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BlogStats_Sept17_2017_AllTime copy.jpg  *Total views is for the period March 14, 2011 – Sept. 17, 2017, while the country-specific view counts only became available on March 1, 2012

Interest came from these 198 countries and internet server sites (since March 1, 2012):

A copyB copyC copyD copyE copyF copyG copyH copyI copyJ copy


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BA0KRS805MA_33_SIT_GM, France (EURDEP, 21 months)

Had this one, below, laying around too [data accessed Sept. 14, 2017], might as well throw it onto the data pile:

BA0KRS805MA_33_SIT_GM_NorthernFRANCE_3mo_March13_2016 copyBA0KRS805MA_33_SIT_GM_NorthernFRANCE_3mo_June13_2016 copyBA0KRS805MA_33_SIT_GM_NorthernFRANCE_3mo_Sept13_2016 copyBA0KRS805MA_33_SIT_GM_NorthernFRANCE_3mo_Dec13_2016 copyBA0KRS805MA_33_SIT_GM_NorthernFRANCE__3mo_March13_2017 copyBA0KRS805MA_33_SIT_GM_NorthernFRANCE_3mo_June13_2017 copy.jpgBA0KRS805MA_33_SIT_GM_NorthernFRANCE_3mo_Sept13_2017 copy

See the previous blogpost for help “interpreting the data”…

All the best,

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“Couple EURDEPs” – Attempted EPILOGUE Re. Observations & Musings from the land of ‘Monitoring Radiation Monitoring’… (heavily sprinkled with YT Music & Videos)

Starting off with an interesting documentary/commentary of sorts:

And some music, some with cool or striking videos or lyrics:

——- ———— ——–

“[…] It’s always the same
I’m running towards nothing
Again and again and again and again […]”

– ‘A Forest’, by The Cure

[…]  We were killed yesterday […]”

–  ‘Youme & Meyou’, by Einstürzende Neubauten


This is a weeping blogpost, by the way, for when you rock yourself to sleep…

“Attempted epilogue…”

…sounds like some kind of misdemeanor crime, doesn’t it?   Whatever ‘s next, more of the same or something new, – who knows? –  the journey will continue anyhow… 



Colorado Rocky Mountains, USNORTHCOM

September 17, 2017-

——- ———— ——–

ChartImg-3.axd copy.jpg

The forced-zero period, a variation of the data gap…

On Sept 12th, 2017, late in the evening… (Colorado Standard Mountain Time zone), I pulled some EURDEP data…  Bad habit, I know…  It took me some time to string it together.

More data was added in the days that followed.  Although *the data may change dramatically* as time goes by, check with the sources yourself to verify the asserted.

And to repeat myself some more, as per the European Commission’s disclaimerit all signifies nothing:

European Commission:  “[…] Who visits this site regularly will notice that on an almost daily basis, one or more of the 4200 monitoring stations are out of order and show abnormally high readings. As a consequence isolated violet or red dots on the map are NOT an indication of increased radiological values. Even several violet or red dots near to the same geographical location or near a Nuclear Power Plant is not a certainty of an ongoing accident because they are most likely caused by calibration tests on the related monitoring stations. To reduce the number of erroneous values, several countries do not wish to show their measurement data to the public in real-time and have therefore imposed a delay. […]”

So Orwellian.  SO…, again, in short:  Even when odd data looks like ‘an indication of increased radiological values‘, it’s not.  EVER.  And even though I don’t agree at all, I’ve clicked, ‘I agree‘ to that dismal “disclaimer” statement, every time…

“Just to entertain you.”

Here’s more of nothing, a whole blog post full of nothing, starting off with some calibrations (some with a lower than normal value as part of the pair) near the PAKS NPP in Hungary:

Paks_A7_Hungary_3mo_Sept12_2017 copyPaks_A6_Hungary_3mo_Sept12_2017 copyVajta_Hungary_3mo_Sept12_2017 copyDombovar_Hungary_3mo_Sept12_2017 copySzekszard_Hungary_3mo_Sept12_2017 copy

High or low, calibration or not, most is never “validated” (NV=non-validated):

The fact that nearly all these above shown “glitch-dot-spikes” are made of a pair of two unusual values does suggest (to me non-expert amateur / armchair commentator…) that this is likely indeed just a bunch of calibrations.  They’re a little different in every country.  (The down-dips as part of the pair is odd though.)

