Additional Data Northern Hemisphere Radioactive Cloud, Early 2017

Beautiful sunny day in the Southern Rockies, Feb. 20, 2017

I added a few snippets to the end of the previous blog post, including this gamma radiation graph from Fairbanks, Alaska:


–> The onset of the data gap, following an up-down swing is pretty much New Year’s Eve.  A look at the wind patterns ( ) at that time over Alaska:

Alright, let’s see if we can see something in the jetstream data

Starting on Jan. 30, 2016 @,60.63,546/loc=-147.430,64.130, jumping 1 day ahead to Jan 31, 2016, you see that the jet stream is not slowing down at that time for that location (that it pretty much passed straight over Fukushima is not relevant yet, as Northern Japan is a bit of a jet stream funnel; it would require much more suggestive evidence to point at this one as a likely culprit again):


Shortly after, as the disturbances turn into a data gap @ Fairbanks, it corresponds with a slower-wind higher up.  When looking at the wind layers below it, it gets pretty quiet:


By Jan 2, 2017, the high pressure system in drawing air in from the south and bring it down (hence the higher pressure),59.75,546/loc=-147.430,64.130

If whatever set off and shut off the monitor in Alaska was jet-stream-delivered, the wind pattern suggests something should show up in Hawaii as well…. Radnet

And there we have: slight upticks at the beginning of January, with a data gap towards the end of the first week of January @ Honolulu, HI:


Alright, well… that shows me it is not “just a European cloud”.  Obviously the radioactive cloud circled the northern hemisphere.  Radnet sucks worse than EURDEP, so… back to Europe see what else I can find…:

To repeat from a few posts back, the data I want to graph for the past few months are what’s shown here:


–> One thing I haven’t seen pointed out elsewhere is the obvious:  the Polish detection is a magnitude higher than most other samples:  5.92 µBq/m^3 I-131, 10 times higher than the far-northern detections.

Grrr… No luck finding the radioisotope-specific data via EURDEP…  (infinite loading or Error crashes…)  Well, I did get this one from Kotka, bit east of Helsinki in SOuthern Finland:


Oh well… Gamma then, I guess…

GOAL: To find “the starting time” of this release,’cause once a location and time for the ARRIVAL of the cloud is established, it becomes possible to look upwind without completely wasting my time…

As far of the search period…. Hard to say, ’cause you can always find something earlier, but for I-131 to still be detectable and this perhaps being linked to the spikes and data gaps, I’d say between… Dec. 20, 2016 and Jan. 20, 2017 somewhere.  The ‘Standard Deviation’ Setting for T-Gamma on Eurdep shows the following locations standing out:


The couple maroon dots are very clearly NOT “merely calibrations”, as the EuRDEP disclaimer would like us to believe.  Latvia and far-southern Greece in the Mediterranean; I’ll look at those first:

I am including the month before and after (which lands us nicely at the end date Feb 20, 2017 for the below 3-month graphs. y-axis vary); If you’re some kind of “legitimate scientist”, check with authorities, as this constitutes merely “data art” “for entertainment purposes only” See also my disclaimer)


That’s an impressive distance apart from the Baltics to the Mediterranean to see the onset of major spiking in a time frame of just a few days at the very end of 2016…  I’ll continue, but first a look at the jetstream and lower wind patterns for Europe…

Jan. 30, 2016, noon, zoomed in, annotations added:,49.15,1093


Okay, good, the wind pattern explains: both Latvia and Greece are in slower-blowing jet stream areas on the sides of the jet stream blowing in from over the Northern Atlantic.  The monitor in Norway where the first whiff made landfall shows this might indeed be the case, with a significant coastal spike, with a zero-value (likely due to beta radiation effect on gamma monitors, or some kind of bizarre data processing effect – seen this often over the years.  I interpret it as increasing the likelihood of the whiff containing artificial radionuclides).  This timing is right around Christmas as well:


The most significant slow zone on the left-side of the jet stream is over the Ukraine, where they don’t even take 24-hour averages, but a quick spot sample a day, from which barely anything can be figured.  Nevertheless, not significant, but still a slight uptick there after New Years:


On the right side, it would be the low countries.  Some monitors there indeed picked it up, even before Norway, with a data gap shown @ Ciney, Belgium as early as the 23rd (not far from Tihange NPP):


