Spike @ Velsen, The Netherlands, etc.

Radiation data from a few selected monitors feeding into EURDEP.

August 24, 2016

Another example, this time from France, of data being omitted precisely when there is almost certainly a spike, going “too high to be disclosed to the public”, I suppose. 2-day data, 2 graphs combined:


–> you can see how @ Chartres, France the first uptick is very slight, especially in comparisson to the next uptick, and how @ Le Mans, France we might see a similar magnitude difference… but there’s nothing to be seen for 3 hours… the very hours that coincide with the peaks up the latest upticks elsewhere…

One Dutch monitor on the coast gives an idea of how high the omitted peak values may reach from the latest round of fallout blowing around, as every now and then spikes do make it through the rigging nets:

1 month @ Velsen, The Netherlands


A closer look at the past 2 days and with a y-axis to show more detail, shows that this spike is clearly part of an uptick, so not just an isolated high value:


  • Here’s the past YEAR @ Velsen (M), The Netherlands:


–> When things started to get weird in autumn 2015, this monitor apparently had one of those shifts that I call a “data processing shift” at the end of October.Velsen_Nederland_3mo_Feb24_2016Velsen_Nederland_3mo_May24_2016–> The disturbance in early March (coinciding with the Helsinki garage waste decoy story), followed by a data gap.  The upticks seen in many places at the end of April aren’t visible here, but then when the next wave (or bulk) of the fallout of the April event hit in  May we see what I call a “baseline shift”.   I think these all just tricks to obscure the evidence pointing at what’s going on…  Or do you think it’s purely coincidental that right around that week all monitors in Western North America went “fallout blind”?

But every now and then something doesn’t get caught in the fallout-obscuring filters:


  • 6 months @ Glenanne, Northern Ireland:


–> Uptick in early March, data gap for the April event.

And forced-zero values right now:


  • 6 months @ Tunceli, Turkey:


–> doesn’t show much detail, except it just had a data gap in a period that’s seeing oddly lower-than-usual values, and just now an isolated low value:


Yeah… what actually IS going on?… that a very apparent major nuclear disaster isn’t even considered newsworthy in Europe anymore…? 

Please clue me in, and show how wrong I am, ’cause as far as I know Tellurium-132, Cobalt-60, Iodine-131, Cesium-134 & Cesium-137 don’t actually grow on trees.  They ONLY show up in outside air in measureable concentrations as a result of manmade nuclear fission, either from an above-ground nuclear bomb test, or a nuclear reactor in meltdown (or in some kind of unprecedented absolutely out-of-control “China Syndrome”…).  Just a little venting doesn’t explain what was detected in April and May at various locations in Europe.  You don’t end up with such unusually high Te-132 concentration measured in Northern Germany on April 26, 2016, without something haveing gone extremely wrong somewhere.   Where was this?

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Slovakia, you call that ‘monitoring’?

  • 6 months of gamma radiation data (via EURDEP), with increasing data gaps @ Kamenica Nad Cirochou, Slovakia:



–> Note the upticks above 120 nSv/hr (o.120 µSv/hr) in early March (time of “The Helsinki Garage Waste story” bullshit), and at the very end of April 2016 (See also We’ve Been Dosed… and various other blog posts for additional documentation of this major nuclear release that not one mainstream media outlet reported on), after which the data gaps and upticks increase.

My conclusion remains:  The official radiation monitoring networks, at least those to which the public has access, are rigged to hide the data when it matters most.  Ongoing major fallout events are being covered-up.  Media remains silent, academia omits key details from the supposedly authorative literature, many monitors turn off their data flow when there’s evidence from other monitors that something very significant is taking place in the radiological landscape, all of which taken together points at a sophisticated far-reaching cover-up apparatus licking the boots of the nuclear industry.

—- —- —-

Click ‘Home’ and keep scrolling for additional data from all over Europe.  Or explore the links on Online Radiation Monitors for more options.

—- —- —-

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A Night Near 12,000 ft. (SLV – Photos)

Crestone, August 23, 2016

After Ukraine, Belarus has now finally also been added to EURDEP (–> left column: Advanced map).


A radiation data blog posts right before and right after, but in between I hiked up to South Crestone Lake (11,730 ft. elevation) and spent the night there.  Another world.  I needed that.  Streneous hike, but gorgeous.  Nippy already… (Meanwhile it received its first significant snow “of the on-coming winter” last night.  Early, but not unheard of in the Rockies.  We could still get an awesome late summer, as happened last year.)