Other examples of “most likely calibrations” were shown in blogposts such as (Feb. 16, 2016) Calibration or Actual Spike? (w/ New Radiation Spikes in Latvia & Austria), one of the first in which I suspected a fresh MAJOR nuclear release / accident ANNO 2016, possibly in Europe, well before SHTF in early March (the Helsinki garage hoax, which the mainstream media didn’t bother questioning…), some weirdness later in March, total freakishness in April, and some airborne blue metal as the Viking cherry on the bubbling yellow cake in May…).  But I digress…

Some patterns, with both high AND LOWER than average values I consider “fallout patterns”.  An example of such “high strangeness” from earlier this week (early September 2017) in Slovenia:

Rakican_Slovenia_3mo_Sept12_2017 copy

Another observation I associate with fallout is the dive-to-zero value (a data dot at dose rate = 0), often accompanied by a data gap before or after (or both):

Hoevenen_Belgium_3mo_Sep12_2017 copy

Less obvious are micro-down-dips: statistically or dose-wise irrelevant variations that go just slightly below the general variability range:

Tubbergen_Nederland_3mo_Sept12_2017 copy

Reason I look for those is “a hunch” that, like so many other seemingly irrelevant details, they’re far more significant than their dose rate suggests…  and COULD indicate ‘fallout’.   I came the consider that a possibility when I scanned through the gamma records after a record-high concentration of short-lived fission isotope Tellurium-132 was detected in Northern Germany in late April 2016 (part of completely media-hushed “April or Spring 2016 Event”, which I seem to have a hard time shutting up about…) and found such mini-dips right around the time of the Te-132 measurement.

What I call: ‘disturbances’ and ‘upticks’:

Kicevo_Macdonia_3mo_Sept12_2017 copy

Hard (or impossible actually without further lab analysis of air or precipitation samples) to tell whether or not an uptick or even a spike is part of the erratic ‘natural variability‘ or if it has an artificial component in it:

HHamburg_Fuhlsbuttel_Germany_3mo_Sept12_2017 copy

And these very last ones were pulled late Sept. 13, 2017:

Good example of what looks like just a calibration:

But a more important observation I want to point out, showing Trier-Mitte again for 3 months, is this:  The below gamma radiation graphs are from the same general area, similar altitude, more the less same weather & geology, etc., but one’s from Germany (near the border with Luxembourg), one from Belgium (ditto) and one from Luxembourg:–> The dose rate here lies around 80 nSv/hr (= 0.080 µSv/hr)–> The dose rate here lies around 105 nSv/hr (= 0.105 µSv/hr) –>And the dose rate here lies around 150 nSv/hr (= 0.150 µSv/hr)

!->  In other words:  the shown dose rate has a lot more to do with the monitor and its settings than with the actual radiation levels, which in the above three locations are practically certain to be nearly identical.

Another example, two monitors, just a stone’s throw from each other, one in an area currently occupied by Belgium, the other one very nearby just across that imaginary border line, in ‘The Netherlands’: So close they show the exact same coordinates, yet one “measures” around 80 nSv/hr, the other around 90 nSv/hr:

Nothing to do with a difference in radiation levels, all about monitor differences, settings, calibrations and/or data processing differences.

And that is why by merely shifting the settings / calibrations / data processing algorithms you get what I call ‘baseline adjustments’ or shifts:

This recent one from Petacciato Scalo, Italy is a striking beauty:

Here’s a good example, below, of how useless the radiation records actually become when they switch the settings/calibrations around (manually or by way of some fallout-obscuring algorithm – I don’t know):   A baseline shift to near 7200 nSv/hr, a data gap, baseline 1, switch to “fallout pattern” or baseline 2, with couple upticks, baseline 3, data gap, baseline 3, data gap, baseline 4 (slightly higher than 1 & 3), data gap, baseline 4, super-high glitch dot, and that’s just for a 3-month period:

Some of this baseline shifting is more subtle:

Some is just plain weird, as these 6 months from a monitor in France hopefully illustrates:

I mean… what do you even make of that?   Dose rate@ 136 nSv/hr … or about half of that?