Peculiar… Some more…




A 6-month record for a bit more context on the December 2016 erratic pattern, followed by a data gap, and then a baseline shift:


All the way in eastern Turkey near Iran, the last 3 months:


Hm… interesting…  The old conclusion that the monitoring system is rigged to hide the data when it matters the most is, of course, hereby yet again confirmed.  Anyone can see the correlation between the onset of disturbances, spikes and data gaps or monitors just being turned off for long periods.   Lower than normal rather than the expected elevated values remains a clue to fallout patterns as well.  And figuring out an origin to a leak with such a record full of omissions, skipped air sampling, etc… It’s nearly impossible to pinpoint the source.

The start of this burst could have been in the second half of December, with the cloud drifting around the world and affecting monitors in the many weeks after, with even Iodine-131 detections after one or more cycles around the planet.  It’s possible.  Just pointing at “Eastern Europe” because they happen to have a couple samples near there… is too simplistic.

Gotta take a break…  I’ll add more here later on:

Still Feb 20, Feb 21 in Europe already….

CounterPunch wrote this the other day:

An indication this was HUGE:  uptick on Christmas in French Guyane, North-Eastern SOUTH AMERICA:


The next monitor to the East would be on the Atlantic island of Tenerife, one of those monitors that shows almost nothing, aside from the timing of data gaps:



Prague’s data stands out a bit as different than in many places:


Southern Greenland’s data gaps:


And some more…


Also, when checking some Russian monitors not included in EUrdep, they show just data gaps or zero values between Christmas 2016 and the onset of 2017, with no indication of a nearby culprit:


I didn’t spot anything revealing on Japanese or independent networks.

I have no conclusion other than the same old one: the people who designed/rigged the monitoring networks did a fine job to make it véry hard for the layman to figure out what might be going on.


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They Cling Greedily to the Harvest of Nuclear Benefits They Are Watering with the Mutated Blood of Generations of Downwinders… (EURDEP, 3 or 6 months, Various Radiation Monitors)

The headline, “They Cling Greedily to the Harvest of Nuclear Benefits They Are Watering with the Mutated Blood of Generations of Downwinders…” was inspired by a line in this excerpt:

“[…]  What are we to do?  Someday our descendants will describe our several generations as generations of driveling do-nothings.  First we submissively allowed them to massacre us by the millions, and then with devoted concern we tended the murderers in their prosperous old age.

What are we to do if the great Russian tradition of penitence is incomprehensible and absurd to them?  What are we to do if the animal terror of hearing even one-hundredth part of all they subjected others to outweighs in their hearts any inclination to justice?   If they cling greedily to the harvest of benefits they have watered with the blood of those who perished? […]”

– From page 80 in ‘The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956’, by Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn (authorized abridged version with forward by Edward E. Ericson, Jr.), a book I’m reading.  It courageously delves into the horrors of the Soviet prison camps, in which dozens of millions of people perished.  (In this part, the author’s imploring the Russian people and world public to make an effort akin to the Nuremberg trials after WW2, where an earnest attempt was made by the Germans [albeit under the direction of a de-facto US occupation, but that aside for a moment] to bring major participants in Nazi crimes against humanity to justice. [Similar trials were also not held to bring the worst war criminals of the Allied Forces to justice, but that aside for a moment as well…])

Isn’t it funny (?), how on January 7, 2017, noting odd spikes in the Baltics, I had written:

Identify the current nuclear incident, leading to the arrest of those covering it up, and win the return of this blog!  – hehe”… and here we are now, an entire month and a half later and A LOT of people are suddenly wondering WHERE the latest radioactive whiff is coming from…

Some day, perhaps, if we are lucky, the systematic lies of the nuclear industry will be revealed as well…  Yeah, we can dream…  And although éven thére terrain is being lost, ‘dreaming’ may be about the only freedom still standing.

 “…Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.

What did you dream?

