Couple RADMONs (June 19, 2018)

Ya Mon – via Online Radiation monitors, had a look at to see if any of the main fallout blips that were apparent on EURDEP’s Advanced Map would show up on any of the more rudimentary Geiger Counters plugged into this supposed ‘independent network’.  These are the ones I looked at, in no particular order, no way to adjust the y-axis, and sometimes the graph ends on a different day…:

  • Radiation monitor “Johndoe” at Linz, Austria:

Linz_Austria_3mo_Radmon_June19_2018 copy

  • Radiation monitor “nijiwar” at Haskovo, Bulgaria:

Haskovo_Bulgaria_1mo_Radmon_June19_2018 copy

  • Radiation monitor  “AtomicDave” at West Covina, Southern California:

WestCovina_California_1mo_Radmon_June13_2018 copy

  • Radiation monitor “Onions” at Northern New Mexico, USA:

Onions_NewMexico_USA_3mo_June19_2018 copy

  • Radiation monitor “kontiddin” at Bangkok, Thailand:

BangkokThailand_3mo_Radmon_June19_2018 copy

  • Radiation monitor “opengeigerde” at Stuttgart, Germany:

Stuttgart_Germany_3mo_radmon_June19_2018 copy

  • Radiation monitor “dolphin” at Eilat, Israel:

Eilat_Israel_1mo_Radmon_June19_2018 copy

  • Radiation monitor  “wrbishop” at Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA:

ColoradoSprings_3mo_Radmon_June19_2018 copy

  • Radiation monitor “mcmusic” at Kirchzarten, Germany:

    Kirchzarten_Germany_3mo_Radmon_June19_2018 copy

    It is what it is.   I’m unlikely to do these again, too annoying of an interface and I have to add too much to the screenshots, which makes it too time-consuming.


For what it’s worth, if anything.  
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Brave New EURDEP (+ Trump orders ‘Space Force’)

Alright… so, on Trump’s agenda are now also:  USA returns to the Moon, will put a man on Mars, and launches a (previously banned by international treaty) military Space Force to DOMINATE space… “very important”:

!-> June 18, 2018 via Golden State Times: President Donald Trump ORDERS the Pentagon to create ‘space force’ branch of military at Space Event:

Cooler moist gorgeous partially clouded day in the Rockies… – June 18, 2018

I mentioned it once awhile ago: a year ago the “New EURDEP” came online, @  In contrast with the “Advanced Map”, which I always used, it offers gamma dose averages of various monitors on a honey comb grid, like this:

BraveNewEurdep copy.jpg

You can still get the more interesting data of individual monitors, but only for the past 24 hours.  Given that during emergencies data delays of 24 hours and more are standard, you get the picture:  Same old, but worse.  The system is rigged in such a way that it’s useless when it could actually matter most.

For the historical data via this new interface, you now have to register… (Why on Earth they need the identities of data scrutinizing investigators is lost on me…)  

The easy graphing for 2 days, 1 week, 1 month was a feature of the advanced map.  Data is apparently still flowing, just not to the advanced interface now.  Could be a technical glitch.  8 days now…, and I’ll stop counting shortly.   Could be the future having arrived, given it is pretty clear that they consider this new map superior.  From a deception objective, it is.  While it was already a borderline ridiculous endeavor to comb through the data before, just like at FANC in Belgium, the designers of these new interfaces seem to try to just about anything they can come up with to make the kind of detail-oriented data scrutinizing I was doing so much more time consuming that it becomes ‘practically impossible’ to get anywhere.

They left us with a 1 year transition, during which massive cover-ups were pulled off successfully.  No newspaper ever redacted their “Ru-106 ONLY” bs story, for instance.  Record Cesium-137 spikes in Estonia and Czech Republic, prolonged Cobalt-60 detections, extended data gaps, entire countries (Sweden, Lithuania,…) going off-line; possible links with an extreme flu season,…  ALL OF IT remained far away from mainstream and popular news sources, algorhythmically quarantined to blogs like this one.  Guess I’m part of the backbone of the decentralized gulag now.  Free to yell all I’ve seen to fellow inmates… Free to go where I wish, free to say whatever I want…

‘Freedom of Speech’ …reduced to an Orwellian DoubleSpeak totalitarian inside joke.