It makes a mockery of dosimetry.

A series of baseline adjustments can create ‘a staircase‘, as shown in Staircases to Hell (EURDEP 3/6 months, various)

Then there’s the already-mentioned ‘glitch dot’: an isolated very high value, often non-validated.  “My little theory” about those is that they’re not actual “glitches”, even though they appear that way.  Fallout tends to travel very high up in the upper troposphere and even higher in the stratosphere, and it takes it sweet time coming down.  When air layers slow down, such as in areas where the jet stream slows down, you see upticks and spikes more often.  But “glitch dots” occur more (at least that’s been my impression) when there’s no such wind speed dip.  I suspect that it is heavier particles that fall down, while the bulk of a radioactive clouds keeps moving overhead.  When such a “hot particle” strikes a monitor directly, it would give rise to astronomical values due to the inverse square law for ionizing radiation.

I call upticks ‘spikes’ when they stick out a bit more, or a lot:

Another one among the “patterns” I associate with ‘fallout’ is the infamous ‘data gap’:  There’s nothing to see.  Silence…   Damn hard to interpret.  “;-)”   Sometimes there are just so many coinciding measurements during a data gap (See (June 4, 2016) Anatomy of a Serbian Data Gap + RT: Fukushima Still Fissioning!, or spikes on a close-by monitor at the time of a data gap on another, that it is obvious that the data gap is hiding something related to a fallout event.

In the land of radiation monitoring,

no data may be the most troubling kind of data.

Some recent data gaps (amidst other phenomena) suggest “something…”:

Below: baseline 1, data gap, baseline 1, baseline shift to baseline 2, little data gap, couple down-dips, spike with down-dip:

Then there’s the sneaky ‘ninja dots’, as pointed out in  The “Ninja Dot” – Reading Between The Lines: a EURDEP gamma graph detail Several examples, as well as of the related “sloth dots“, see Couple EURDEPs (July 25, 2017 – Various) for more.

Note the ninja dot before June 18, and a ninja pair just after June 25:

This shows again that these shown “dose rates” are not scientific as far as measuring ‘JOULES per MASS’ is concerned.  They’re highly processed.  It’s packed with opportunities for trickery, deception, running algorithms that process the invisible details (such as dose rates per decay energy, some of which correspond with specific radioisotopes), spitting out graphs that obscure the actual fallout realities.

(!-> Related: See also The Dose Deception for the different types of doses and how statements mixing ABSORBED DOSE, EQUIVALENT DOSE and EFFECTIVE DOSE are used to deceive us.)

Early snow in some parts of the Alps adding a layer of ground-shielding, which shows as reduced radiation values:

Snow or a perhaps-fallout-related down-dip?:

Couple fairly normal ones, with upticks that cannot be differentiated from natural variability:

And that’s part of the picture: most monitors show nothing unusual at all, even when some monitors shows all kinds of things.  Once you know “what to look for”, however, you can see a lot more in the data than the dose alone would suggest.

Hopefully the above overview is helpful for someone… ;-/

I have no idea how many nuclear sites are leaking what where… All I got is an impression that “the situation” is, to put it euphemistically, “not improving dramatically”.

SO, the bottom line is this:  The data is pretty convincing at first, but my impression shifted over the years and now I see these official radiation-data-sharing networks are not much more than a cog in a cleverly deceptive elaborate public relations machine.  Once you grasp that we’re dealing here NOT with a public service that upholds the sacred government task of safeguarding public health (and alerting the public about potential hazards for wich monitoring equipment was subsidized) as a top priority, but with the tip of a sinister ghostly iceberg that puts an occult anti-democratic anti-harmony agenda, including the elite-centralized accumulation of power-over-others, perception management and arms manufacturing, ABOVE public well-being… then you can’t really blame people for zoning out.  It’s too sinister for comfort.


