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Coyote, etc.

coyote_Oct22_2017— ———- —

News Rumblings in the case of “the Brabant Killers” (Bende Van Nijvel) in Belgium…

(in Dutch):  and and more. copy.jpg

Can’t rule it out, though, can we?

Just mentioning that, cause… you never know that “the stuff I make up”  may not be completely baseless…

Yeah, I know, that’s about as far out on an effing limb I went for that one…, ’cause no one ever came forward with details, nor did even one mainstream media outlet report on the nuclear accident / incident, (or even just the fact of the highest Tellurium-132 detection in Europe since Chernobyl in 1986…)… which véry clearly occurred around that Spring 2016…  None.   It was big, but what happened where exactly got covered-up.

So… like I said, until they do fess up, nothing too crazy can be ruled out.   And given the past, and how crazy things seem now, I can’t rule out a far more insane present actual cover-up and/or actual ‘conspiracy’…   I don’t know what actually happened either, though.  Geen idee.  Just that some things seem odd.  Too odd to ignore.  And they were “ignored”…


— ———- —

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”

– Dresden James

— ———- —

—- ———- —-

Their script is now written, subject only to last-minute editing and stage-directions. The stage itself, albeit in darkness, is almost ready. Down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up. The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled. Most of the main actors, one suspects, have already taken up their roles. Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to rise. The time for action will have come.

– Peter Lemesurier, author of The Armageddon Script (***)

— ———- — copy

— ———- —

“Never, never, never believe any war will be smooth and easy, or that anyone who embarks on the strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter. The statesman who yields to war fever must realize that once the signal is given, he is no longer the master of policy but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events.”

– Winston Churchill

— ———- — copy

— ———- —

[…]  Hypersonic missiles — specifically hypersonic glide vehicles and hypersonic cruise missiles — are a new class of threat because they are capable both of maneuvering and of flying faster than 5,000 kilometers per hour. These features enable such missiles to penetrate most missile defenses and to further compress the timelines for a response by a nation under attack.

Hypersonic missiles are being developed by the United States, Russia, and China. Their proliferation beyond these three could result in other powers setting their strategic forces on hair-trigger states of readiness. […]

– RAND Corporation (“Hypersonic Missile Nonproliferation” Research Report)

—- ———- —-

—- ———- —-


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For those who wonder why they don’t get an email like they used to:  At some point, I think early this year or last year most my ‘followers’ were dropped.  Only a good dozen re-subscribed since.  Resubscribe and see if it holds, if you want to get such email everytime I post something.
Those headline numbers, in case you hadn’t figured that out yet, are just the date in Mayan Long Count, by the way.

Not much water in the Rio Grande @ Alamosa (Southern Colorado) this week:

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Couple EURDEPs (Oct. 19, 2017)



(Navajo rug, American South-West, pre-1920)


Vilnius_20365_Lithuania_5mo_longDataGap_Oct19_2017 copy

Longer than 3 months to show the data gap.   Lithuania has had a few this year…

Klaipeda_20364_Lithuania_3mo_Oct19_2017 copy


——- —— —- scroll down for data —- —— ——-

Keeping up with the tradition of adding “unrelated” quotes, images and YouTube videos…


Her eyes were cobalt red
Her voice was cobalt blue…

  – Ribbons, Sisters of Mercy:

“The confusion of ideas with theories has arisen because of the impossibility of penetrating the veil of the invisible universe of Mind-KNOWING through the senses
of the body.  The miscomprehension of Man that he is thinking with his Mind when he is only sensing with his body has given rise to the many misconceptions regarding both Mind and body.  That is why you hear so much that is popularly believed about such non-existent things and conditions as unconsciousness, conscious Mind, subconscious Mind, superconscious Mind, the human mind, mortal mind and other terms.  These all arise from the misbelief that people are thinking when they are but sensing with their electric senses–which do not think and cannot know anything.”  –

;-) “For the music:” 

Some ocean surface cooling in much of the Southern Hemisphere lately:


