April 22, 2015 Photos /// [Relapse – Slip #1]

Blog posts related to Fukushima, Hanford, Zaporizhia, etc., see my Nuclear Blog Post Archive.   Although I stated, “Till I am housed…  until thén, there will be nothing added to this blog” … Well…  I guess this is “Relapse / Slip #1.”   Just photos:

The following photos were taken in the Northern San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado, on Wednesday, April 22, 2015. (Scroll down for Owl):

DSCN2976On the far left on the above view of the Northern Sangre de Cristo mountain range, I saw a very brief but very bright light, as if it beamed out of the mountain, roughly in the area circled below (some time between 4:30 and 5 pm).  No idea what that was…   It was not a reflection and much brighter, coming from a very specific location around there somewhere:DSCN2975For something more in that vein of observations, see also my (May 12, 2012) blog post, “From ‘Human Planet’ Photos, to the Altai Mountains, to that 1927 Koko Nor’s UFO Sighting,…

The occasional returns of the dusty windy season have luckily been brief thanks to welcome precipitation.

DSCN2980 DSCN2983 Signs of spring:DSCN2985

Saw two beautiful owls…:

DSCN2949Also saw a grey fox (with a big fluffy back-tipped tail ;-) ) really up close, as it walked by me within perhaps no more than two meters, the other day as well. ;-)  But it ran off when I reached for my camera.  Blurry; Darn.   Oh well…

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*** April 19, 2015 = 20 years in the USA ***

BlogStaticScreenTill the roof goes up… Till the hot water flows…  Till I am housed…  until thén, there will be nothing added to this blog.  (See previous blog posts for context.)   Thanks for understanding.  Resources can be found in the top banner tabs.

Enjoy exploring past nuclear-topic blog posts.


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I’ll be back.


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Spring Snow PHOTOS. And Why I’m Taking a Break from (Nuclear) Blogging

It’s not because I won’t be writing on the topic for awhile, that I’m “going to sleep”…

In red: the logo for TEPCO, the Tokyo Electric Power Company, which caused the ongoing far-from-being-under-control Fukushima nuclear catastrophe.  By now Fukushima has released more than 20,000 times the Strontium-90 fallout equivalent of the Nagasaki  atom bomb.  Click image for details.

'Amrita' 40

AMRITA‘, Acrylic on Canvas, by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2013 – All Rights Reserved.  Click image for painting’s own blog post.

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(Colorado high mountains)

Friday April 17, 2015 – Crestone, Colorado (USA) —

The weather forecast was spot-on, flickering lights and all.  Crestone got over 2 inches of refreshing spring snow! :-D !  Awesome.  All the dust is down, for now, and more snow higher up is always good for the summer water situation.  I love winter weather way more than the dusty windy season. (May is often nice, then comes ‘mosquito season’ and mid-July it turns nicer again, too.)  Anyways, this snow is a very welcome reprieve from the dusty winds.

One of the errands in Salida yesterday was picking up my camera.  I had apparently forgotten that I had plugged in in some outlet somewhere and left without it.  I had been wondering where it was.  I was stoked to get a phone call that it had been found in Salida.  (The couple photos in yesterday’s blog post were on it.)

These photos below are from my drive back (Salida to Crestone) and this morning in Crestone.

Traffic lights, like asphalted roads, power lines, cell phone reception, escalators, etc. is an ‘indicator species‘ of the encroachement of the Technosphere.  The tiny town of Poncha Springs, in the Arkansas River watershed just over Poncha Pass (elevation 9,010 ft. / 2,745 m), has the nearest traffic light to the north, 52 miles from Crestone:


An indicator specie of the technosphere…


Asphalt, an other indicator species of the technosphere…

Near Poncha Pass.  More snow on the way, but much of Thursday’s snow had already melted on the south side of Poncha Pass by Friday afternoon: DSCN2872 Awesome cloud dynamics over the northern Sangre de Cristo mountains: DSCN2906 DSCN2894 Approaching Crestone: DSCN2917 I love how beautiful it is here… DSCN2922 DSCN2931

Feeling better already.  And, to top, a friend offered me a spare room in her house for the next few days.  :-)  !  On the upswing…

Before I went to sleep, I had a quick peek at my email, read and approved all comments on the other day’s blog post, Just Another Spring Day, Staring into Space…,

Then I swung by (nuclear news aggregator) ENEnews.com, where I noticed a surprising large number and véry kind comments on my announcement to go for the so-many’th attempt to quit blogging about nuclear stuff:


Much appreciated.   Stock’s comment lead me to listen to Pink Floyd…  Thanks, man. ;-)


Click image to listen to it on YouTube  @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NavVfpp-1L4

“... Did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts? Hot ashes for trees? Hot air for a cool breeze? Cold comfort for change? Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?

Trees, cool breezes, yes.  Lead role in a cage, not so much. ;-)   Yes: It’s intended to be a break, but I’m leaving it open.   I don’t actually know what’s next…

Actually:  I do know this much:

A home base, that’s what’s next.

After years of fairly aimlessly wandering (and often feeling rather lost along the way), my sense is that I would be able to take my current meditative and investigative journey much further within a structured format (including a literal structure, aka a small house), and that this might be 1) much more sustainable for myself, especially psychologically and financially in the long run, and 2) more helpful for others, too.  Bottom line is that homelessness has utterly exhausted me psychologically.   I aim to turn my life around.

When I actually live some PLACE, my gut feeling is that I would be able to get a lot more done, including holding a job (really hard when you can’t go home afterwards, shower and relax…), start and finish more PAINTINGS perhaps, and – who knows – maybe even have better blog posts.  To get from ‘here’ to ‘there’, however, demands of me that I put researching and blogging on hold, to free up the (bordering on surreal) amount of time I spent online, so as to overcome the challenges at hand in a timely fashion.  Six months till winter starts back up!

Some deep beckoning has often called me back to the weird intense energy vortex of this very unique alpine region by Crestone, Colorado…  for more deep inner work.

Here’s an article about this place from The New York Times, (Jan. 11, 2008): “For Many a Follower, Sacred Ground in Colorado.”  For what it’s worth… )  ;-)

Energetically there’s some overlap with the Ancient Redwood Forest, which I spent a lot of time in as well, in the sense that it is not that comfortable of a place to hang out in for more than a few weeks.  (especially when sleepin inside hollow 2,000 year old trees.)   One is rather quickly tempted to resort to coping tools here, from distracting oneself through busy-ness, or “checking out” through spinning out mentally, or resorting to mind-altering substances that take the edge off, like alcohol or, far more effective to that end and increasingly popular, marijuana (which is legal in Colorado).