[To really appreciate the art platform that is this blog, an outlet for ‘my whimsical lament’, as a commentator once put it,  I think listening/watching all the embedded videos is a must…]

“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”   

–  J. Edgar Hoover, The Elks Magazine, August 1956, quoted in Prophets Principles and National Survival, (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1964)

——– —– ———

Have a little fun… before the consequences of denial strike…

Ach ja…

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A Minor Disturbance in the Force… (US EPA Radnet)

Non-Validated total-gamma radiation DATA @

You can barely see it on these logarithmic y-axis graphs, but it seemed there was a recent upward shift @ Honolulu, Hawaii again:


Same data stretched out vertically, to see the details better (ignore the y-axis):


It prompted me to look at a few more.

And *whatever-it-is*… seems to be showing up elsewhere too… (though other disturbances, down-dips, and upticks, as well as more data gaps are not per se related, of course)


Some likely have wildfire smoke as a contributing factor, others may show spikes from heavy rain (recent hurricanes), but there may be more going on…





Lower than normal values (without snow being the ground-shielding cause) has shown itself to be note-worthy on the EURDEP monitors before… Some examples of this:



That’s just a few I looked at.  Seems a little strange.

And we’re continuing to lose monitors…:





No further comments.  – “Just for the record…”

!-> For recent graphs of ALL US EPA Radnet’s public monitors, see US EPA RADNET bi-monthly DATA Update (Total Gamma Radiation, 4 month Graphs, ALL) – Sept. 3, 2017

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Do you have any clue how dark it gets further down these corium-dug rabbit holes?

Crestone, Colorado – Sept. 16, 2017

In response to a comment under (April 30, 2014)’s The Spectrum of Nuclear News – PART 2: A look at Galen Winsor’s “Nuclear Scare Scam” (+ Video Transcript!), which included the line,My critique on your blog post is that you don’t foster an unbiased discussion. Sure you have your reasons,  these completely irrelevant words (all purely “for entertainment purposes only,” of course, as per my disclaimer) came forth…:

The very sad conclusion I ended up at, is that “the nuclear establishment” (A hard-to-pinpoint-but-apparent direct and indirect alliance of industry in cahoots with on-board governments and similarly aligned organizations whose influence in actual reality (not the nice-sounding mission statements, etc.) reach all the way into the mainstream scientific grants processes, editorial boards of major news outlets, etc.), which, through its decisions over the past 80 years, caused and continues to cause increasing radioactive pollution and growing piles of short- and long-lived radioactive wastes with which they don’t actually know what to do yet (aside from crashing some of it into other planets), ALSO does nearly all of the environmental monitoring.  Hence the playing field they created is biased in favor of the nuclear industry.   It is practically impossible to have an “unbiased discussion” when a key player is not committed to honesty and transparency, as the nuclear establishment has proven time and time again.

Now… I don’t doubt that nature will recover and move on, even if everything melts down. Though some more fallout-sensitive species might not survive.  Quality of life is the issue, though. It gets moral-ethically “complicated” when assessing “risks” for human populations.    The utterly disgusting thing is that certain human populations are currently DE FACTO being used for secret long-term radiation exposure studies (through the reality of covered-up nuclear accidents, such as likely occurred in California (@ ) and perhaps in China (@ ), and almost certainly somewhere in Europe or the US as recent as 2016 (@ ), not to mention the possibility of ongoing fissioning at Fukushima-Daiichi (See (Nov. 20, 2015) Debunking the ‘Impossibility’ of Ongoing Criticalities at Fukushima-Daiichi and (May 29, 2015) Land of the Sinking Sun…  and (Sept 12, 2016)  Calling for a “Reverse Manhattan Project” to Contain & Pacify the Radiation-Spewing Full-On Still-Fissioning ‘China Syndrome’ Ongoing Nuclear Catastrophe at Fukushima-Daiichi, Japan and so forth…).