The changes they made are utter bullshit:   Let’s say you have 10 monitors in one averaging area…  (Or the area of Belgium: 239 monitors in that 1 hexagon grid…)   As I’ve documented a-plenty, most monitors are set to slightly different decay energies, and calibrated uniquely as well.  Fallout will induce a variety of effects:  lower values, zero values, negative values even, as well as isolated super-high values, disturbances with more high and more low but averaging the same, and – of course – the notorious data gaps when some algorythms just switches the data flow off from public scrutiny.  All averaging does is further obscure the actual effects of ionizing particles on electronic measuring equipment.  A baseline shift can be one of our best clues that something changed: they change the calibration or sensitivity to different gamma decay energy ranges to hide what would otherwise show up.  When you average, all you need is two monitors baseline-shifting slightly differently, or a spike combined with a lower value, to  hide a shift.  And if no one notices within 24 hours, and pulling up older data now requires registration…  To keep an eye on the fallout scene would now require checking every monitor every 24 hours, and keeping track so as to have a chance to see shifts that are often only visible over longer time frames.  In short: not feasible anymore. From a perception management objective, you can easily see how ‘superior’ this new system is…

So perhaps this is the last time I say it, bit with a smirk on my face, a mixture of defiance, indifference and wish I was at least half-joking:

It’s over.

For a chronological listing of nuclear-topic related posts, see my Nuclear Blogpost Archive.   It’s been a ride…


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The Final EURDEPs?

Thunderstorm with much-need rain :-) Sunday June 17, 2018

 Under Black Helmet – Lost Signal (Code Is Law)

Almost every time that I “neutralize” my own blog, in hindsight I did this right during a major radioactive fallout event.  It’s a bit curious how the ‘heightening energy’ affects me, and why I find it helpful during such times to seal off this channel of expression, go into some kind of isolation mode, simmering in the darkness of this weird time period we’re in…

The source of the recent fallout waves remains a mystery to me.  Established media outlets have all remained completely silent on the detections.  The most striking piece was the massive Cesium-137 spike in Czech Republic  at the onset of June 2018 (mentioned with data details a few posts back):

EeskeBudijovice_U_Nemocnice_CzechRepublic_3mo_June10_2018 copy

A composite of some Cs-137, Be-7 and Pb-210 data of 2 months prior to June 10th, since when all Europe’s radiation data has been kept from the public.

How unusual is that concentration?

2,000,000 Bq/m3 Cs-137 in Czech Republic the other week compares to the record detection after Fukushima of 35 Bq/m3 on Malta in spring 2011, and the Estonia spike of 8 Bq/m3 at the end of Sept. 2017 (right during the “ruthenium-106-only cloud” bs-news circus); and that “garage waste package” in Helsinki, Finland in spring 2016, which peaked at around 0.004 Bq/m3 and which received lots of attention as “the largest detection since Chernobyl”. The two more recent & astronomically múch larger concentrations didn’t receive any media attention whatsoever.

Now, I doubt the leak was Czech in origin.  For one, unless it came with a press narrative, I doubt the data would have been made public at all if the source was right there.   Secondly, the data gaps and fallout signatures are way too erratic.   Like after Fukushima, the highest concentration of Cs-137 back then was found in an air sample on the isle of Malta.  It would be just as ridiculous to suspect a meltdown “somewhere in the Mediterranean” back then.