(After exploring my mind with or without pot, I swore off that comfort-inducing coping method in 2013 and haven’t touched it since.  I’m very glad people don’t end up in jails for merely liking a certain plant, but I wish people would use it medicinally  only, not “recreationally”.   (For what I háve found helpful on my own path, which -of course – does not per se apply to you -, see my blog post (Apr. 13, 2013), “Couple Notes on my Healing Journey in and out of PTSS / Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome“)

Why going silent now?

Besides needing the time to majorly shift my life around, there’s another aspect that continues to impact me:  The intense spiritual energies in this region were also a major part of my journey to Japan at the end of 2013(

Energy-cleansing Silver Sage smoke from high up in Northern Utah at the start of what turned out to become a most disorienting medicine-assisted shamanic session...  On the far left is the Yotsukara Port, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan (Nov 13, 2013)

Energy-cleansing Silver Sage smoke from high up in Northern Utah at the start of what turned out to become a most disorienting psychotropic-medicine-assisted shamanic session… On the far left is the Yotsukara Port, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan (Nov 13, 2013)

… Some experiences I had on that Japan trip are very much with me and continue to ask of me to remain fluidly on journey with it all:  being present to what arises.  And that includes listening to gut feelings.

Regarding gut feelings: this winter, for instance, I often felt that it would be best, that “Life requested of me” to spent hours and hours documenting radiation upticks, news snippets and oddly fitting rumors related to what was almost-certainly a cover-up of a large release of radioisotopes from Zaporizhia NPP in the Ukraine; or investigate the highly unusual massive radiation upticks across Europe that appeared to trace back all the way to Fukushima, Japan.   Not to mention the disturbing amount of data omissions in various data sets.  And so forth.  It’s felt right to spent my time with all that.  Now the feeling is to step back entirely.

I feel I am still a complete amateur with almost no formal training (a high school degree, does that count?), ;-) but I’ve learned some basic things along my path to better understand this issue.  This blog grew out of an attempt to share what I’m learning.

Of the more important findings (imo), I’ve done my best to explain how lack of knowledge about different types of doses is used to deceive, as well as how the standard comparison of radioactive fallout, such as of Cesium-137, to the radiation found in potassium-rich foods (with its inherent Potassium-40), like kelp or bananas, falls apart upon deeper investigation.   And that’s just super basic.  I stand by these blog posts.

Related to those intense energies that “urged me to go to Japan”, there’s a vast realm of interest and experience about which I have not said much:  the “shamanic dimensions” (by lack of better terminology) of the nuclear industry.  Mentioned something here, some more here, left some bread crumbs about non-linear time and such there, mentioned something about water here, and shortly after my visit (in Orwellian Japan 2013) pretty much felt -good intentions and vision aside- like I failed…, but on numerous occasions I stated that I intend to blog much more about all that when ready.   And I admit to myself now:  I no longer expect that to be any time soon.  The energies encountered where extremely intense.   I’m only at the very beginning of this inquiry.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”  

― Albert Einstein

I’ve barely been able to even express myself visually / artistically about it…  (The two below paintings of mine, ‘Prayers for Fukushima’ (2014) and ‘The Call to End the Nuclear Era’ (2014) were attempts to reflect upon some of the experiences…  Click on them for additional information.)  Although for the most part, I still draw a blank (I still don’t quite know how to talk about it), I suppose I can say some superficial things, though… 

PRAYERS FOR FUKUSHIMA Painting by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2014 - All Rights Reserved. 20

Painting by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2014 – All Rights Reserved.  20″ x 20″ (50.8 cm x 50.8 cm), acrylic on canvas.  CLICK IMAGE for its own blog post.

My “ceremonies” / “shamanic explorations” in Hiroshima,  Nagasaki and Kyoto that beautiful autumn had nothing directly to do with what’s going down in Fukushima, but everything with things I saw, “revelations” if you will, the visions and insights I received while on Ayahuasca, in South America and during prayer ceremonies elsewhere in North America.

I’m acutely aware that mixing various aspects of Tibetan Buddhism, elements of Japanese Shinto, Amazonian entheogenic traditions as well as modern era neo-shamanic energy medicine, is frowned upon by many.  “Suffer Your Interpretation” is really all I can say to that at this point.   Extraordinary circumstances sometimes ask for highly unusual and dangerously experimental approaches.  (Note: I do not regret it, but unless called to the point of irresistibility within a sacred lineage context (and even then…), I would strongly advice against doing something similar by yourself.)

Anyhow… Related to certain archetypal dynamics I found active within modern society, the momentum of this energetic situation will lead to full-scale nuclear war, or at minimum the fallout-equivalent, if not pacified.   There is time, but it COULD end badly, regardless of popular make-belief otherwise.  I have little hope in politics.  As I see it now, foremost, it must be shifted at the energetic  (See also Four Levels of Perception), towards which every human being can positively contribute through spiritual practices that open the heart.  Political changes, engineering challenges, etc. can not be avoided, of course, but my sense is that without the deep inner work, the rest would end up being faulty patchwork, and very temporary at best.


The despicable and beyond-uninspiring heartbreaking barbaric disrespect for human beings, and life in general, as – to pick something else – also exemplified in the Middle East’s recent spates of beheadings and other expressions of extreme psychopathic behavior, appear to be manifestations of the same heartlessness that is destroying the rainforests and building more nukes.  The lack of relating to the living web of life cannot be positively & fundamentally shifted by throwing bombs at the deranged, filing law suits, chanting angry slogans, or even elaborate academic analysis of what’s going on.   This (not this approach, not that approach) “process of elimination” leaves many caring activists with an unbearable sense of hopelessness.  Sadly, some blow their heads off.  Few people are willing to dig for these sorts of facts, ’cause when you do, all too often  you’ll find rather troubling things.

Prefectural statistics, for instance, very clearly suggest that exposure to TEPCO’s radioactive fallout may be causing far more deaths than is publicly acknowledged in Japan and elsewhere. (“cointrollpro” agents, and so on.  Screenshots of bits and pieces still give clues for where to find it…); Sometimes my own blog is somehow mysteriously (I don’t know how it’s done) made less accessible.  In some countries people get ERROR messages, or a blank white screen, or in the creepier cases they get to see, ‘ACCESS DENIED‘.  Stuff like that.   These are clues that damning information is being actively suppressed.

Maybe my efforts have been more helpful than I realize.  I’m open to that possibility.

The nuclear topic is dark and heavy, its history disturbing, the technicalities over-my-head complex, the pictures of consequences often gruesome.  Many people don’t even want to know about it.  I could keep doing what I’ve been doing, and hope that it makes a difference, but it doesn’t cut it anymore.   Something else is needed.  I don’t actually really know what it is.

'The Call to End the Nuclear Era', 40

!-> For more insights into the Buddhist symbology used in this painting, “THE CALL TO END THE NUCLEAR ERA” 40″ x 30″ (101.6 cm x 76.2 cm), acrylic on canvas. Painting by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2014 – All Rights Reserved, click the image for its separate blog post.

