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“Heat wave”, with only night frosts, continues across the snowless high desert…


“Everything’s fine…” 

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Phoenix, Tucson, Seattle (Radnet, 7 months)

Might revisit these when I have time.  Thought I’d just throw ’em up here for others to continue the sleuthing with.

Here’ the past 7 months @ Phoenix, AZ, showing a graph of the equivalent dose rate (red) and a gamma energy range (blue) [color legends in graphs further down all differ!]…

“See something?  Say something.”

We need to figure out WHERE this major nuclear accident took place “somewhere in the past half year”.  Anything those nuclear mouthpieces are saying just can’t be trusted.  When they’re talking about the “Ruthenium-106 cloud”, they don’t even mention all the other isotopes that were in there.  [If they did, the “mere pharmaceutical leak” story line would fall apart; ánd “suddenly” they’ld need to look at more than mere surface winds, as hot volatile fallout goes stratosphere-high… and then the whole “somewhere in Russia for sure” story wouldn’t hold up either… “Oops – Guess we’ll just stick to lying and ignore everything that exposes our lies…” [?] ]

Anyhow.  Via my page Online Radiation Monitors, I use these two for US EPA Radnet data.  Note their disclaimer: just like EURDEP, whatever the public gets to see cannot be relied upon.

I used the second one in this case and ran a couple queries:

The “equivalent dose rate” (in nanoSievert per hour – see Radiation Units & Conversions for assistance if needed) @ Phoenix Arizona [mentioned also in previous posts, such as (Dec. 3, 2017) Odd Correlation] shows a couple interesting details, including a few brief down-dips and upticks, and then what I associate with “a fallout pattern”, which can show as strangely lower than normal values due to ionizing particles effect on electronic circuitry of the measuring equipment itself (or so I fathom…).  Interesting is that the time of the onset of this pattern is the end of September, when a “radioactive cloud with merely harmless Ruthenium-106 from Russia or Kazakhstan” was reportedly detected across Europe.   (Maybe so, but you’ll have a hard time explaining some things if you stick to that French nuclear watchdog’s bs press release…)

Now when you look at individual gamma ranges, we’re mainly seeing a giant DATA GAP, with a huge difference before and after the data gap for most gamma ranges:

G6 & dose:

Mostly upwind from Phoenix, @ Tucson, Arizona, in the same general area of South-Central Arizona, yet an entirely different picture:  No dose rate data here, just gamma ranges.

G2 + G3 + G4:

G4 +G8 + G9:

Now a look at Saint George in Southern Utah, downwind from Phoenix for some of the periods in questions… (And just as with Seattle’s data, trying to explain it with forest fire smoke alone just doesn’t hold up for very long, though it could have been a factor a week here and there).  Again, HUGE difference after data gaps:

G8 & G9:

And here’s 7 months at Seattle, WA:

The chance is REAL that ‘somewhere in the US’, and ‘somewhere in the past half year’, a major nuclear accident occurred, which has,  so far, been successfully covered-up, possibly in part because the significance of radiation upticks has been obscured in key areas by widespread forest fires (in Arizona, California and most of the Pacific Northwest).

Besides the tragedies and destruction, did those fires also provide “a nice cover” for a very different kind of fire…?  From August (2017):


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96 CPM / 59 CPM

“…Hómi eg skuggar

Tykist sum okkurt rørir seg har

Rópi men ongin svarar mær …”

I rarely ever take measurements anymore, but decided to take a sample tonight with my (pancake tube) Medcom Inspector Alert geiger counter:

Inside, 2nd floor, air purifier running for 48+ hours, windows closed, vertical position by window, elevation 8200 ft (2500 m / western slope of Sangre de Cristo mountain range, just north of Sand Dunes NP, Southern Colorado), 3 hrs & 37 (217 minutes) minutes: 20750 counts = average:

95.6 CPM

That’s the highest I’ve seen inside, with very dry non-precipitation conditions outside.  See previous blogpost(s) for why I decided to check it out.  That’s almost 60% higher than just a few months ago, when we actually did get rain (which tends to raise levels briefly):

Compare to mid-August:  “[Medcom Inspector Alert; this morning, 3 hour average upstairs with window open, vertical: 59.9 CPM (completely normal for 8200 ft elevation location)]” mentioned in @ (Aug. 12, 2017) “Background Radiation Level also rising in Australia“)

[Added: Dec. 4, 2017 8:15 am Mountain Time:]

!-> A good reference from 2014 shows that “normal” for my location is “below 70 CPM”, see (Dec. 29, 2014) Medcom Geiger Counter Measurements in Southern Colorado – Dec. 2014 Notes..