Take just a few gamma graphs from the UK, for instance.  That ‘something they don’t want us to see’ moved over the British Isles is clear, but note the timing differences:

StMawgaw_UK_3mo_June10_2018 copyCarmoney_UK_3mo_June10_2018 copyLiscombe_UK_3mo_June10_2018 copy

Now, check this one out: a monitor on tiny Portuguese island off the Atlantic coast off equatorial central Africa:

Fratel_Sara_Portugal_offEquatorialAfricaAtlanticSide_3mo_June10_2018 copy


MalinHead_Ireland_3mo_June10_2018 copy

Basically, in the US there’s so few monitors, and they have so many data gaps, the network is almost useless in this condition, at least for trying to pinpoint a source.  Repeating 3 US EPA Radnet graphs that show ‘something’ changed in early May:


Prior to June 10, Europe at least had 4200 monitors…  We can find widespread spikes at the end of April – see previous handful of blogposts – (so widespread and upwind that I also have reservations about this having been due to a (possibly downplayed?) leak at Doel NPP in Belgium), but it appears the bulk of the fallout wave came two weeks later, which might mean it had already traveled around the globe at least once.   This hot stuff tend to fly stratospheric-high and takes its time reaching the ground.  So unless you’re within the 20 to 100 miles radius zone around a spewing reactor site, for amateur laymen like myself, it’s going to be very difficult to figure out WHERE exactly the leak is.

Now… with all of EURDEP down, what does the Belgian FANC site actually show for data…?

How about that:

How fuckingCOnvenient_screenshotJune17_2018 copy

Translation from Dutch:

“Due to a maintenance of the IMR stations (TELERAD station near the fences of nuclear sites), some values are not available on the website until the beginning of August. To ensure the continuity of the monitoring of the territory, mobile measuring stations have been placed next to the temporarily unavailable stations. However, the values of these mobile stations are not published on the website.

SLow copy

Kan het nog trager?

That’s an example of what I would sarcastically call, “how convenient for them…”  Used also just open right away, without this ridiculous download/opening delay, and now you can only view 1 day at a time, clearly to make it even slower to sort through the data… ;-/  Why is practically every change they make to these data sites a step backwards?   There is data, but it’s designed to be surreal time-consuming to assemble a month’s data, and there is nothing on the map that suggests standard deviations.  Nothing.  So you’d have to check everything to even potentially discover something unusual.  Really not practical.  Basically they’ve made what was already a bad interface so bad “even I” don’t want to even bother with it.


How about the best interface for radioisotope-specifics, the Swiss?  Oh no… they re-configured their addresses, so my links no longer work… ;-/

SwissPoof copy

Have to go via the map now…  Nice.  Still as good as it was.  Nothing abnormal to be seen.

Though this, annotated screenshot below, is a nice addition (via ) that goes well with last year’s posts:

Pointing that out had ZERO effect of media reporting.  They stuck with a narrative only held together by major omissions.

Cadenazzo_I131_aroundthe Oct2017Ru106cloud copy

Guess that too will remain one of the many nuclear fallout mysteries documented here like nowhere else…

The recent May 27th, 2018 “fallout signal”, by the way even shows up, albeit very slightly only, in French Guyana in the north of South America:

ChartImg-38.axd copy


ChartImg-36.axd copy

Eastern Mediterranean:

Nicosia_Cyprus_3mo_June10_2018 copy

In Finland (with Cobalt-60 detected at two locations)

Helsinki_Finland_3mo_June10_2018 copy

Even the tiniest hint in the Arctic Circle:

LongYearByen_ArcticNorway_3mo_June10_2018 copy


EURDEP has not shared any data in what is now over a week.  Maybe that was it.  That would be kinda nice for me, actually.  No matter how often I intent to quit looking at this data, curiosity generally gets the upper hand.

If there’s really no more data… ;-D   I guess it’s time for me to go exploring that blissful ignorance people are raving about. 


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Ac-225 & Ac-227 also included in recent Fallout cloud

My fading in and out of blogposts, the static, the vanishing of all shared data, all of it is part of ‘the art installation’ through time that this blog is.

A news snippet:   (H/T: ) copy

Little music for the ride:

Vitalic – Voyager, such a great album:

Most countries don’t bother, unless it is decided that an accident will be admitted to, and then, and only then, additional testing is done.  Of the regular testers, 21 out of 23 EURDEP monitoring sites detected Cesium-137 this past month, with a massive spike recorded in southern Czech Republic (see previous posts).