To  return to the thread I began above at the ‘Prayers for Fukusshima’ painting, the “ceremony” / “shamanic exploration” on the beach in Fukushima included a very deliberate conscious intention to call in “the energy of the disaster”, so to speak… to make a direct connection with “the consciousness of the hot molten radioactive masses in the ground”. There is something very strange about nuclear fission technology in the way that they are apparently not quite accessible from a distance (in shamanic work pretty much everything can be done from a distance, as time and space do not work the same in other realms).  So getting as close as I felt comfortable to was part of why I went to the Fukushima region.  My aim was to use shamanic tools to directly, experientially, “MEET the very energy of the disaster.”    What happened to me next… was extremely weird…   If anything, it reminds me most of one of the initiations into Vajrayana Buddhism.  It’s going to take a lot more meditation retreats, as well as detoxing my mind and body to even be able to talk about that.   And at this point I doubt that it would even be helpful to try to explain it.  At least not in a public blog context.

In any case, and maybe I already told this story…, I got so freaked out I left Iwaki (on the Fukushima coast) the same day, went all the way to Kyoto… totally disoriented, I could not function enough to get a hostel or hotel room.  I slept under some stairs like a homeless in the streets of Kyoto that following night.  (Then there was a 3 week period my blog was gone. Following subtle signals, I turned all my electronic engagements off as part of becoming “electronically untraceable.”)

Anyways…  Very interesting and joyful coincidences occurred in the following weeks.  I visited Nagano, a hot springs town, Nara, Kyoto again, a place near Mount Fuji,…  Key parts I won’t talk about, out of respect for some other people that played a role in it.

Arreement1Another part that grew out of experiences of the past few years is that part of my reasons to try “to shut up” (this blog post already being a rather ironic lengthy exception…) is my intention is to energetically “seal the leaks”, which includes refraining from needless speech.   Only speaking for myself at this juncture:  I can’t go deeper without taking that requirement seriously.

Scheduling in a period of time for being deliberately much more silent and introspective has been helpful in my past in and of itself.  But it also tends to help in better sensing what actually NEEDS to be said.   There’s a lot of chatter out there that is absolutely not helpful.  Saying what absolutely must be said and saying it in such a way that it can actually be heard is an incredible skill that I would like to further develop.



Another part of my impasse is the knowledge that the most fundamental dynamics that give rise to the apparent psychopathology afflicting politicians and industrialists to the point they endorse warfare and short-term profiteering at the expense of other beings and future quality of life…, that those most fundamental dynamics are universal at their core and as such are present within me as well.  Take, for example, the various processes of conceptualization (abstraction, belief, reductionism,…), which always deprive our direct experiential understanding of reality-inherent infinitely complex dynamic relationships.  Actual living reality always fails to conform to the limitations of concept or mere belief.    If I cannot undo them within myself, it would be arrogant and absurd to demand that of others, who might be even more afflicted.

There is ultimately no “them”.  We’re all in this together.  Demonizing “the mentally ill” has never made anyone more sane.  Think about that.  We must come up with more compassionate and sophisticated ways for responding, ’cause industry insiders continue to lie, more of these monstrosities are under construction, denial remains rampant…   The antagonistic approach of conventional activism, media-catchy banner hangs, information warfare and all, is simply is not working.

That’s just my opinion.  Didn’t mean to rant this much…

Anyways, in case there was any misunderstanding:   I’m not giving up.  To the contrary.

I take a break from blogging about nuclear stuff because I take this aspect of our planetary situation so much more seriously than I can currently put into words.

This is simply how I feel:  If I want to have even a remote shot at being helpful in skillfully responding to this mess I need a sanctuary home base to practice in and work from.  I suppose my house-less situation has run its course…  (And if inner work leads me to an entirely different calling, so be it. I’m leaving it open how I will fill it in.)

The journey continues…

I’ll share again if I feel so inspired again.

Hasta la Vista.

  • Lovely to wake up to a winter-wonderland this morning…

DSCN2935 DSCN2942 DSCN2941

CLICK TIBETAN TEXT TO LISTEN (Om Mani Padme Hum blog post)

Click for ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ blog post)


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Just Another Spring Day, Staring into Space…

You can't make this shit up...  (Click to watch/Listen on YouTube)

You can’t make this sh*t up… (Click to watch/Listen on YouTube)

I wonder sometimes… is there actually truly, for real, something wrong with me?  Why can’t I just play along?  “Fukushima is happy happy HAPPY!”   Forget about those mini-suns sinking down on the edge of the Pacific, spewing untold amounts of many dozens of radioisotopes into the ground, the Pacific and blowing all around downwind… non-stop.  Ignore the fact that ever more friends get cancer before they’re even a half century old.  Just get drunk on Fukushima! [Saké ad].   Such a cool company, TEPCO… Nice TV commercials.  They remind me a little of Electrabel’s ads in Belgium, actually.   Anyways…

Let’s see…  Today is April 16, 2015.   Made some edits to the blog posts from the previous several days.   Broke up my camp site a couple days ago, too; At night I’m sleeping in my car again, for now…   It’s snowing this morning in Salida, Colorado, just north of the San Luis Valley…


For the few folks out there who don’t know where Colorado is, there it is:

Yesterday, my car window’s electric mechanism broke down and so I was stuck with an open window.   Good fresh air, around freezing point.   Drove down to Salida to have it fixed.  Needed be there for several more errands anyhow.   Chilly ride…

Man… it’s been a bit of a rough couple weeks.  I mean “rough” …by my standards.  Not that bad.  The wind, though… the effing wind…  [sigh…].  Living outside without a home and the comforts most people take for granted… (like running water, a bathroom, a kitchen, a roof, heat,…).   I know it may sound like “a vacation” to some… camping, hanging out in coffee shops, staying warm in the evening at local bars, getting to know the locals,… spending way too much money eating out because… well… it’s just not that fun cooking by yourself in the middle of the woods during sand storms.  Not that I mind the taste of sand, but… Anyways… Been saying “anyways” a lot lately.  Anyways…  Soit.  It’s exhausting in a way only the wind can exhaust.  Positive ions, I don’t know…  So easy to get dehydrated in this high-altitude desert too…

It is really pretty, though…  From The Desert Sage parking lot, a couple days ago before sunset, the trees and distant mountains re-emerged after a windy day…

Crestone_AfterDustDuskI really should pull over, or maybe chase one down for better pictures some day, ’cause some of these ‘dust devils’ (very localized mini-tornados that whip up the dust in a fierce upward-rising air vortex) can be quiet beautiful, too.  Bad shot, but, anyways… I was driving:

dustdevil_bOn one exceptionally not-so-windy clear day (first half of April 2015, too), the herd of grazing Tibetan Yak and Peruvian Lamas graced the San Luis Valley floor, flanked by the majestic Sangre de Cristo mountain range (Crestone area in the center)….   All the way to the right (south) in the picture you get an almost-glimpse of the Great Sand Dunes National Park.  (If you want to be sand-blasted, good time of the year for a visit! – lol); The valley floor is around 8,000 ft., the mountains go just over 14,000 ft. altitude:


As seen from the bend in the road between Crestone and Moffat, Southern Colorado.