It’s alright we told you what to dream…”

(I had also stated later, “But for the time being, my blog will remain invisible to the public… until I have a better grasp on where this regime is heading…”  But I’m still as clueless as then.  Oh well.  So take my now-visible ponderings (some of which is rather unedited because I wasn’t really writing for an audience) with some extra grains of salt…)

  Long after the waste barrels that were dumped into the world’s oceans have ruptured and showed up in cancer clusters that were never investigated.  When we’ve learned that there were dozens of accidents like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima, that did not receive any media attention, were kept out of the pages of history, as if it none of it ever happened.  When all is said and done, if we are ever so lucky to see this nuclear menace brought under control, many hundreds of millions of people, whose suffering directly or indirectly traces back to exposure to radioactive fallout, will have been silenced by the agony of their health challenges, which rarely leaves additional energy to go after the likely causes, let alone seeking justice.

And you would think that vile pro-nuclearists, like that UK Guardian’s George Monbiot, who belittled the Fukushima-Daiichi multiple nuclear reactor meltdowns to push for more of the same, would have lost his job by now, as the obscenity of his heartless arrogance were exposed by the escalating crisis…  But no. Facts and dire consequences have no sway over cult mentality.

Just for your entertainment, I’m going to leave this blog post unfinished, in exchange for returning my blog back to visibility.  This is just a rough draft.  I may edit the pink parts some day in the future.  But if left this way, you get to see how I write a blog post: I just ramble along, and the details get filled in, which is the time-consuming part, which I’ll skip for this one.  ;-)

For instance, just as a little diversion down memory lane, rehashing already mentioned over the years, take a look at what the CDC (US Center for Disease Control) data showed:  the health consequences caused by radioactive fallout from the Nevada Test Site, where x above ground and x underground nuclear attacks were carried out against the ancestral lands of the indigenous Western Shoshone Nation from … till …, includes these findings: … … …   Even now, an estimated x cancer deaths per year are attributed to that fallout. .

Then ponder some of the fallout maps, and notice how in cumulative fallout hot zones, such as … in Nevada, … in Utah, or …, Idaho, the deposition of Cesium-137 does not surpass …;  the highest deposition of I-131 was downwind #nameTest; etc.

And then you ponder the very early and thus grossly underestimating fallout maps made right after the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear mega-catastrophe began:

[more maps…]

And THEN, after you’ve taken that in, you read and re-read the UNSCEAR’s assessment regarding Fukushima :    “No discernible increased incidence of radiation-related health effects are expected among exposed members of the public or their descendants” –

THAT is the meaning of  a totalitarian regime’s insistence on pushing utter bullshit and lies as authoritative truth, even giving glamorous awards to its disseminators.  George Orwell summed it up in his classic novel, 1984 with: “2 + 2 = 5”.

See, “2 + 2 = 4” is showing one cause and its consequences, then another even worse cause, with this implying, by simply logic and reason, to lead to at least similar and more likely worse consequences.  But logic and reason is not what cults operate on.  So instead we’re fed utter nonsense with great zeal and and air of authority, as if 2 + 3 = 0.  No, really, it is zero, and you’re akin to a Holocaust denier if you disagree.  And move over Climate Change Deniers, cause because the modern industrial emission of CO2 is bringing us to the brink (just check the math: 2 + 7 + 44 = 351), let’s push that ‘established-to-be-the-least-harmful’ 2 + 3 = 0 technology…   Or don’t you care about the planet?

That the most vocal propagandists for the ‘catastrophic man-made global warming’ narrative just also happen to be the biggest proponents of building more nuclear reactors must be just as coincidental as the fact that the Belgian distribution of Al Gore’s Nobel-Peace-Prize-Winning ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ (through the popular weekly Humo – source) was financed by Belgium’s nuclear energy giant Electrabel.

Is an in-motion seemingly unstoppable ‘nuclear holocaust’ intensifying?  Do certain rising incidence rates of cancer, leukemia, heart disease and mental illness [see sources], dropping life expectancy rates [UK: US:], mysterious die-offs imperiling whales, tide pool life, reindeer and Saiga antelope, etc. have a common cause?  Like delayed effects of ingested/inhaled radioactive fallout?