Cs137_1month_June10_2018 copy

We now know that this has been going on for some time, with recent peaking periods centered over April 29th, May 27th and June 3rd, among other less widespread ones.  Then, after very widespread intensifying ‘fallout patterns’, deafening data silence since June 10th.

Aside from surreal concentrations of Cesium-137, there were also present in this fallout cloud of recent:  I-131 (recent fission -> so, not forest fires related), Co-60, Na-22, Be-7 (all three neutron activation products), and Ac-225 & Ac-227.

  • Kajaani, Finland: Ac-225 & Ac-227:

Kajaani_Finland_Ac225_Ac227_1mo_details_June10_2018 copy

  • Kajaani, Finland: Cs-137 & Na-22:

Kajaani_Finland_Cs137_Na22_3mo_June10_2018 copy

  • Kotka, Finland: Co-60 & Cs-134:

KOTKA_FINLAND_C060_Cs134_3mo_June10_2018 copy

SIX detections of Cobalt-60 since mid-April.  Unprecedented in EURDEP history.

  • Imatra, Finland: Cs-137 & Na-22:

Imatra_Finland_Cs137_Na22_3mo_June10_2018 copy

  • Kuopio, Finland: Cs-137 & I-131

Kuopio_Finland_Cs137_I131_3mo_June10_2018 copy

The mixture (with mostly radioCesium, only traces of Iodine-131, and the occasional weird traces of Ac-225, Ac-227, Th-231, Nb-95 and especially the continued Cobalt-60 detections, as well the extremely widespread fallout signatures striking monitors near-simultaneously over vast distances… has me wondering if it’s still coming from Fukushima.  Or if other serious meltdown accidents are far more common than admitted to.  The media silence in this matter remains telling in and of itself as well.

Not sure what else to add to this…

A Sigh For The Books, Algorythmically Rendered Irrelevant…


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(Static sound… Losing the signal from the free world…)


ALL of Europe’s public radiation monitors have gone silent since June 10, 2018…

Alright, it took 3 days to get ***1 view*** from Czech Republic.  #delighted.  I’ll trust whoever that was will take it from there and soon investigative journalists will do their job and we’ll read about the source(s) of all this radioactive fallout of late.   Awesome.  My job is done. Back to just nature photos.

All must be dandy out there. After all, Europe merely turned off all its 4200 monitors shortly after the highest fallout detection in its history was posted from a Czech air sampling monitor (2 million Bq of Cs-137 in a cubic meter of sampled air)  in what is now its longest network-wide “data gap” on record.


Something worthy of silent awe…


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Couple EURDEPs


…from an Uncredentialed Nuclear Nobody

Purely for your entertainment.

Colorado Rocky Mountains – See also my very entertaining DISCLAIMERJune 14, 2018


Smoke from massive (20,000+ acres) forest fires just north of Durango, Colorado drifting over the northern San Luis Valley, Photo: June 10, 2018.

Another “telling thing” is that I can literally send tweets like these into the ether:

TweetlyDeeTweetlyDoo_June2018 copy

…and   n o t h i n g.  [Crickets…]

I can add a link to my blog and note zero views referred from Twitter.  “How about that?”  Same old same old.

Something major happened somewhere though.  Again.  And again no media attention.  The nuclear cartel sure has its grip on the media…  Impressive. Equally impressive, though, or a bit weird perhaps, is that we still have access to tiny blips of data.  Just enough to suggest “something big and bad happened somewhere,” but not enough to figure out what and WHERE.

The timing appears to be at the end of April, maybe onset of May (2018), with several points in time seemingly moving HEMISPHERE WIDE.   Whatever this is/was, it must be enormous.   There was something at the Doel NPP in Belgium right then. Maybe the folks in the know are scared?  Or maybe this poisoning/eugenics program was the point all along…  Anyhow…  If they’ll come forward with a contamination narrative it will almost certainly be in the form of a (extremely well staged, gladio-style) “terrorist attack”.  They’ve primed the population for that over the years.  Belgium can take it.   So maybe it’s not Belgium?  Or was the script writer on vacation that week so they opted for silence?  Anyways, a couple folks are ‘really sad’ that I took 1000+ blogposts with data down.

