50,000 Demand Closure of Microcracked Nuclear Reactors, some EURDEP, Etc.

June 26, 2017

A friend sent me this (unrelated to what’s further below), will watch it next:

Couple nuclear news snippets…:

Cool to see some 50,000 people come out to demand the closure of Belgium’s micro-cracked nuclear reactors @ Doel & Tihange:  https://www.rt.com/news/394055-belgium-human-chain-nuclear-protest/

https-:www.rt.com:news:394055-belgium-human-chain-nuclear-protest: copy.jpg

Would be much cooler if they actually shut those plants down and invested massively in clean energies (tidal, stream turbines, solar, “zero point” resonance over-unity stuff, etc.)

Over the years I’ve touched on the issues with those reactors in posts such as:

h/t RT (https://www.rt.com/search?q=nuclear, screenshot):

June26_2017_RTnuclearNews copy

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TemelinNPP copy

@ Czech Republic’s Temelin Nuclear Waste Production facility…

That first one, though… Damn.  Kinda funny… A Bikini contest to get an internship at a Czech nuclear power plant?  “How can we make this hellhole any hotter?”  Must be some twisted nuclear industry inside joke…

…as Bikini, one of several Pacific islands ruined by nuclear bomb tests, was chosen as the name for this sexy piece of clothing, to link ‘horrendous nuclear crimes‘ with ‘sexy‘… How luciferian of them…  Guess they still can’t help it…


Bikini, 1954…

—- —– —-

Anyhow, not much new to report from the online radiation data landscape…

3 x 3-month EURDEP graphs from Europe:

Kecskemet_Hungary_3mo_June26_2017 copyFINO2_Germany_3mo_June26_2017 copyKefalonia_Greece_3mo_June26_2017 copy

And one from Erdogan’s fiefdom:

BursaOrhaneliTS_Ottomania_3mo_June26_2017 copy

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Commercial break (for a freak’n flashlight!… LOL):

Though, to enjoy the humor in fear-mongering, I like to have two tabs with YouTube on, with the other tab playing a sci-fi soundtrack like this, for example:

—– —- –hehe– —- —–

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Blip… (Bit of EURDEP & Radnet; Music, Temps, Lightnings, Fires,…)

June 21, 2017 – Summer is here.

Blogpost soundtrack: “…the writing’s on the wall…”

Music videos, sprinkled with a couple EURDEP 3-month graphs on top, and 4-month Radnet graphs after.  All sources listed @ https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/radioactivity/current-radiation-levels-monitors

Nice example of what I call a baseline shift in April and zero values flanking a data gap in this one in Austria:

Oberneukirchen_Austria_3mo_June21_2017 copy

Last 3 months @ #17 Premantura, Croatia:

Premantura17_Croatia_3mo_June21_2017 copy

The 3 months before, including that period that Iodine-131 was detected across Europe: data gap with erratic “glitch dots” of the not-so-high kind:

Premantura17_Croatia_3mo_March21_2017 copy

I like the look without the polyline setting, hints a bit of particles suspended in the air… ;-)  Same period:

Premantura17_Croatia_3mo_March21_withoutPolyline_2017 copy

A selection of US EPA total-gamma Radnet graphs, see below music…

In no particular order:

albuquerque-gammasumpierre-gammasumhonolulu-gammasum copyyuma-gammasumcolumbia-gammasumanchorage-gammasumshreveport-gammasumcolumbia-gammasum-1jackson-gammasumst.louis-gammasumfortmadison-gammasumlittlerock-gammasumfresno-gammasumtampa-gammasumkalispell-gammasumboise-gammasumharrisonburg-gammasum

No comment.  Just “for the record”…

Snippets from weatherland:

SouthWest heatwave (SOURCE: https://graphical.weather.gov/sectors/conus.php) continues (110 F = 43.3 C):

June21_2017HOT copy

Lightning in “my extended region” (SOURCE: https://www.lightningmaps.org/blitzortung/america/index.php?lang=en

WedJune21_2017_130pm_24hrs copy.jpg

(Nothing new in the region as far as current wildfires goes, though the wind has blown some smoke from New Mexico this way.  (See latest @: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov )

That’s it for my break.  Back to some more ‘fire mitigation’ chainsawing… 

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Summer Solstice

June 20, 2017 — Today and tomorrow are the longest days and tonight is the shortest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.    The time [Mountain Time in Colorado] for this Summer Solstice will be @ 10:24pm tonight.