A few things are certain, though:  1) They’re lying about the severity of the overall nuclear pollution situation, particularly of the ongoing Fukushima-Daiichi fiasco; 2) They’re grossly downplaying the less-than-lethal and long-term health consequences, and 3) either Fukushima is still having fission flare-ups or other nuclear reactors are doing a lot of mega-emergency-venting, blowing up or melting down left and right.  How otherwise could we end up with solid validated detections of airborne Iodine-131, Niobium-95, Zirconium-97, Cobalt-60, Antimony-124, Cesium-134, Cesium-137, and likely “enhanced natural” unusual upticks in Berrylium-7, Lead-210, Radon-220 and the like…? One or a combination of some, year after year.

Every now and then media outlets report some detection, like the recent I-131 detected in Europe.  Yet somehow they don’t demand answers: Where did the radioactive cloud originate?  What happened?  It is not freak’n possible that a lab or reactor releases thát much of an isotope that is detected across an entire continent during routine sampling, without this being known to the operators.  Wherever this came from again, they know.  And the CTBTO (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization), with their state-of-the-art network of global detectors and multidisciplinary software to pin-point the source of a radioisotope detection, they know.  The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), from where this current ‘culling of the herd’ silent eugenic kill experiment is likely coordinated, they know.

And here I am… sitting by a nice warm stove in the Colorado Rocky Mountains… writing entertainment for these cunning clever little monsters…  I imagine their grins high up in their Vienna offices, as they catch up on my last few months.  “See MVB’s blog’s back on?  I’m glad.  I missed his contemporary data thriller series.  Beats this stupid report I have to write for that anti-nuclear NGO front we control…”  The amused bureaucrat takes another sip of coffee as he stares at more whimsical lament and data-graphs-sprinkled photos of majestic snow-capped mountain views…  The phone rings.  Another meltdown somewhere. The call’s transferred to PR

Southern Colorado, in the US Sector of the planetary control grid, Feb. 18, 2017

Starting out with a series of fairly random monitors, showing 6 months (3 months per line):

Balvi, Latvia:

balvia_latvia_3mo_nov18_2016 balvia_latvia_3mo_feb18_2017Kilmeadan, Ireland:

kilmeadan_ireland_3mo_nov18_2016 kilmeadan_ireland_3mo_feb18_2017

Warsaw, Poland:

warsawa_poland_3mo_nov18_2016 warsawa_poland_3mo_feb18_2017

Salaspils, Latvia:

salaspils_latvia_3mo_nov18_2016 salaspils_latvia_3mo_feb18_2017

Penhas Douradas, Portugal:

penhasdouradas_portugal_3mo_nov18_2016 penhasdouradas_portugal_3mo_feb18_2017

Kivevo, Macedonia:

kicevo_macedonia_3mo_nov18_2016 kicevo_macedonia_3mo_feb18_2017

Aiguille-Du_Midi, French Alps:

aiguilledumidi_74_som_co__france_3mo_nov18_2016 aiguilledumidi_74_som_co__france_3mo_feb18_2017

Some 3-monthers is next…

I’m unable to access EURDEP’s radio-isotope-specific data from the map, but a few I remember where they are, andhat way I can still get my hands on some data, though not the Iodine-131 data yet mentioned in a previous posts, and that has begun to receive more attention (meanwhile it is Feb. 19, 2017…).

Zero Hedge headlined:


Blog traffic to my static-screen blog has seen a significant uptick the last few days, here showing 1 week, remarkable for an entirely empty blog:

topcountryviews_nothingtosee_1week_feb19_2017I guess some folks out there recall I used to be OBSESSED with trying to pin-point nuclear releases, especially if they suggested ‘recent fission’, as is the case of an I-131 release.  Alright…   On Dec. 23, 2016, I announced I my ‘Blog Terminated’…

58 days… It’s a new record for keeping my mouth shut.  ;-)

As you ponder of my writings of the last 2 months, you’ll see that I kinda went a little cuckoo, although at least not entirely brain dead.  Attempts to bliss out on natural beauty and celebrating my new-found niche in the cultural of denial…  Alas…   Almost, but no cigar.  ;-/

Alright then…  Have it your way.  As a little hint that I might return to this sad sad interest of mine…, I already tweeted: tweetfeb19_2017The data I was able to get last night, on my way back from Cañon City:

Cs-137 & I-131 @ Sola, Norway:  Massive data gap began right after Christmas here, right as you spikes and data gaps elsewhere.  So, there’s a possibility that the nuclear accident occured much earlier and the admitted I-131 detections are just the tail end.  If that’s the case, that would also imply that the source could be just about anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere…