So I put the Geiger Counter outside on a ledge (second floor, vertical, beta window facing away from wall) and for 8 hours and 29 minutes it counted 29980 blips => 58.9 CPM , which is a relief, as for this altitude that’s normal.  My experience over the years is that indoors is always a bit lower than outdoors.  Taking a new one inside and will clean everything with water and see if that bring the indoor levels back to normal as well.  Kinda odd… (Hence I mentioned it)

Additional testing on Monday Dec. 4, both inside and outside showed levels around 60 CPM, perfectly normal for my elevation (8200 ft / 2500 m).  No idea what the unusually high uptick was last night.

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Odd Correlation

We’re all downwind from something… – Dec. 3, 2017

From the department of “It’s probably just nothing”… 

I was wondering… [Wonderitis, sometimes aggrevated by radiation monitoritis, is a stubborn symptom of those afflicted with signs of high resistance to mainstream-sanctioned indoctrination; found to be practically incurable when the patient also resists pacifying protocols, such as water fluoridation, etc.) … if there could be a connection between my own case of acute severe elbow infection of August 3rd and the troubling symptoms that began to worsen mid-October and became so bad the second week of November that I went to see a doctor on November 14…

What got me wondering is that a series of symptoms I was suffering overlapped with those known to occur in people at the early onset of acute leukemia…

doi- 10.5606:ehc.2015.35 copy

So I re-graphed a couple gamma radiation monitors from the US EPA Radnet map, showing a seamless 7 months, and marked: 1)  the onset of Elbow Septic Bursistis / Arthritis (which one of those two it was wasn’t determined) on it (first red line), and 2) the day I went to the doctor after two weeks of quickly worsening symptoms (second right red vertical line):

Juneau_Alaska_7months_Dec4_2017 copyLasVegas_Nevada_7months_dec4_2017 copyStGeorge_Utah_7months_Dec4_2017 copyAlbuquerque_NewMexico_7months_Dec4_2017 copyDenver_Colorado_7months_Dec4_2017 copyGrandJunction_Colorado_7months_Dec4_2017 copy

So, since no diagnosis had been arrived at yet, (and maybe it will just turn into one of those weird “whatever thát was” things that came and went…) but when it was at its worst I couldn’t pretend this wasn’t somehow serious, I adopted a couple measures to see if those would help, “just for fun” seeing what would happen if I pretended I had been exposed to a large amount of radioactive fallout somehow.

Adding zeolite & bentonite clays to my food, even more spirulina & chlorella mixed in with my granola / yoghurt; (switched to non-dairy (less contaminated?) products such as hemp milk); extra Vit. C, D & E., selenium from Brazil nuts, and Gingko Biloba & Red Clover to see if that would help me breathe; put CBD salve on joints to reduce chances of re-infection; got two massages to speed up detoxification; drinking lots of water (in part because above-normal elevated calcium blood levels [10.4 mG/dL] made me very thirsty.)

Pretty freak’n awesome result so far.  Still very easily fatigued, but the most troubling symptoms (exceptionally uncomfortable gastrointestinal pains, bone & joint pain & insomnia-inducing shortness of breath with chest pains) lifted to a fraction of what they were within days.

Probably all just funny coincidences…

(’cause as anyone who’s looked into climate change knows: correlation does not imply causation!)


I have a request:  Can someone go check on the environmental radiation conditions outside the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant, outside of Phoenix, Arizona (the largest power plant in the United States)?,42.89,1118/loc=-112.510,33.230

Just for fun, of course. 

Cause if you’re not having fun, you’re going about it wrong…

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Dramatic Shifts in US Background Radiation (US EPA Radnet, past 4 months [Dec.2, 2017])

!-> Recommended reading from ‘Mining Awareness’:

providence-gammasum copy

more graphs below

Ongoing (relative) “heat wave” – drought conditions return: Open fire ban in effect

Southern Colorado Rocky Mountains, Dec. 2, 2017

Just a couple examples of what seems “just slightly peculiar…”.