These officially this-never-happened / undocumented releases (cover-ups) can only further compound the already incomplete validated data by distorting what might otherwise be clear correlations between fallout exposure and negative health effects (cancers, mental disorders, heart diseases [watch “Chernobyl Heart” if you haven’t yet:  @ ], genetic mutations, susceptibility to cold, flu, immune deficiency phenomena, etc.), which would otherwise almost certainly more strongly suggest ‘causation’. Very few scientists have even tried to challenge the existing (and clearly flawed) IRCP model, and those who have, like Chris Busby, have hit a bureaucratic wall. (Check the clips included in @ )

Since you brought it up… Sure, take the wildlife situation in the Chernobyl’s fallout zone. Unlike the badly mutated people who ended up on horrific nursing homes (as photographed by Magnum photographer Paul Fusco (see his series Chernobyl Legacy), badly mutated animals simply die off quickly.

That little bit of studies that were done, however, showed… , -to mention two examples:

– that genetic mutations were DOUBLE as frequent in contaminated zones compared to clean areas (study of door mice, mentioned in @ )
– Abundance of birds declined significantly (included in @ )

So, I don’t don’t know what to make of your critique, “that you don’t foster an unbiased discussion.” WITH WHOM?

With a bunch of criminals, who if standing laws were actually applied would all go to prison for crimes against humanity?  Have an unbiased discussion with the mafia?  Cute.

Think Karen Silkwood just forgot how to drive on a straight road? Think the Russian state, exporting nuclear technology across the planet in a multi-billion-dollar greed-driven psycho-push, had nothing to do with silencing critics such as Alexander Litvinenko? Think monitors just make up “unvalidated data” when they happen to be perfectly downwind [See @ ] from a major radioactive accident that remains officially denied? Think Cobalt-60 grows on trees? [ @ ETC.]

And all that and more is why my blog is just “a piece of art”, a inadvertent [I’m terribly sorry…] perverse advertisement, if you will…

Excuse the repetition:

“[…] Exposure without action against the perpetrators of the crimes revealed, devolves into a kind of perverse advertisement for the prowess of the cryptocrats, who are seen as having performed fantastic feats of criminal enterprise with a genius that renders them immune from the consequences. […]”

– Michael A. Hoffman II, in ‘Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare’ (<- links to

Click through to YouTube for the more interesting parts further in this series:

—– ————- —–

WellCalibratedSlowDownMechanism copy


—– ————- —–

At least we can give thanks for those sprinkles of rain and wind from the right direction to give Seattle some smoke-free days…

Seattle_Sept15_2017_SoTeriblySmokey copy

And as you can tell [sarc.], radiation levels swiftly dropped back to normal…:


Lots of rain on the way.  Expect data gaps and perhaps a new ‘baseline adjustment’…

But nevermind all that too…

—– —–—– —–

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Sept. 15, 2017 – SLV – Couple Pics.

Aspen coloring & first actual snow on the high peaks this morning:


The moon:


Gas prices on Sept. 15, 2017:   (via )

Sept15_2017GasBuddy copy.jpg

Took that one, below, “for the numbers” :-)  in Buena Vista, Colorado, last week…  (composite of overexposed and okay-looking insert):


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Imminent Attack on Planet SATURN with a 72 Pound Pu-238 Dirty Nuclear Bomb

In between static, a crackling faint signal bleeds through…

Spaceship Earth – “Sept. 14, 2017

— “Soundtracks” ;-)  :

——- ——- ——–

“Believe it or not, it’s for a good cause” – National Geographic:


cube / hexagon crop circle copy


“Let’s crash some Plutonium into it” ?