Although… Nothing noteworthy @ Nicosia, Cyprus (I-131 & Cs-137):

nicosia_cyprus_i131_cs137_3mo_feb18_2017Spitzbergen, Arctic Norway: Cs-137, I-131, then Be-7 & Pb-210:


In Helsinki, no I-131 was detected in their (publicly viewable) record, but in the below-shown, you can see that omitted that same late December 2016, early 2017 period, and that they then did a quick test, possibly to see if levels had dropped to normal after a spike they couldn’t explain.  They can’t keep claiming waste packages rupturing in their garage, I guess.  Better cover up some data…  The last month saw minor Cs-137 upticks (marked with red arrows, below), the last one corresponding with a Be-7 uptick, which might be part of the same cloud that also contains trace I-131 amounts…:

helsinki_finland_be7_cs137_3mo_feb18_2017 Alright… Let me turn my blog back to visibility, and see if I can find anything else…

—— ——- —–

  • Added on Feb 20, 2017:

EURDEP’s crashing on me almost every time I want to see specific radioisotope data, but before the wifi venue closed last night (I cancelled my internet at home as part of my intention to spent way less time researching stuff), I was able to get these few more snippets:


-> This one (above) suggests that the widespread upticks and data gaps seen between the winter solstice and mid-January was not entirely natural, as the two weeks in early January showed an Cesium-137 uptick.

Notice also the erratic patterns at Vidin, Bulgaria since the beginning of the year:


The idea that it is “likely in Eastern Europe” is not realy based on anything tangible.  Most countries don’t test for I-131 on a regular basis, and those that do, gather samples over the course of days or a week and then lab test the filters, which erases the spike moments and can miss earlier traces.

A look at a few monitors on Radnet show the issue may have been months in the making, and the blips of news allowed to see mainstream press lights could be part of throwing sand in our eyes.  Take Fairbanks in central Alaska, for instance:  major distiurbances over the Christmas period, then practically all of January 2017 data gapped, the very same period that I-131 was detected in Europe.  Apart from tiny reasearch ones (I pressume), there are no nuclear power reactors in Alaska.  Right as the data gap begins, you see a drop in many gamma energy ranges, possibly due to the effects of a beta radiation uptick:


Disturbances and data gaps have continues since:


On the coast @ Anchorage, Alaska, the data gaps starts later and is shorter.  This is often the case: inland monitors show more, because air layers mix more than over the ocean (where air layers tend to be more stratified); the extra turbulence makes more fallout that’s blowing in from far away reach ground level.  (SO much for people moving away from the coast…)


Always note the dates and y-axis.  Radnet does not allow control over those, so my composites contains some overlaps and shifting y-values.   I’ll post more in a new blogpost when I can access more data…   (To be continued)

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Incredible Sky Colors at the Karmapa Stupa

Crestone-Baca, Southern Colorado


For more on this Tibetan Stupa, see KTTG’s page @




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Nuclear Blips, Trump Notes, Blog Archive Axed, Etc. (Another MIX)

 Golden, Colorado, US-occupied Territories… – Feb. 6, 2017

Just ‘taking notes’ behind the public facade of a static screen and banner.  Sometimes I feel mixed about my current silence… 

I guess the nuclear mess will remain ‘current’ for some time alright….

Got a message from Twitterland:  “Iodine detected across Europe & Radiation sniffing aircraft Constant Phoenix in UK. Any chance you might do a short report?

Yup:  Iodine-131 detected across Europe.  This is unusually wide-spread and suggests some major incident:


I have been unable to search for a possible leaking source, due to problems accessing EURDEP for additional data.

It would be most interesting to see which other isotopes showed upticks, and which way the wind was blowing, if wind lines intersect somewhere upwind, and if preceding data gaps give clues about the timing of a major leak or nuclear accident.

Maybe another time when EURDEP cooperates again… ;-/

And so the beat goes on, also in Trump Land…: 

          I still gather ‘NOTES’…

trumbannonleninAn excerpt from the above:

Does Trump’s victory and his cabinet appointments genuinely amount to a government takeover akin to the one staged by the Bolshevik Party in 1917? If we view Trump’s “movement” as a radical faction within the Republican Party that has swept him to power despite opposition from within the party, the comparison is not as far-fetched as it may seem.