I’m not going to say anything new in this blog post…  Nothing new.  In fact, I’ll take a blog post I wrote in in 2012, rehash it, and feed it back to you for another showing:

Our planetary nuclear situation will remain rather unaffected by me merely sharing bits and pieces of recent radiation data.  We need technologies invented or implemented to make the abundance of clean & simple fuel-free electrical power available to all, quickly.

More importantly, people need to get in touch with their bodies and heart.   On the upside, I do just sit in meditation more often.  And I still find much inspiration in the Podcast @ Dharma Ocean (who have a retreat center in this area too).

  • But turns out to be a really hard habit to kick… to overdose on nuclear news…   See what ENENEWS just found and added to its pile of doom…

http://enenews.com/  Move along, nothing to see here.

Anyways…  If you actually bothered to read all those articles, I understand I will be able to waste only so much more of your time.  I don’t actually want to waste your time with information anymore.  It will, almost certainly, be just as utterly useless to you (and probably uninspiring, given the nature of the topic) as the above, as it ultimately is to me…

Click Image (Courtesy of the AsiaToGaza Daily) for source:  quiet-environmentalist.comThe Fukushima Daiichi mess will likely remain precarious for decades or centuries to come, but “significant progress” is being made towards, eventually, bringing the disaster under control.

Like… a new robot, 4 years in the making, managed to move 10 meters closer to the molten cores.


The Guardian (UK, April 13, 2015):  Fukushima robot stranded after stalling inside reactor, excerpt:   “[…] Dale Klein, a former chairman of the US nuclear regulatory commission who now advises Tepco, said dangerously high radiation inside the three damaged reactors had made extracting the melted cores particularly difficult.  “Radiation levels in these structures is higher, and working inside them is problematic,” Klein said recently. “This is a challenge that has never been faced before in the world, and there will have to be new equipment developed to make that happen. […]”

How about Mr. Klein add some apologies to that, for having been part in promoting and approving those very types of reactors, and put a bit of his leverage behind shutting all that sh*t down?  No?  … Yeah…  Didn’t think so… .

Now, what will you do more with that information than me?  And I’m just parroting it along, too.    Anyhow, if you haven’t had enough of this yet, knock yourself out sifting through all these countries’ online radiation data, which I assembled for your convenience awhile back.

For an endless stream of updates on this challenge for humanity (and commitment to safeguard the waste for many tens of thousands of years…), here’s a shortened menu of Nuclear News Sources.   To become annoyingly “overinformed”, I suggest you check ‘m all, daily, and try to talk about it with people you meet:

By now you probably also got the idea that this disaster will be evolving on a time scale of years, decades, even centuries, rather than day by day, week by week.  Millenia, in fact, and when we get really serious about nuclear waste, you have to think in terms of many tens of thousands of years.  You have to consider sea level rises and drops, inter-glacials and ice ages, meteor hits and earthquakes at least as powerful as those known to occur.  IF you give a damn about future generations, that is.  Clearly, the nuclear industry is more concerned with quick profits…  and supplying radio-imaging isotopes for the cancer industry, … an amazing closed circle for never-ending profits they’re setting up there… and fission materials for the psychopaths who still consider all-out nuclear war “an option”.

Anyways… the construction of nuclear reactors could NEVER have been approved without industry lies and government collusion, fact distortions, massive subsidies, & public perception manipulation.

CLICK IMAGE for SOURCE and pdf excerptsFor some basic facts, I suggest the pdf. A Primer in the Art of Deception – The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science’, by Paul Zimmerman.   Good information.

The nuclear industry and the people & governments that ‘support it’, remind me of a George Orwell quote (from his 1948 book, ‘1984’):

“What can you do, thought Winston, against the lunatic who is more intelligent than yourself, who gives your arguments a fair hearing and then simply persists in his lunacy?”

The technology seems to have its own mad momentum, ignoring critics, downplaying the dangers, downplaying the cancers, barely and merely being ‘hopeful’ to find a solution for the thousands of tons of nuclear waste piling up all over the world.  In the light of the challenges we face, I am disheartened when I see strong characters in the nuclear industry elite show not even a hint of genuine caring or humbleness.  Not even sorrow, regret or embarrassment.   They just want to keep going, as if nothing happened…

Like, take Obama…  The Obama administration has cut fewer nuclear weapons than any other post-Cold War administration.

The Obama administration has cut fewer nuclear weapons than any other post-Cold War administration. Click graph to view full size.  CLICK IMAGE for SOURCE:  https://fas.org/blogs/security/2014/10/stockpilereductions/

The Obama administration has cut fewer nuclear weapons than any other post-Cold War administration. Click graph to view full size. CLICK IMAGE for SOURCE: https://fas.org/blogs/security/2014/10/stockpilereductions/

And worse, even…

If you think the above from 2010 is outdated.  Here’s one from 2015:


The reason for recycling parts of an old lengthy ramble is this: I’m still wondering how I can best focus my energy.  “Ha…”  What will I do when I grow up…?

I still don’t think playing ‘amateur newscaster’, ‘public educator’, or some sort of ‘investigative journalist’ is the best use of my time.  I still relapse…  I do it mainly just to kill time.  It’s a sad state of affairs, in my own opinion. Sure, the intent remains “to be helpful”, but I don’t think any of my writing here has made any difference whatsoever.  NONE.  Really.  Not in the way that it matters.   I don’t think it will, or even can…  especially with how information flows are increasingly being manipulated.

Our words fall on deaf ears.   Reading might make you more informed, but so what?  What are you going to do?  Sign a petition?  Write a letter to a CEO to get some well-crafted bullshit form letter back?  Write an informative blog post about it, so perhaps a few more people learn what you learned as well?  I do appreciate that some others are doing it, don’t get me wrong.  Here’s a still-good one from April 2012 on Washington’s Blog:

Nuclear Power Is Expensive and Bad for the Environment … It’s Being Pushed Because It Is Good For Making Bombs

But I want to be effective.  Having my facts straight, and being able to make well-founded logical arguments is actually completely irrelevant when it comes to the nuclear establishment.  They’re  totally insane.

