come in a group of those two or more radioisotopes, the media silence is generally deafening.  Most recent example of such silence was the mystery whiff  (Ru-103, Co-60, Nb-95, Cs-137&134,…) detected in mid-May (2017) in Southern Finland, about which not a word was heard outside this blog… Anyone’s guess what’s been hidden this past week by the data gap which preceded the uptick in both Iodine-131 and Cesium-137, (and likely others not tested for at that monitoring location…).

The data gap in T-GAMMA (bottom blue) is shorter than omitted period for T-BETA-ART (top black):

Nicosia_Cyprus_3mo_tBETAart_Tgamma_July18_2017 copy 2

Added: I-131, Cs-134 & Cs-137 @ Plzeo-Klatovska, Czech Republic, showing a fission whiff the week of June 18th (when brief data gaps occurred @ Nicosia’s monitor):


(h/t: F.o.t.h.)

All the other 3-month graphs, below, are just gamma radiation data, ending today on July 18, 2017 (or early July 19 in Europe) showing T-GAMMA (y-axis adjusted to show more detail), all via EURDEP:

A selection for your own discernment:

Gagarin_RussianFederation_3mo_July18_2017 copyOdiham_UK_3mo_July18_2017 copyVnajnarje_Slovenia_3mo_July18_2017 copyBrnik_Slovenia_3mo_July18_2017 copyObergurgl_Austria_3mo_July18_2017 copyTalayuela_Spain_3mo_July18_2017 copyHalsteren_Nederland_3mo_July18_2017 copyDomodossola_Italy_3mo_July18_2017 copyVolos_Greece_3mo_July18_2017 copySivas_Kangal_TS__Turkey_3mo_July18_2017 copy49.4N6.2E_France_3plusMO_July18_2017 copyIlsfeld_Germany_3mo_July18_2017 copyTHorneyIsland_UK)3mo_July18_2017 copyGlarusSMN_CH_3mo_July18_2017 copy

Interesting to see a significant data gap in Southern Greenland, following an apparent baseline shift the week before:

Qaqortoq_Greenland_3mo_July18_2017 copy

Just off the coast of Eastern Canada (new French monitor):

Miquelon_OffCanadianCoast_France_3mo_July18_2017 copy

For what it’s worth, if anything…

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Couple EURDEPs (3 months, July 16, 2017)

Budapest_VVR_Hungary_3m0_July16_2017 copy

Kirkkale_Turkey_3mo_July16_2017 copy

Premantura17_Croatia_3mo_July16_2017 copy

Some from the UK:

WarcopRange_UK_3mo_July16_2017 copy

-> clearly something’s up since at least late June…

IsleOfMan_IrishSea_3mo_July16_2017 copy

–> Same Isle of Man (Irish Sea) monitor showed a cluster of “ninja dots” (those values found between the predominant value lines) “oh-so-coincidentally” during the early March 2016 “Helsinki Garage Event“…

IsleOfMan_IrishSea_3mo_April16_2016 copy

But I digress. That’s só last year…

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