Sources used listed in ‘Online Radiation Monitors‘.  Gamma radiation dose on the graphs is in nanoSievert per hour (nSv/hr); See also ‘Radiation Units & Conversions‘; y-axis adjusted to show more detail.  Spikes, non-precipitation disturbances, isolated unusual, very high or zero values as well as data gaps lower-than-average dip-downs (when not

Reykjavik_1mo_Oct19_2017 copy.jpg

Two Icelandic monitors have returned (with heavily data-gapped data after a seemingly endless “data gap”)…

caused by snow’s ground shielding) COULD indicate radioactive fallout events, in my DISCLAIMER-ed opinion. Most upticks / rain-out spikes are almost certainly predominantly natural.   To figure out with certainty whether or not artificial radionuclides are a factor in the observed would require very precise & frequent air and precipitation samples testing (such as Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Cyprus & Switzerland do on a fairly regular (albeit it “suspiciously” data gapped at times) way).


For mere non-2-sigma-certainty “artistic impressions” of this radioactivity data-tainment genre, the preceding 1,000 or so blogposts could give you some more “artistic interpretation suggestions”, cloaked in whimsical lamentation and framed in cynical audiovisuals and some (mostly Southern Colorado) beautiful natural scenery…

See monitor name & coordinates on composite of 3 months data for approximate monitor location, not all are in Europe.  In no particular order:

Gyomaendrod_Hungary_3mo_Oct19_2017 copy

Limnos_Greece_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyLjubljana_Brinje_Ijs_Sloenia_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyMurcia_Spain_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyTurnhouse_UK_3mo_Oct19_2017 copy

SOrve_Estonia_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyRiga_RupniecibasStreet_Latvia_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyLongyearbyen_Norway_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyQaqortoqSara-171_Greenland_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyMugla_Turkey_3mo_Oct19_2017 copy

SOuda_Greece_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyIzmir_Turkey_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyVraza_Bularia_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyZaventem_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyLista_Norway_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyWeyer_Enns_Austria_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyOradea_Romania_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyFaro_Portugal_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyLisboa_Portugal_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyPrievidza_Slovakia_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyQuimper_29_AGG_CP_france_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyPA0KRS801MA_76_SIT_GM_France_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyGavle_Sweden_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyBezau_Austria_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyMo_I_Rana_Norway_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyOslo_Norway_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyNorrkoping_Sweden_3mo_Oct19_2017 copySala-Sweden_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyRisoSara0214_Denmark_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyBa0KRS937MA_17_SIT_GM_France_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyAiguille_Du_Midi_74_SOM_CP_France_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyWarsawa+Poland_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyRezekne_Latvia_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyBragin_Belarus_nearChornobyl_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyRostovOnDon_Russia_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyKars_Akyaka_Turkey_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyAmsterdam_Nederland_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyDA0KRS805MA_45_SIT_GM_France_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyVinnytsia_Ukraine_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyKladovo_Serbia_3mo_Oct19_2017 copySte_Marie_Martinique_972_AGG_CP_France_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyMiquelon_975_AGG_CP_CanadianEastCoast_France_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyMzouazia_Mayotte_976_Frace_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyCayenne_Guyane_(73_AGG_CccP_France_3mo_Oct19_2017 copy

“… Suffer Your Interpretation…”

Or dream on…

——- —— —-  — — – — — —- —— ——-

Good luck to us all…


— May All Your Blessings Come Undisguised… —

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Just Music (Late Night “MTV”)

May Peace Prevail On Earth


May All Discord be Pacified

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4 Miles Ahead: One Man on a Lonely Platform… Singing, “Stay dead, stay dead; and out of this world…” (Couple EURDEPs & RADNETs)

Oct. 16-17, 2017

Oct17_2017feardriveRT copy.jpg

( ) copy

( )

“The quiet before the storm…” :

Something… something…

Starts with an ‘F’…

But what are words for…?

When nobody listens anymore? …

… ♬ …


seattle-gammasum.jpgSTILL smokey???    [sarc.]


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Where did the radioactive wind come from?

This is in addition to the two previous blog posts.