696> Nuclear Roulette –  The Truth about the Most Dangerous Energy Source on Earth, by © Gar Smith

“Nuclear Roulette is an act of love and reason for Mother Earth. We’ve had five decades of poisonous decision making in the face of millennia of life. Now is the time to safeguard our generations yet to come. Gar Smith’s powerful writing tells the stories that inform our good work.”      —Winona LaDuke, indigenous rights activist and author of All Our Relations and Recovering the Sacred

From the foreword by Ernest Callenbach and Jerry Mander:

Nuclear power is not clean, cheap, or safe. With Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima, the nuclear industry’s record of catastrophic failures now averages one major disaster every decade.  After three US-designed plants exploded in Japan, many countries moved to abandon reactors for renewables. In the United States, however, powerful corporations and a compliant government still defend nuclear power—while promising billion-dollar bailouts to operators.  Each new disaster demonstrates that the nuclear industry and governments lie to “avoid panic,” to preserve the myth of “safe, clean” nuclear power, and to sustain government subsidies. Tokyo and Washington both covered up Fukushima’s radiation risks and—when confronted with damning evidence—simply raised the levels of “acceptable” risk to match the greater levels of exposure. 

Nuclear Roulette dismantles the core arguments behind the nuclear-industrial complex’s “Nuclear Renaissance.” While some critiques are familiar—nuclear power is too costly, too dangerous, and too unstable—others are surprising: Nuclear Roulette exposes historic links to nuclear weapons, impacts on Indigenous lands and lives, and the ways in which the Nuclear Regulatory Commission too often takes its lead from industry, rewriting rules to keep failing plants in compliance.

Nuclear Roulette cites NRC records showing how corporations routinely defer maintenance and lists resulting “near-misses” in the US, which average more than one per month. […]”



So… I’m going to sit with all that..

I’m going to try to shut the f*ck up…

Under a tree. 

Feel my body…  Breathe…  Stare into space. 

Wait for inspiration to arise… 


Home... home... I so want to go home.  I don't really know what that word even means anymore...

Home… home… I so want to go home. I don’t really know what that word even means anymore…

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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The Last Farmer in Fukushima’s Post-Nuclear Wasteland: VICE INTL [Japanese, English Subtitles]

From VICE International – Japan:   His name is Naoto Matsumura, and he is the last man standing in the ghost town of Tomioka.   Another farmer, Kenji Hasegawa’s town of Iidate was also evacuated due to high levels of radiation, he sought refuge in temporary housing. Faced with a post­-nuclear world both these men share brutally honest views on the state of their lives, TEPCO, government inaction and some of the hardest situations they have had to face in the midst of overwhelming radioactivity.   Recommended:

Um... yes, in slow-motion.  SOURCE:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gs-q-2893uw  CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH ON YouTube

Um… yes, in slow-motion. SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gs-q-2893uw CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH ON YouTube

SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gs-q-2893uw  Published on Feb 12, 2015

“Two years since the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant went into full meltdown, and the resulting 20km evacuation zone was enforced, one farmer still remains behind braving high levels of radiation and loneliness to tend to abandoned animals.”

More stories from VICE’s global family: http://bit.ly/VICE-INTL-

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F… F… Something with an F… (Not SUNPP, but much Further Upwind…)

Late April 14, 2015 – By car Mifi – somewhere in the middle of a desert…

(This blogpost, with the previous one, was a bit of a journey.  More UPDATES added at the end – April 15 – 8pm Mountain Time)

Edited. Click for original source.

Edited. Click for original source.

Thanks to some heavy redacting of an oversight of mine (+some oddities, see at end) when viewing the Radmon.org past-week/month data for its monitor in Israel today, I’m revisiting yesterday’s blog post, “IF Ukraine’s Yuzhnoukrainsk’s SUNPP released radioactivity April 11(ish), 2015, then it blew South into Turkey… where EURDEP’s monitors are all turned off… (“Hmm…”)“.

In that previous blog post I documented some monitor data gaps, especially a long country-wide EURDEP monitor outage in Turkey, directly downwind from the Southern Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant (and, as it turns out, actually a better fit for being downwind from Fukushima…), which (the one in the Ukraine) was reported to have had some “electrical glitch” on April 11, 2015 (or shortly before in the evening of the 10th).  Turkey’s monitors went off-line in the evening of April 10.  Seemed like there could have been a connection.   However… Maybe not!  On closer investigation SUNPP may have had nothng to do with all the data gaps, etc.

What started with noticing something odd in the eastern Mediterranean, snowballed into a slightly more hemispheric exploration…

First what got me to wonder some more:   The radmon.org monitor for Israel showed a brief spike in the night from April 11 into April 12th, which I figured could be related to the event I was looking into in the Ukraine, not even thinking about Fukushima when I started.   It isn’t known if there was a radioactive release at the SUNPP.   Anyways, as seen in the previous post,  I took screenshots of the gamma radiation graphs for that Dolphin monitor in Eilat, Israel.  Since EURDEP-Turkey remained offline, I checked some independent Online Radiation Monitors again, including Radmon.org in Israel…

Looked fine at first glance:

Radmon_April14_2015_1015pm But then when I scrolled down to the week and month data, it looked different… Took me a couple double-takes: apart from that nicely event-less last 24 hours, apparently the last 3 weeks of data, shown yesterday, have been disappeared from the longer graphs.  The new cut-off date seemed to have turned into March 22…  [My bad: see added note below image]

!-> Added April 15, 2015:  UPDATE:  I was WRONG about the Radmon.org data redaction.  Nothing was “deleted”.  You have to click the “Update Daily Graphs” button. 

So, what I though was Odd…  But anyhow… “moving along… nothing to see here anymore…”“, was ultimately just an oversight on my part.  Sorry about that.

Nevertheless, it got me to pay closer attention to additional graphs.  And thát also lead me to see [h/t pvw4] that even with updating, the data flow was stuck.  More on that further down.

!-> So, next, I went to http://earth.nullschool.net/ to look at the jet stream patterns (April 14, 2015, 1200 UTC, 250 hPa, North Pole view), and began to wonder…  What if…?  Really?  Fukushima’s aerial affecting ground monitors in areas where the jet stream slows down?   AGAIN?…  Is this just how it’s gonna be now… ? Main fast wind bands blow counterclockwise in this screenshot:

Annotations by me.  Data by http://earth.nullschool.net/

Annotations by me. Data by http://earth.nullschool.net/  (See above added note: Monitor data in Israel was NOT redacted.  I hadn’t updated the graphs.)

So I zoom in on Europe, this time at 500 hPa to get a better view of the overall scene…  I add some arrows on the boundaries of this wind band to see how it spreads and narrows.  Some areas are more interesting to look at than others.  Now… pretty obvious that if major upticks in Turkey are being hidden in Turkey… they may have nothing to do with surface winds blowing in from the Ukraine, but everything with a major slow-down of the jet stream right there… Nullschool_April14_2015_1200UTC_500hpa_EUrope_hemispheric_annot You already know where this is going, right?