The New Yorker’s front page:


The end of liberty as we’ve known it…

  • Archives of my blog.    I brought an end to my blog’s older versions still floating out there, including various things I long deleted or corrected.  Before I emailed the Internet Archive with my request/demand, I saved what they had saved.  Here’s an overview of how often people saved my blog, pretty much all the time:


->  After 3 emails and a few days, the request was honored, leaving the result as following:




I tell myself, “It’s okay that my writings disappear.  It’s not making much of a difference anyhow.”  You can thank the very smart people who’ve pushed a culture of denial.   I would feel differently if I lived in a society where the search for truth was widely shared, and respect for personal boundaries, life and liberty, were upheld and  unchallenged.  But I don’t live in such a society.

The very culture of make-belief, propaganda and distorting the truth, which are standard in the nuclear industry, as well as the violence perpetrated against the integrity of DNA and matter itself, as well as a war on the sovereignty of sentient beings ánd their self-organizing nations, which is the underlying pattern of the nuclear-armed world order, is now being implemented as the standard for the rest of society, affecting all aspects of culture. 


  • I informed the few concerned anti-nuclear activists @ ENEnews OT forum about the computer attack at the end of January:


ENEnews commentor Jebus linked to the below in response: Apparently Busby’s computes has been attacked too, a year ago, as relayed in Comments on ENEnews:


It’s looking pretty bleak… ;-/  The noose is tightening…  Soon all apparent dissidents will just be fake plants to lead people astray…


And then there’s these snippets…:


“The Perestroika Deception” is particularly interesting in light of recent developments…


And also:


And that’s all for these ‘notes’ again…

To be continued… Perhaps…

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530 SIEVERT/hr, Highest Radiation Since 3/11 @Fukushima-Daiichi’s Reactor 2

February 4, 2017

You’ve probably heard it when bringing up some sad or awful news: “Don’t give it energy.  Focus on what you want to manifest.  What you focus on, grows.”   Know those kinds of people?  I used to dabble in that stuff.  It has its place, especially for coping, but it doesn’t seem to work very well for war, military spending and various environmental disasters…

530 SIEVERT/hr… Man…


Click partial screenshot to read in full.

[h/t Tweet from M.Ac. directing to ]

As Washington’s Blog noted @

Highest Radiation Level At Fukushima Now Dwarfs That At Chernobyl

The highest radiation levels ever measured at Chernobyl were 300 sieverts per hour … an incomprehensibly high dose which can kill a man almost instantly.

See…  Even as I TRY to “turn a blind eye” to the worsening Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear catastrophe, people I’ve never met email or tweet me with ‘developments’…  “The momentum of the past”, I suppose…  By turning my blog off, hundreds, perhaps thousands of people are currently (during the blog-silent period) presumably giving ‘less energy’ to that ongoing nuclear mess, especially @ Fukushima-Daiichi, which at times has been a bit of an obsession of mine.  Is my silence helping?  :-)  I’ll consider this yet another strike against that New Age theory of make-belief. :-(

Excerpts from the Japan Times article linked to above:

“[…] The searing radiation level, described by some experts as “unimaginable,” far exceeds the previous high of 73 sieverts per hour at the reactor. […]”


“[…] the blazing radiation reading was taken near the entrance to the space just below the pressure vessel, which contains the reactor core.  The high figure indicates that some of the melted fuel that escaped the pressure vessel is nearby.  […] According to Tepco, readings of surface radiation on parts used inside a normally operating pressure vessel can reach several thousands sieverts per hour. […]”

Melted fuel ‘nearby’… How nearby?   ‘Cause ‘nearby’ indicates that the measurement of 530 Sv/hr (+/- 30%) was not a surface reading.  If a surface reading can reach several thousand Sievert… @ distance near zero … then…

Flashback to “The Dose Deception – Why 0.20 µSv/hr (from fallout) can be far more dangerous than 2.00 µSv/hr (from cosmic rays). The inverse square law for ionizing radiation illustrated.…  Purely for my entertainment…:  Let’s say on the surface of a part that was used inside an operating pressure vessel… (let’s say distance is only 1 mm), a reading is 10,000 Sv/hr, then at which distance would it be 500 Sv/hr?