Just like when they crashed the ‘Galileo’ probe (with its 34 pounds of Pu-238) into the planet Jupiter, the scientific establishment is touting today’s / tomorrow’s (Sept. 15) planned second plutonium-bombing of a foreign planet as an awesome moment…:

PlannedPlutoniumBombingSaturn_Sept15_2017 copy

The official website is counting down to the “grand finale”, 

Note the web address of NASA? copy.jpg

= Screenshot from a clip in this video (véry different views further down):

—– —– —–

As I start this blogpost and think, “Why even bother posting another word…”, it is less than 8 hours before communication with the (non-explosive) “dirty bomb” will be lost…  By the time I look up some stuff, ponder and write this blogpost, it is likely closer to 6 hours… and then… copy

Annotated screenshot at time of starting this blogpost…

…and then – double space probe Galileo’s punch –  about 72.3 pounds of Plutonium-238, more plutonium than had ever been used in a space device,  is scheduled to crash into the planet Saturn…


Wikipedia Commons:  Planet Saturn with its striking hexagon-shaped north polar vortex, discovered by the Voyager Mission in 1981.   (NASA: April 2, 2014)

Pu-238’s half-life is 87.84 years, radioactively decaying primarily by very powerful alpha-decay into Uranium-234, a process which creates a lot of heat. Each gram of 238Pu spontaneously generates 0.568 Watts of heat, part of  which in turn is converted into electricity to power the space probe.  As one of the most toxic man-made products in existence, Plutonium-238 was given ‘the highest relative hazard number’ (152) of all 256 radio-nuclides evaluated by Karl Z. Morgan, et al, in 1963. [Source: ]  The Plutonium-238 used in space devices is 280 times more radioactive than the Plutonium-239 used in nuclear weapons. [Source: ]

They think it’s fine to crash it into Saturn because they consider the Planet Saturn “an inanimate object, devoid of life.”  Regardless of it being a moot move to say anything, I’m still going to state it:  I object.  As a contemporary inhabitant of, or even ‘part of’, this planet Earth, I do not consent.

I understand conventional university-trained scientists regard all matter as “dead” in the sense that they publicly (and likely genuinely) deny the aspects of ‘perception’ and ‘conscience’ to so-called “innate” “non-biological” phenomena, even when as large as a planet 95 times the mass of Earth, but… well:  I simply disagree. From a strictly materialistic viewpoint, my objection would probably be seen as ‘delusional’, but with a viewpoint that ‘all is dead’, you actually end up making it so…  All planets are unique ALIVE information fields with a kind of planetary consciousness.  Like the Sun and the Earth we’re on / are part of, Saturn ought to be respected as Sovereign in its own right.   I consider the bombing of Saturn disrespectful.

[And technically it is not a ‘bomb’, as it wasn’t designed to explode, but the point of any ‘dirty nuclear bomb’ is not the explosive power, but its ability to spread dangerous radioactive particles.  In this case that will be accomplished by burning the entire probe in the atmosphere of Saturn.  That’s why call it a ‘dirty bomb’.  Same difference.]

As far as i can tell, the war on sovereignty [under the banner of “All One”, etc.], with its disregard for personal and community boundaries, self-determination and integrity, as it is evidently being waged on all levels nowadays, is misguided.   Isn’t the spiking of Saturn with a tiny (relatively speaking), but highly toxic and possibly energetically poisonous [violating a basic principle of respect] bit of Pu-238 unbelievably arrogant, even unpredictably dangerous?   If it is part of an alchemical experiment (in some kind of as-above-so-below twisted way), it ought to be explained in the open.  Given the Cryptocracy has long proven to be extremely cruel, ánd appears to be steering the world in general in a clearly misguided nefarious direction, I see no reason to trust them that they somehow “thought thís one through.”     It would be a first…

——— ——– ———-

If it’s not too late, I request you (NASA Mission Control) use the last of the probe’s fuel to steer the probe away from its crash course, onto a path that some time down the line, without bumping into moons or other celestial bodies, it can be retrieved for safe-keeping.   Saturn is not a trash can.  

——— ——– ———-

Below: An interesting compilation :-), packed with various ‘alternative’ perspectives on Saturn from history, mythology and the occult / esoteric world (like much of the YouTube Videos I embed, it contains much I wouldn’t vouch for per se, but find interesting (or entertaining) nonetheless…):

Highly “Biblical”, for those who don’t mind…:

Includes very recent footage:



A rebel alliance public service announcement bleeds through briefly…

…Paving the way to Totalitarian Hell by setting the stage for the pendulum swing WAY back… Social engineering at its vilest.

…but the signal vanished quickly…

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