!–> If not, you might want to check up on, (Jan. 15, 2015) “DATA of ‘Fallout Signatures’ on Radiation Monitors Suggest Fukushima Still Going Re-Critical Underground At Times. Airborne Fallout Continues To Come Down Across the Northern Hemisphere.”  and related posts found in “my archive.”

Let’s sample a couple random monitors in these various areas and see if there’s “glitch dots” (the “calibrations” that aren’t calibrations… -See EURDEP’s dismiss-every-uptick-Disclaimer), or fitting ‘data gaps’ along the slow-down path … into the jet stream’s major wind speed break, aka “fallout zone”, currently known as ‘Turkey’… In no particular order (all data: 1 week prior to April 14, 2015 @ 12:00 UTC): Leuchars_UK_APril14_2015_1200UTC_1weekPrior_EURDEP_gamma Wattisham_UK Lista_Norway_APril14_2015_1200UTC_1weekPrior_EURDEP_gamma Lublin_Poland__APril14_2015_1200UTC_1weekPrior_EURDEP_gamma Malta__APril14_2015_1200UTC_1weekPrior_EURDEP_gamma Vinca_Serbia__APril14_2015_1200UTC_1weekPrior_EURDEP_gamma Argos_Greece__APril14_2015_1200UTC_1weekPrior_EURDEP_gamma LomnickyStit_Slovakia__APril14_2015_1200UTC_1weekPrior_EURDEP_gamma AntalayaKas_Turkey__APril14_2015_1200UTC_1weekPrior_EURDEP_gammaSo if you look at the (Advanced map, public data, most data “unvalidated”) EURDEP map and all looks normal, they fooled you.  This is map below shows one month of Gamma-T Max.  How many maroon dots would be on this map if they didn’t edit out all the fallout spikes?  Would the whole map be maroon?

Enjoy the delusion until it sinks in:  unless you check and scrutinize individual monitors, no way to know which monitors have data gaps.  Some data gaps last days...

Enjoy the delusion until it sinks in: unless you check and scrutinize individual monitors, no way to know which monitors have data gaps.  Most of them do.  Some data gaps last days…

By the way, they have a new toy to fool you even better: ‘THE SIMPLE MAP’.  No details!… A taste of the future.   We’re just worker bees in a nuclear maze…

Anyways,  guess you’ve seen enough too… In any case:  The event at SUNPP was likely minor, and might not have released anything measurable.  Maybe it didn’t even release radiation.   …Very much unlike the ongoing situation in Fukushima… It is seems to be pretty high on the priority list of the IAEA and its European Community and North-American henchmen to cover-up how bad that situation actually is…

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

UPDATE – April 15, 2015 –  8pm Mountain Time

  • First of all, the EURDEP monitors that were offline, such of all of Turkey, for over 3 days are back online, and also showing data from during part of the outage.  An example from a randomly picked monitor in Turkey:


  • Secundo: – Radmon.org, appears to have some issues, such as strangely withholding some data in selected areas.  The ‘dolphin’ Eilat, Israel monitor remained stuck for over 30 hours on the above shown screenshot time.  (Maybe it still is?)
  • Also on Radmon.org:   While many global monitors are feeding data just fine in real-time (Portland, Oregon being one, if you want an example), other monitors had the same data-update outage seen in Israel.  Such as this monitor in Grimsby, UK, with a 29+ hours data outage at time of taking the screenshot,  24 hour graph:

Radmon_Grimsby_UK_screenshotAPril15_2015_1135pmUTC_ 7 day graph shows major upticks on April 10 and right at the time the data flow is cut on April 14, 2015 18:13 UTC: Radmon_Grimsby_UK_screenshotAPril15_2015_1158pmUTC_7DAYS_data_ The month-long graph shows these spikes are unusual.  (On a side-note, the 3-month graph seems to have calibration adjustments in it, making comparisons difficult without knowing more): Radmon_Grimsby_UK_screenshotAPril15_2015_1158pmUTC_1MONTH_data_

  • Back to Eilat, Israel:  (Note: in the below image, the above-shown graphs for UK are from the monitored colored yellow, @ “67”)  As of early April 16, the radmon.org data flow for this monitor  remains stuck (@ ‘204’ in grey, circled)  at April 14 (details in top screenshot), and is now officially ‘dormant‘:
Check http://radmon.org/ for latest

Check http://radmon.org/ for latest

  • On uradmonitor.com/, I caught a + 2.7 µSv/hr spike measured in Timisoara, Romania on April 14 @ 21:00 UTC:
  • (I have found no further evidence of noticeable Blog Access Interference.  For the most part, all seems fine this time.)
  • !-> By the way… When the US EPA turns off its Radnet monitors on the Alaska coast... for days or over a week… that’s not exactly a good sign, either.

Nothing to see in Anchorage, AK:


Further south, also near the coast, Radnet monitor @ Juneau, AK., see below.   Note the time of the data gap:

RADNET_US_EPA_1week_preApril15_2015_JuneauAKs Inland at Fairbanks, AK:  Note the uptick and its overlap with the data gap shown above. RADNET_US_EPA_1week_preApril15_2015_Fairbanks Anyways, you know where to find the radiation monitoring tools if you’d like to explore all of this yourself:  allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/ [Nuclear tab ] /radiation monitors /all    Go at it! ;-)

  • Lesson learned: To do this kind of research right takes WAY more time than a quick stop using Mifi inside my car to throw some things together.  (Not sure I want to give it the time it takes right now…).

I suppose this and the previous blog post is at least a partial record of some abnormalities on monitors, and, given wind patterns and previously documented cases of this, to me it’s indicating a high likelihood that upticks and data gaps (which have been documented to hide significant upticks) can be traced back to Fukushima-Daiichi‘s ongoing spewing of various radioisotopes into air and water…

Sad situation…

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Related blog posts:

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


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[Last updated & edited: early April 16, 2015.  (‘FINAL’)

For possible related news, see my Nuclear News Links page]

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IF Ukraine’s Yuzhnoukrainsk’s SUNPP released radioactivity April 11(ish), 2015, then it blew South into Turkey… where EURDEP’s monitors are all turned off… (“Hmm…”)

[Note:  Next blog post suggests the reason for the ongoing EURDEP monitor outage in Turkey, and tons of large data gaps elsewhere as well, may have more to do with hiding the severity of the situation in Fukushima… ;-/  ]

April 13-14, 2015 – Crestone & Salida, Colorado (USA) – DISCLAIMER

NO! NO! NO! reads the banner seen in this archive AP photo, showing one of those anti-nuclear protests in Istanbul , that like all of 'em did jack sh*t to prevent the madness from marching onward...