(If you think that’s permanent, you’re not quite grasping the art medium you’re visiting here.  I’m “making the point” that all we know about the past may vanish in the blink of an eye, with those aiming to steer the narratives deciding what stays, what morphs into what, how aspects are spun or omitted, etc.  In other words, if you really think it’s that important, print it out and hide it in a time capsule to fuck with the established narrative of the 22nd century.  Or something.)

Hope the below cheers ’em up.

So, below, is one chewy data bone to the truth-hungry wolves among us.  “Enjoy ;-)”

Note: In no particular order.  Interpret at your own risk.  Data not per se validated by data providers, y-axis adjusted to show more detail, spring snow melt can show as dose increases due to less ground shielding; extremely high as well as lower-than-usual and zero values may be effects of ionizing particles on measuring equipment.  I’m offering these 3-month composites for the few folks out there sleuthing towards identifying the spewing source(s).  I suggest expert teams to go take samples outside suspect location (though careful in Belgium, security has been taken over by the military there), perhaps start with the waste processing site of Le Havre, France, swing by Doel NPP by the beautiful city of Antwerp, head to the research facility of SCK in Mol, and if nothing shows up, perhaps go check on a couple NPPs in Sweden & Lithuania, among other possibilities.   Could be a fun trip if you have the resources… Nevermind.

  • EURDEP, gamma, 3 months:

Jersey_UK_3mo_June14_2018 copySaalfelden_Austria_3mo_June14_2018 copyPadasjoki_FInland_3mo_June14_2018 copyVelykyiBereznyi_Ukraine_3mo_June14_2018 copyKitzbuhel_Austria_3mo_June14_2018 copyPaks_G5_Hungary_3mo_June14_2018 copyKirchheim_Germany_3mo_June14_2018 copyLendava_Slovenia_3mo_June14_2018 copyStornoWay_UK__3mo_June14_2018 copyMarktheidenfeld_Germany_3mo_June14_2018 copyPonferrada_Spain_3mo_June14_2018 copyPraha_CZ_3mo_June14_2018 copyNicosia_Cyprus__3mo_June14_2018 copySnovsk_Ukraine_3mo_June14_2018 copyTulcea_Romania_3mo_June14_2018 copyBraganca_Portugal_3mo_June14_2018 copyNearLeHavre_France_3mo_June14_2018 copyStropkov_Slovakia_3mo_June14_2018 copyTarifa_SPain_3mo_June14_2018 copyVinje_Norway_3mo_June14_2018 copyChania_Greece_3mo_June14_2018 copyGdynia_Poland__3mo_June14_2018 copyMol_SLuis_Belgium_3mo_June14_2018 copyRaufarHofn_Iceland_3mo_June14_2018 copyKneja_Bulgaria_3mo_June14_2018 copyOzerki_Russia_3mo_June14_2018 copyVenray_Nederland__3mo_June14_2018 copyVinc_Serbia_3mo_June14_2018 copyDundalk_Ireland_3mo_June14_2018 copyNeuschonau_OT_Waldhauser_Germany_3mo_June14_2018 copySatuMare_Romania__3mo_June14_2018 copyVirton_Belgium_3mo_June14_2018 copyLublin_Poland_3mo_June14_2018 copy

And here’s the time the Swedish network was turned off:

Ritsem_Sweden_3mo_June14_2018 copy

Gavle_Sweden_3mo_June14_2018 copy


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Czech Meltdown?