The other day it was a search term “unusual radioactivity Alamosa” (that apparently had lead someone to find my blog), which prompted me to pull out my Medcom Inspector Alert Geiger Counter, since I’m in the same valley (See many photos of this gorgeous region throughout this blog)  DATA:  Oct. 12, 2017 @ 10am, past 24 hours, vertical in upstairs window averaged 57 CPM, with the dose rate fluctuating between 0.131 µSv/hr and 0.250 µSv/hr, with an occasional spike higher, all completely normal for my location at elevation 8200 ft (2500 meter) on the western slope of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range near Crestone, Colorado.

Then I looked if there was anything in the news: only that “isolated Ru-106” mystery, touched on in (Oct. 9, 2017) Couple EURDEPs (Ru-106 – Oct.9, 2017).  A little digging on EURDEP showed widespread data gaps and lots of other radioisotope detections (Oct. 11, 2017) RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT Clouds Touch down in Europe: Ru-103, I-131, Cs-134, Cs-137, Pb-210, Na-22, Be-7 Radioisotopes SPIKE in Czech Republic, Hemisphere-wide Data Gaps & Disturbances!, which all mainstream media so far has remained silent about.  That blogpost was viewed only some 50 times in its first 24 hours, even as I left comments on several YouTube channels, at ENEnews and sent out a tweet (MVB @AptlyAlleged ).   Oh well… What was I thinking, that somehow making the data more accessible would make one iota of difference… ;-/   

But… but… it REALLY could mean that there’s likely hundreds of thousands of people, caring but clueless parents with vulnerable young children, in some new (?) major fallout zone.   And yet there’s just enough data crumbs to see something big happened.   Like a teaser, tickling our inner ear with a radioactive feather while we’re trying to nap through these Orwellian times…

Just to pick some place, I’ll start at the far-northern tip of Norway @ Mehahn (71.0 North, 27.8 East).  The past 3 months shows 2 data gaps.  I’m going to assume that the narrow recent one on Oct. 3 is related to the fresh fission products swirling around, which is the onset of that recent uptick, data-gapped away in many locations.

Mehamn_Norway_3mo_Oct12_2017 copy.jpg

Where was the wind coming from?  On Oct. 3 @ noon UTC, just above the surface at 1000 hPa: @,65.04,780/loc=27.800,71.000   Annotated screenshot:,65.04,780:loc=27.800,71.000 copy.jpg

A bit higher @ 850 hPa, you see a faster more defined windpattern, much more coming from the west:,65.04,780/loc=27.800,71.000   At jet stream height, @ 250 hPa it is part of a fan-out ( see @,65.04,780/loc=27.800,71.000 )  Annotated Screenshot of 850 hPa:,65.04,780:loc=27.800,71.000 copy.jpg

Qaqortoq, Greenland – The data gaps struck Southern Greenland significantly earlier, but whether or not the first batch of gaps are caused by the same source as the second one is one of the many unknowns.  I’ll do a wind pattern check for two dates for this location @ 60.7N46.0W:

Qaqortoq_SARA0171_3mo_and2weekzoom_Oct12_2017 copy.jpg

I’ll look at late Sept. 28 and onset of Oct. 6.

Starting with Sept. 28, 2017 @ 2100 UTC:  There’s practically no wind until you rise above 700 hPa, and even then it’s not clear yet, as slow-moving air approaches the monitor location from mostly the south and somewhat from the west too:,67.42,780/loc=-46.000,60.700

I moved forward in time and turned the globe a bit.  You start seeing that during the times that the data gap is in place the wind swirls around, but it clearly being delivered from the prevailing west, with a low pressure just off the coast and a significant slow-down zone in upper winds (which would give fallout higher up a chance to come down); clearly at 500 hPa for Sept 30, 2017 6:00 UTC,74.89,780/loc=-46.000,60.700 There are several possibiities further upwind, but most of those go in circles, with the windlines a notch south of the monitor tracing back over Canada and Alaska to Northern Japan and Russia (and beyond all the way to Europe, of course).  Annotated screenshot:,74.89,780:loc=-46.000,60.700 copy.jpg

Same location, but for Oct. 6 shows a similar go-around, 250 hPa:,79.44,279/loc=-46.000,60.700

The idea is to find an area where wind lines cross, in which it would be more likely for the spewing source to be.