If you’re puzzled why I bother, see !!!-> (Nov. 27, 2017) Why ‘WHERE’ matters, and the preceding 10/100/1000+ blogposts…

Because the y-axis is in logarithmic scale and makes the changes sometimes almost invisible at first glance, I’ve copy-paste-STRETCHED the y-axis to show more detail.  Whether they go up or down isn’t the main piece, as data processing shifts and other trickery can be applied to mask evidence of major radioactive fallout events. See also some observations from watching the EURDEP graphs over extended periods @ (Sept. 17, 2017) “Couple EURDEPs” – Attempted EPILOGUE Re. Observations & Musings from the land of ‘Monitoring Radiation Monitoring’… (heavily sprinkled with YT Music & Videos)

For the below graphs, see the source for the original data (WITH their y-axis values), via the map @

rochester-gammasum copyharrisonburg-gammasum copyedison-gammasum copyconcord-gammasum copyboston-gammasum copylosangeles-gammasum copysyracuse-gammasum copy 2buffalo-gammasum copypierre-gammasum copybloomsburg-gammasum copymiami-gammasum copy 2anchorage-gammasum copyfresno-gammasum copyyuma-gammasum copy

Whatever it was, likely a nuclear meltdown accident on par with Chernobyl or even Fukushima-Daiichi, is affecting radiation monitors across the entire Northern Hemisphere.  Diversion stories bullshitting about a little harmless whiff of pharmaceutical Ruthenium-106 “from Russia” don’t hold up to scrutiny, whatsoever.  Pointing that out to mainstream media outlets has so far not made one iota of difference, suggesting a cover-up of epic proportions…

See also (among many more):

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Couple Photos, EURDEPs & Radnets (Nov. 30, 2017)


See also (Nov. 15, 2017) Oct. 2017 Ru-103 Detections Highest since 2011 + Record High MDCs @ Switzerland Radiation Monitoring stations; + Czech Republic I-131 & Cs-134 Measurements During “Ru-106 Cloud” compared to 2011., and linked-from-there posts for some background.

Far from over…:

Kronshtadt_Russia_3mo)NOv29_2017 copyMiskolc_Hungary_3mo_Nov29_2017 copyArgos_Greece_3mo_Nv29_2017 copy


4 months:


3 months:

Porto_Portugal_3mo_Nov29_2017 copyKirklareli_Luleburgaz_Turkey_3mo_Nov29_2017 copyAydin_Soke_Kisir_Turkey_3mo_Nov29_2017 copyNinjas_LangdonBay_UK_3mo_Nov29_2017 copyElhovo_Bulgaria_3mo_Nov29_2017 copyFA0KRS912MA_50_SIT_GM_France_3mo_Nov29_2017 copyKnin_Croatia_3mo_Nov29_2017 copySibiu_Romania_3mo_Nov29_2017 copyHerrischried_OT_Grossherrischwand_Germany_3mo)Nov29_2017 copyAlytus_20366_Lithuania_3mo_Nov29_2017 copyHol_Norway_3mo_Nov29_2017 copyKotka_Finland_Cs137_Be7_3mo_forTheDataGaps_Nov29_2017 copyMugla_Turkey_3mo_Nov29_2017 copy

Not just Gamma-T: 

JRC7_Italy_AlphaART_BetaART_3mo_Nov29_2017 copyBrno_Arboretum_CzechRepublic_Cs134_I131_3mo_Nov29_2017 copyWijnandsrade_Nederland_NaturalAplha_Gamma_3mo_Nov29_2017 copy

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Why ‘WHERE’ matters

Fairbanks_Alaska_May7_Nov27_2017 copy.jpg

WHERE the covered-up nuclear accident happened / is happening is of major importance for at least the following reasons:

  • Knowing from which region to avoid specific foods, such as dairy, wild mushrooms, tobacco leaf, or leafy greens exposed to fallout-laden precipitation;
  • Those in the thick of the radioactive fallout plume ought to be alerted and at least given the information to decide for themselves if they want to evacuate; If we had an actual government that cared, major subsidized assistance with evacuations (especially for pregnant women and young children!) and financial compensation + free life-time healthcare for the affected should be part of the emergency response. [Of course, the nuclear industry could never survive scrutiny in an actual democracy; They’d have to quit their madness if all health consequences were incorporated in a cost-benefit analysis…]
  • An informed public can make dietary adjustments, such as supplements to protect otherwise more easily compromised organs (Iodine for thyroid, etc.)  Please leave a comment if you know of any other good articles, overviews or websites that list “what you can do“, such as “What You Should Be Doing NOW to Protect Yourself from Radiation” @
  • If medical personnel is aware of the situation, various symptoms, otherwise easily dismissed as “probably just stress” or what not may be taken seriously and promptly investigated for being a possible reaction to radioactive contamination.

And then of course there’s “this little thing” of accountability:  There are madmen that need to be stopped in their madness, arrested if necessary: in the nuclear sector itself, at the UN level (IAEA / UNEP / WHO and others likely), in government, and likely in the also-complicit media as well.  That “not really” being likely, I’ve long called for something more akin to a truth and reconciliation process (See 2.5 years ago @ (May 29, 2015) )

juneau-gammasum copy

Forest Fires are long out.  What the hell going on?  And WHERE ?

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