NO! NO! NO! reads the banner seen in this archive AP photo, showing one of those anti-nuclear protests in Istanbul, that like all of ’em did jack sh*t to prevent the nuclear madness from marching onward…  Turkey just began the construction of their very own dirty bomb, see further below.

...monitoring the monitors of the monitors...  (Click for some music to go with it.)

…monitoring the monitors of the monitors… (Click for some music to go with it.)

(Be alarmed:  This is ‘purely for entertainment purposes.’   Rest assured that if anything unsavory had actually happened, the Kiev-Ukraine officials that made the questionable agreements with Westinghouse would surely tell the world the whole truth.  As would the Turkish government, which, now that they are members of the nuclear madmen club (see further below), can surely be trusted to relay objective pertinent information as well.   Same goes for the European Union, from whose servers this blog is seeing almost daily traffic lately… )    “;-)”

Flashback:  Scrutinizing wind and radiation data has lead to uncanny findings in the past…


TO REFRESH YOUR MEMORY… (Click image for more)

And the reason for this blog post: nullschool_EURDEP_sunpp_april11_combo

Some comments under, “Fingerprints of an ongoing Cover-Up?  EPA data makes Fukushima look over 1000% less serious than Chernobyl…” from the other day, referred to something may be up at SUNPP, one of the Ukraine’s nuclear plants that’s in the process of switching nuclear fuel (from Rusatom to Westinghouse).  Reportedly (see below), they had yet another of them “electrical glitches”…, which lead to me looking at some radiation monitors in the European region last night.

I found it curious enough to revisit it today.  Hence I offer a sandwich of wind and radiation data for you take take a bite from if you feel so inspired.

I’m obviously running behind on the news (which is a good thing, imo), but apparently on April 11, 2015, there was “a little electrical glitch” at the Southern Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant (SUNPP):

Which might mean something (close enough…) like this:  “[…]  An automatic power surge protection disconnected SUNPP’s Reactor #3 from the grid; the reactor’s operating power was reduced to just 10%.  The incident has no connection with the operation of the fuel made by Westinghouse, and deals exclusively with the work of the electrical equipment.

The very same was said about the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) incident at the end of November 2014, which I documented at length, actual radioactive cloud included, brought together in an overview @ (Jan. 12, 2015), !-> Cover-up of Zaporizhye Nuclear Accident Near-Certain.

More of the very same media sound bites that were used then too, just like now:

Continued:  “The radiation background at the site of the South-Ukrainian NPP is at the level of natural background values ​​that were measured prior to starting nuclear power plant. The emission of radioactive substances into the environment does not exceed the allowable values

If you check Online Radiation Monitors –> Ukraine –> SUNPP, you indeed get the impression that all is fine: 0.12 µSv/hr, 0.13 µSv/hr, 0.14 µSv/hr, same as seen in the reference screenshots I took on Dec. 3, 2014.

Continued: “South-Ukrainian NPP is located on the shores of the Southern Bug in the Mykolaiv region Yuzhnoukrainsk and is a separate division of NAEC “Energoatom”. Is part of the South-Ukrainian energy sector.  A March 20 report states that the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant used the upgraded fuel loading FA-WR made by the American-Japanese company Westinghouse in the reactor complex’ third power station.

On March 18, Russia’s representative on the Board of Governors of the IAEA, Grigory Berdennikov, said that the decision by Kiev to use fuel produced by the US company Westinghouse for Ukrainian nuclear power plants could lead to a serious accident.

At the end of December last year, Ukrainian Energoatom and American Westinghouse signed an agreement to increase the supply of nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants in the US in Ukraine until 2020.  Moscow is uncomfortable with this, noting that Kiev’s deal with Westinghouse ignores considerations of nuclear safety.

In this case, the IAEA said that Ukraine itself should decide on the purchase of fuel for nuclear power plants. 

Information was sourced from,  http://rusvesna.su/[A news outlet in the Eastern Ukraine, it seems.] 


…half-truths are often great lies…

Anyways…  No biggie.  No release of radioactivity.   All levels are normal.   It’s the kind of stuff they’d say even if a reactor melted down too.  In the world of happy nuclear make-belief, there certainly will never ever be a ’cause for concern’.   Ever.  That’s “the fun part” [sarc.] about ‘the news’ these days.  You can’t believe a word of what these straight-faced clowns are spewing in the mainstream anymore.  Objectivity seems to have gone out the window completely.

(Where have the reporters gone?  Oh… In the Ukraine, they go HERE...  In Turkey, they go HERE…)  It appears to be just all-out propaganda (ideology & agenda-driven) information warfare out there…

Do I suspect of claim something else happened?  No.  “Not at all.”  I’m just here sipping coffee in a mountain town in Colorado and can’t help myself but wonder sometimes.  As in, “Hmm…  Let’s see…”      You can surely make up your own mind.


  • Where is this place exactly?  There, at the pointy tip of that Google Maps dot:


Let’s see, for April 11, 2015 at 12:00 UTC, wind speed and directions at 1000, 850 & 500 hPa (hectopascal) – See also this table showing air pressure and elevations:

  • 1000 hPa, (just above the surface): Nullschool_SUNPP_April11_2015_1200UTC_1000hPa_annot1

–> Clearly, near-surface winds blew south to Turkey.  Other potential areas to look for possible radiation upticks could be around the island of Cyprus, and perhaps in Israel as the surface winds turn eastward just north of the Egyptian northern coast.  If the release was more significant, surface monitors would not necessarily pick up anything, though, as the hot radioactive cloud would rise quickly to higher air layers:

  • 850 hPa (about 4500 ft altitude):  Nullschool_SUNPP_April11_2015_1200UTC_850hPa_annot1

–> In this case, it would also move due south over Turkey, and then turn east over Northern Egypt.  There is slow-down of winds over the North-Eastern Mediterranean, including over the western part of Cyprus and Northern Egypt.

  • 500 hPa (about 16500 ft altitude):   Nullschool_SUNPP_April11_2015_1200UTC_500hPa_annot –>  At higher elevations there is no wind-slowdown along the direct down-wind-path, but as far as the general region goes, these obvious slowness over central Turkey and Cyprus.  Because an assumed cloud would go up and only come down in parts of its trajectory where the wind slows down, “glitch dots” or other signs of an assumed radiation release are highly unlikely to show up anywhere at ground level along this higher wind path sown in the 500 hPa map.  Whatever radioisotopes release there was, if there was any (I don’t know;  Just playing around with these online tools…), would be carried far away with the higher-elevation faster winds.   (That’s a whole other level of investigating this.  I’m, for now, just looking regionally. For maybe-evidence of some possible effects in Japan, see further down.)

So, IF (big if) anything happened and whiffs of the radioactive release blew close enough to the surface to affect surface monitors, then Turkey, Cyprus and perhaps monitors in Israel would be the places to look for potential evidence.  Right?