US EPA Radnet quick check via  – Since Alaska, and mainly Fairbanks and less so the further south ones, appears to be in the possible fallout cloud path, here’s US EPA RADNET’s mere 3 monitors for that giant area, and for Hawaii since we’re in the Pacific for a little detour before returning to EURDEP.  Annotated screenshot for 4 month gamma data:


And Seattle is building itself a nice ‘staircase to hell’.  But don’t be alarmed: that just forest fire smoke, which… just somehow doesn’t seem to stop affecting radiation monitors, even after several rainstorms that cleared the air of smoke… [“Hm…”]:


Next I’ll look at two Portugese monitors out in the Atlantic, about as far from Eastern Europe as it gets for Europe:

mapWestOfPortugal copy.jpg

Tenerife_Spain_3mo_Oct12_2017 copyPontaDelgada_Portugal_3mo_1weekzoom_Oct12_2017 copy

Two different countries’ monitors, over 1000 miles apart, and yet both their recent data gaps start on Oct. 3, 2017…  A look at the wind for Oct. 3, 2017 @ 1200 noon UTC shows that it is also here clearly NOT coming “from Eastern Europe”, unless it came from there by moving all the way around with the jet stream.  That certainly is a possibility.

250 hPa (toy around and turn globe to see the jet stream path):,39.65,780/loc=-21.702,33.588

Conclusion:  whatever happened recently at some nuclear facility was huge, way too big for the nuclear watchdogs not to know the exact source.   I can’t figure it out with the limited ‘Swiss cheese’ data we have at our disposal, though.  Fukushima-Daiichi remains a possibility, but so does just about any reactor in the northern hemisphere…

Ukraine:   It’s been brought to my attention that all monitors at Ukraine’s RNPP show zero-values only:  @ copy.jpg

Nearby monitors plugged into EURDEP only show some data gaps, and only later, since Oct. 3, 2017:

Manevychi_Ukraine_3mo_Oct12_2017 copyWlodawa_Poland_3mo_Oct12_2017 copy

In the following 1 month composite, you see the gamma data for Clones, Ireland (near Northern Ireland) which shows a striking baseline adjustment and data gap; Lista, tip of Southern Norway, with spike and data gap; Longlier, Belgium (in the French-speaking part), with spike and zero-value; and Ostrava-Mosnov, in eastern Czech Republic, where Ru-103, I-131, Cs-137 etc was measured during the sampling period that included that spike (last red dotted line):

4monitors_1month_combo_annot1 copy

Of these 4, Southern Norway gets it first at the very end of September (while Northern Norway several days later, see example at top of post), and you can see for Lista, in the wind data (link below) that this is likely because of a slow-down in the higher air layers right at that time.  The other three are affected almost simultaneously at the end of Oct. 2, early Oct. 3.

Looking at wind patterns again didn’t get me any closer (browse through the days from,50.94,1118/loc=6.761,58.041 ), except for that this fallout cloud, again, appears jet-stream delivered, and I see nothing whatsoever to point at ‘Eastern Europe’ as the location of the spewing source.  It’s possible, but then it probably already made at least one journey around the northern hemisphere first.

If you look at all the data, including that in Couple EURDEPs (Ru-106 – Oct.9, 2017), IF this were the aftermath of a major nuclear accident, it very well could have occurred this past September.  Could be anywhere, even something in Belgium or the UK, for that matter…  Or something in Asia.  Or in the US?    I can’t say I didn’t try, but I can’t figure out where what happened.  All I can say is that it looks rather significant.   And it’s looking like the governments that know won’t tell…

The only conclusion that stands is that the supposed public-access radiation monitoring networks are rigged to hide and mask fallout events, making them part and parcel of a deception apparatus.

I’ll leave it at that… ;-/

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