[a short signal escapes this Blog’s *Radio Silence*…]

DISCLAIMER — Early morning in Europe, June 13, 2018

In a not so distant past this could have been a “Red Alert” blogpost.  I would have brewed a pot of coffee around sunset and kept going till sunrise or so… Massive data, wind maps,…   I’ll keep it simple and short this time.  I do not expect the mainstream (or even controlled opposition “alternative”) media to report on nuclear power plants melting down or blowing up anymore, unless it somehow serves their narrative or hope to remain at least marginally relevant.  They’ve skipped the last couple rounds, why would this one be different?

– So…. this is just a quick note – “for your entertainment”

!-> An air sample taken June 1-6, 2018 in the south of Czech Republic @ ÈESKÉ BUDÌJOVICE – U NEMOCNICE (close to Austria) showed a insane spike of 2,000,000 Bq/m3 of Cesium-137.

Cs-137 & Na-22:

ÈESKÉ BUDÌJOVICE - U NEMOCNICE_Czechrepublic_Cs137_Na22_1m0_details_June13_2018 copy

What ever caused this radioactivity release, it must be huge.

If true, it would be the highest on record for Europe, ever -think possibly Chernobyl-level severe-, indicative of something extremely serious having occurred at a nuclear facility ‘somewhere’…  I do not know where.  I will not even try to figure it out.  Does not need to be Czech Republic.  Could be Sweden or Lithuania for all I care.  “France, Belgium,… Who cares?  Anyhow…

!-> Although the data was left ‘non-validated’ (NV – aka ‘leaving room for official denial’), it coincided with to-be-expected-if-valid upticks of Pb-210, and activation products Na-22 and Be-7.

Pb-210 & Be-7:

ÈESKÉ BUDÌJOVICE - U NEMOCNICE_Czechrepublic_Pb210_Be7_1mo_details_June13_2018 copy

!-> Adding to the unlikelihood of this non-validated “crazy signal in the noise” being a mere glitch: further east, close to where Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia meet, @ OSTRAVA – SYLLABOVA, Cz., an air sample during a partially overlapping sampling period showed a remarkable (also non-validated) uptick of Cesium-134 and Iodine-131 (albeit with nothing unusual for Cs-137, Be-7 or Pb-210 there during the past few weeks).   Here’s those:

Cs-134 & I-131:

Ostrava_Syllabova_CzechRepublic_Cs134_I131_1mo_details_June13_2018 copy

In addition, it turns out that shortly after those measurements in Czech Republic were posted, no new air sample data was shared… and…

!–>  …by 4:00 am GMT on June 10th, which at time of posting this means the “data gap” surpasses well over 48 hours, the European Radiation Data Exchange Platform (EURDEP – via switched off all data flow from ALL its thousands of radiation monitors (or “delayed” as they would claim, though data gaps are rarely filled in…), an apparent deception trick (of the ‘nothing to see here’ variety) thís long and widespread… has, as far as I recall, not been seen since spring 2011…

Couple more (both radioisotope-specific & gamma – note the y-axis details) graphs (one month only, as my browser crashed “for some inexplicable reason” and this suffices as ‘a blip’…) – note correlations in upticks and data gaps – There’s a possibility that the mega-whiff that reached ground level in Eastern Europe came from far away, from a release possibly even weeks earlier – Impossible to figure out with public data censored just enough to make it practically impossible for us lay folks to sleuth our way to the spewing source…:

ChartImg-4.axd copyChartImg-3.axd copyChartImg-1.axd copyChartImg-12.axd copy

ChartImg-13.axd copyChartImg-10.axd copyChartImg-2.axd copyChartImg.axd copyUntitled copyChartImg-7.axd copyChartImg-8.axd copyChartImg-6.axd copyChartImg-5.axd copy

Couple from in the USA – Same deal: not enough non-data-gapping monitors to tell us anything…


Something at the very end of April on the US East coast cannot be ruled out either, nor that the North Korean test site collapse in Sept. 2017 sent out a surreal amount of fallout that is still effecting monitors in extremely erratic/unpredictable ways…



Do not pay attention to this message.

Don’t bother alerting journalists.

Instead, try hypnotizing yourself with ‘All is Well‘ mantras.

—  The fallout-bombing of the biosphere will continue indefinitely

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