Made easy @ (-> other calculations –> inverse square law)

Answer: 4.47 mm   Basically, half a centimeter.   I presume that the camera wasn’t thát close to the ‘nearby fuel’.

How about 10 cm away?  (about 4 inches)   If a sensor measured 530 Sv/hr from 10 centimeters away, then the surface dose rate (@ 1 mm) would be… [using that calculator…] Answer: 5.300000E+006 = 5,300,000 SIEVERT/hr.

Ah!  I see why they call it “unimaginable”.   Have fun designing a robot that can pick up debris like that… ;-/

That also shows that the difference between 73 and 530 Sv/hr is essentially meaningless, as it doesn’t even mean that radiation levels have gone up; it could just mean that the camera-robot got a tiny bit closer to a strongly emitting source (a piece of molten fuel).

Would have been funnier if they kept calling it ‘Inconceivable…’

Like I said for so many years now: I think at least one of those cores is still fissioning.  But that wouldn’t be measurable in the building right under the breached “containment vessel”, I would think.  If there is a fissioning blob, it’s most likely deep in the ground, and perhaps this would only be the case at the MOX-fueled Reactor 3.  I’m just an armchair commentator without even a college degree, so… you’re not alone if you doubt my suspicions.  I doubt them too.  Off and on.  Still, though, I think IF fissioning is ongoing, or at least flaring up as such every now and then, due to the molten blob having the required conditions as part of its cooling/contracting and heating/expanding presumed cycles, THEN it would be provable by way of very specific radioisotope detections.  That no such detections are admitted to by TEPCO, or its PR henchmen (WHOI included) is practically meaningless.  It’s a tightly knit network.   I mean… Think about it, if de-facto insider-scientists get away with blatantly omitting record-high Cobalt-60 releases from the scientific literature about Fukushima’s radioactive fallout, think they’ll admit to equally revealing data that’s pointing not just at the “unimaginable”, but at the “impossible”?  Come on now.

Of course I don’t know if fissioning is ongoing, but if it is, it will be very hard admit after their top expert claimed that that is “physically impossible”.  Then again… if they were fissioning, I suppose there would be more release of heat (?), and I’m not seeing data indicating heat bursts.  But it is just as unlikely that data about ANYTHING indicating ongoing fission would be concealed, including such heat data.  SO… Given the nature of the beast, it’s just a guessing game by now. 

I do also still think that it is extremely unhelpful to cover anything about the disaster up for two reasons:

  • The underlying archetypal dynamic that rules the industry includes ‘Deception’; and thus radically telling the truth and nothing but the truth helps to decrease the hold of this pattern.
  • And secondly, there’s just no way very alternative approaches can be proposed, let alone tried, if outside-the-box-thinking creatives aren’t even made aware of the challenge for which university-trained experts don’t have solutions.  Like Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  How on Earth will the mess be harmonized, transmuted, pacified, whatever it is going to take…  if only top nuclear insiders know the scoop, the least likely bunch to transcend their conditioned thinking…  If I were a tweeting president, I would certainly end this tweet with, “Sad.”  ;-)

Like the Twitterer who “harshed my mellow” said, they: “can’t hide it too much longer, maybe another 3-4 years?”  Yeah… It’s unlikely to get more honest until AFTER the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  First attempts to remove molten fuel from the rubble is scheduled for 2021.  I think these snippets of dire-sounding news we’re being fed are merely steps towards what they’ll reveal in about 4-5 years.  To avoid shock, outrage and more anti-nuclear sentiment, they’re likely going to transition from the utter bullshit lying clown show of the first 5 years to what’s required to tackle the challenges, starting some decade after the catastrophe began.  That would be 2021.  It’s a scripted PR show.  They’re taking us for idiots. 

ENEnews may have additional links via Comments etc.

They also posted this a few days ago:

“It is what it is…” alright…

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EURDEP 3 months

Just two monitors, 3 months:

fino2_researchplatform_germany_3mo_eurdep_jan31_2017 nr17_premantura_croatia_3mo_eurdep_jan31_2017

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“Marching to Zion” Full Movie

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