  • !–>  So… I checked some ***Online Radiation Monitors*** on EURDEP (European Commission), and two independent networks with at least some monitors in the area: RADMON and URADMONITORS.   (I don’t know why I do this anymore.  For fun, I guess.  Cheap infotainment.  To feel feel good about my disclaimer…?   I don’t know…)

At EURDEP when I plot just 2 days prior to April 13, 2015 12:00 UTC, something rather fishy stands out immediately:  No data for Turkey, and all Maximum Gamma data for Greece and Cyprus at all the same, at the lowest color dot indication:

SO, next I’ll plot a couple EURDEP Gamma radiation graphs from the region (switching to 1 week data (1 week prior to April 13, 2015, 18:00 UTC), so I can see the missing monitors).   These do not per se show anything.  Just EURDEP 1 week data, sometimes with a few scribbles added, in no particular order:

Turkey_1 Turkey_2 Turkey_3

(Turkey’s entire monitoring network’s turned off, 3 days and counting….  Highly unusual to last this long!)

Greece_turkishcoast_1 Nicosia_Cyprus_Gt_I131 Serbia_1 Bulgaria_Coast_1 Bulgaria_2 Romania_coast_1 Macedonia_1

  • Now a look at independent networks, like:  Radmon.org….

Radmon_April13_2015_1426SMT_Checking on Radmon Radiation monitor for Dolphin at Eilat, Israel (CIRCLED, abov), one month gamma data: Radmon_1 month_preApril13_2015_Dolphin_Eiliat_Israel Same place in Southern Israel, 1 week Gamma data:Radmon_1 week_preApril13_2015_Dolphin_Eiliat_Israel

  • Uradmon_EuropeanArea_3 –> Problem with Uradmonitors is that they only show the last 24 hours and I dont see a way to look up past data.   For the past 24 hours at those two Turkish monitors, all seemed fine.   If anyone took screenshots of the data there on April 10, 11 and 12th, do share…

SO… IF there was a release, and if that hypothetical release was significant, and the radioactive cloud rose up to jetstream altitude… then it is possible to show up on… !-> Japanese monitors in the next few days: http-:earth.nullschool.net:#2015:04:11:1800Z:wind:isobaric:500hPa:orthographic=86.69,10.24,275Here’s a graph for Tokyo at the moment:

!-> And the NETC, http://www.netc.com/…  Hokkaido up north continues to look bad, but I’m convinced that’s because of how NETC calculates its “deviation from average” on 3 month averages (So I heard in a forum on ENEnews), and it’s spring…  so those lower averages during the snow-covered winter are bound to color spring red

Anyways, for the record:

UPDATES BELOW ASIDE, I will not be following this situation closely.  If someone else does, and document it, do leave a comment with a link, please.

— — — — — — — — —

UPDATE – April 14, 2015 – 11:41am (Standard Mountain Time – Colorado (USA) –

This morning, at 8:21am Standard Mountain Time (Colorado, USA), a glance at NETC showed widespread upticks in Japan in areas that were just fine yesterday.  However, that’s been happening a lot lately, so hard to say what the cause may be (Fukushima fallout blows around with the jetstream too, it seems, for instance).  Anyways, here’s a screenshot from this morning (compare to screenshot from yesterday):

Click for Latest @ http://www.netc.com/

Click for Latest @ http://www.netc.com/

On the month graphs at http://new.atmc.jp/ you can see such spikes are not all that uncommon, yet usually coincide with rain.

!-> More monitoring options at Online Radiation Monitors – Japan.

Looking at the weather (including higher-up wind patterns on Nullschool), looks like the upticks are associated with a low pressure system that’s been moving east and is now heading northeast.  The southern Japan upticks should consequently dissipate over the next 24 hours and those north of Tokyo might intensify.  If the cause is natural or a mixture of natural and man-made can in cases like these only be exacted through air filter and precipitation radioisotopeanalysis.

And the beat goes on…

!-> AH… Maybe it was all just a drill … for that oh-so-predictable perilious time in the future when an earthquake strikes the nuclear power plant Turkey just started building on the Mediterranean coast…  and, as part of this drill, EURDEP automatically switched to “routine head in the sand mode”…   No clue what they’ll do with the nuclear waste for the next half million years, but the radiation monitoring system – √ check – is clearly ready to be turned off…

TurkeyJoinsNuclearMadmenClub_April14_2015— — — — — — — — —

UPDATE – April 14, 2015 4:45 pm (Dawn Café, Salida, Colorado) –  Precisely as predicted this morning, the gamma radiation upticks seen in Southern Japan, which I assumed to be associated with the low pressure system that’s heading north (which COULD be related to a possible radioactive cloud release from Southern Ukraine 3-4 days ago, no way for me to confirm this), dissipated in the south and intensified in the north, as evidenced in this 4:34 pm (Standard Mountain Time – Colorado) screenshot of NETC data:

Anyhow, I’m sensing that even if the release was significant enough to contribute to upticks all the way in Japan 3+ days later, it was probably brief and brought quickly under control.  Not that I KNOW, but… Anyways.

  • Blog Access Interference again?  Noticed something else…  Remember when that NATO-backed regime in Kiev sent a ZNPP-time-stamped-yet-statistically-unverifyable “hello-cancer-uptick-2025+” radioactive cloud to the Baltics at the end of 2014, it was accompanied by strange blog traffic abnormalities… which lead me to write the (Dec. 5, 2015), “Access Denied” – Blog Blocking Confirmed ! post.  I was advised (by people dear to me) to drop that angle and just focus on the science, so I didn’t give this as much research time.   …  It’s just… -sooorrry… – I’ve seen upticks in blog traffic about the above… but not for Turkey.  Interesting, a little “tickling” even…, no?   So I gave some of the proxy tools mentioned in the above-mentioned blog post another shot.  And sure enough…

My blog itself, sure, you can can get there from Turkey, just -most of the time, extremely slowly, which makes the appearance of this blog look like this (via Teleport.to):


And which causes one to not make it high up in Google searches either.   The New York Times, just to test something mainstream, came through just fine [= http://www.nytimes.com.prx.nl.teleport.to/ ], for contrast.  This blog post… slow loading…


-> Tada:  For THIS very blog post, however, I get the same result as I get for enenews.com and a few other outlets, which is a blank page with that typical ‘error’ message written in the corner:

Nope...Yay for “Freedom of speech!”  I can continue to say whatever I want, ’cause those who don’t want it read by certain audiences make sure it won’t be read by them.   ;-D

What a relief…  :-/

— — — — — — — — —

For what it’s worth…


MrrrEOW !

— — — — — — — — —

While pondering happenings in the Ukraine, here’s something for your consideration…:

JUST FILLER.    (CLick for source)

“Move along… Nothing to see here…”    (Click image for source)

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