——— ——– ———

SolarEclipse_AUgust21_2017 copy.jpg


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Just Music

(Or close enough…)

… if anything…

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Small EarthQuake @ Trinidad, Colorado

“Local News” — Pretty close to the area I’m in:

3.9M_Trinidad_Colorado_June17_2017 copy.jpg

Not much earthquake activity in Colorado, but so apparently there was a magnitude 3.9 near Trinidad, close to the New Mexico border yesterday, June 17, 2017.  Source: https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/

(I stumbled upon that when I wanted to see more about the 4.0 quake that caused a tsunami in northwest Greenland.  (It doesn’t show on the USGS map, which only shows quakes over 4.5 outside the US))

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Couple Radiation Graphs from EURDEP & RADNET (June 18, 2017) [+ videos]

Sangre de Cristo wilderness, Southern Colorado – June 18, 2017

firemap_SW_June18_2017 copy

Wildfire Season has begun amidst a blistering Southwest heatwave.  See INCIWEB for latest.

Snippets from Radiation Land — Just a selection (‘Standard Deviation’ for T-GAMMA on EURDEP; and just monitors I checked and found share-worthy on Radnet’s overview map).  Sources used listed on Online Radiation Monitors.  Help with Counts Per Minute (CPM) microSievert/hour (µSv/hr), nanoSievert/hour (nSv/h), etc., see Radiation Units and Conversions.   Data was pulled on June 16 (first 2 graphs), June 17 (Radnet) and early June 18, 2017 (rest of EURDEP composite graphs).  In no particular order otherwise.

Azuaga_Spain_3mo_June17_2017 copyDoblice_Slovenia_3mo_June17_2017 copy

Note the recent baseline shifts, data gaps and spikes (on logarithmic scale):


Castelo_Branco_Spain_3mo_June18_2017 copy

ELvas_Portugal_3mo_June18_2017 copy

–> some of these spikes in Portugal are record-high (at least for the past several years, I didn’t browse through the complete record), which leaves me wondering if they’re related to the devastating forest fires raging there this week.

Vinca_Serbia_3mo_June18_2017 copy

And that’s it for snippets from radiation land today…

——– ——- —- ——- ——-

  • And in case you ever wondered why the government sponsored the switch to digital TV: 6,506,148:

  • “What you need to know about TARGETED INDIVIDUALS and ELECTRONIC WEAPONRY”:

—– […] —–

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Apparent Uptick in Cetacean Conjoined Twins

An article by John Albinson on CBS News, June 15, 2017,  “Fishermen catch extremely rare 2-headed porpoise in North Sea” mentioned a statistic that made me do a double-take:

http-:www.cbsnews.com:news:fishermen-catch-extremely-rare-two-headed-porpoise-in-north-sea: copy

Reported in The Netherlands in articles like, June 7’s “Siamese bruinvistweeling opgevist uit de Noordzee“, mentioned the discovery was from a week before that report.

Nine other, so 10 total, of cases of conjoined twinning in whales, porpoises and dolphins, worldwide in the known history of this world.  Just ten in however many centuries, as of mid-June 2017.    I find that striking, because…

Around June 1, 2017: Conjoinded twin Porpoises, off Dutch Coast, North Sea (see above).  Many of us will recall the January 5, 2014: Conjoined twin Grey Whales, Baja California, Mexico, Pacific Ocean (“could be first case for this species” – See National Geographic, Jan. 10, 2014), as well as the August 14, 2014  National Geographic report, “A dead two-headed dolphin that washed ashore in Turkey earlier this week ” (“only the third that is known to have lived beyond the fetal stage,”

The last article also mentioned: “the fetal abnormality is extremely rare in wild mammals:   Between 1671 and 2006 there were only 19 recorded cases.”  335 years of observations…   (That’s an average of one case every 17 and a half years, or roughly just over a case for two decades, including both land and sea mammals.  From the two statistics combined, it can be deduced that of the 19 cases of ‘mammals’, a maximum of 7 were cetaceans.  In other words: the average frequency of a conjoined twins in all species of dolphins, whales and porpoises is less than one such a discovery every 47 years.  Just over two per century basically.

Though I know that technically you can’t take such short periods to compare averages, it is still striking to suddenly go from 2 per century to “an average of 1 per year” (2 in 2014, 1 in 2017), and all in the Northern Hemisphere too.  That leaves me to wonder if ‘something’ happened that makes such unusual genetic mutations occur just slightly more frequently?  [sarc.]


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