Couple photos from the two-day journey above Crestone’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains, flanking the easterns side of Southern Colorado’s San Luis Valley:


The first herd of Bighorn Sheep showed up when I was drying my tent before packing up:



;-)  Personal favorite of this hike:


Marmot (of the squirrel family):


American Red Squirrel:


Gorgeous patches of wildflowers all over:





Already around noon, I noticed the clouds building and found that was a bit early, very likely to result in thunderstorms later in the afternoon, so I left many hours sooner than planned:


View of the Baca subdivision by Crestone before the last major switch-backs:


By the time I got to town, a torrential rain and hail storm with lightning was already sweeping the mountains…


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Do Not Share Policy

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6 months, 5 monitors from up north


Crestone, Colorado (USA) – August 22, 2016

EURDEP radiation data (much of which is not validated) via my page Online Radiation Monitors, and a couple hoops to jump through from there.  5 monitors:

  • MO I RANA, Norway
  • Petaejaevesi, Northern Finland
  • Kittilae, Northern Finland
  • Kuivalahti, Northern Finland
  • Kovdor, Russian Federation

3 months per line, check the time line; and often the y-axis is adjusted to show more detail.  6 months per monitor:

  • MO I RANA, Norway:


  • Petaejaevesi, Northern Finland:


–> Interesting to see a data gap that far noth during the very same period some eastern European monitors showed data gaps amidst spikes and disturbances… [Click ‘Home’ and keep scrolling for tons of additional graphed data from the same period]

  • Kittilae, Northern Finland (the gradual increase in May is from snow melt reducing ground shielding, I think):


  • Kuivalahti, Northern Finland:


Kovdor, Russian Federation – (just day-averages, but “The April event” is visisble, and the past week has been erratic):



Was looking at Finland, because interest in this ongoing mess has its upswings, during which absent areas stand out more.


blog traffic 7 dayes before Aug 22, 2016…

Announce a “radioactive storm approaching the Irish Coast“, and -poof- blog traffic from Ireland coincidentally drops to zero… Hm… Really?

Make some more fun of that “bizarre” Finnish explanation about that Cesium-137 spike in Finland that monitors all over Europe mysteriously “empathized with” and we’re back in “Are U there, Finland?“-land?  Slovakia… Yeah… wondered about it too…   I don’t know.  Seen it too often, still find it a bit far-fetched, though.  It’s all public data.  I just make it a little easier to see the longer-range patterns.  And the rest is just my opinion, which you’re welcome to take as ‘entertainment’…  So… If (big IF) it’s even a thing (blog access interference based on which country’s messed-up radiation data I write about), it might be a marginal phenomena, as Germany or Poland, for instance, don’t seem to be affected by “whatever would do that”…  For what it’s worth, it’s what got me to look at Finnish data tonite.

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6 month, 4 monitors

  • Hoevenen, Belgium
  • Öhringen, Germany
  • Autilla Del Pino, Spain
  • Gurk, Austria

At time of checking (Sat. Aug 20, 2016 @ 11:40pm Mountain Time in Colorado), Germany had not posted new data.  So, ‘last value’ and ‘maximum value’ both turned out nothing for the past 24 hours for Germany.  Nation-wide data gap.  ;-/  See that more often with Italy and Spain.  We’ll see if they’ll fill us in later, or it will just be another data gap.

“I wonder why…”


Standard Deviation, 2 days

I was ‘annotating’ first (Belgium, Germany), but left the rest just-is and just grouped ’em as shown, below.   I’ll first show the period Feb. 21 through May 20th, 2016 for 4 monitors, an then the past 3 months, just so it’s visually easier to see correlations, such as between spikes, data gaps and such.


The April 24-27 spike Event and its fallout aftermath is obvious on all these four as well.  See the data gaps around times of upticks elsewhere?  Now, here’ the past 3 months, May 21 through August 20, 2016.  Note the first and just this past week:


There you have that zero-value again, this time @ Gurk, Austria, nicely correlating with data gaps (such as @ the shown monitors in Spain and Germany), and a fallout-patterned uptick @ Hoevenen, Belgium.

It’s taken me a ridiculous amount of research time to figure out how fallout evidence is actually being obscured through various data processing tricks, as well as likely effects of ionizing radiation on electronics, but once you catch on to the patterns, you can still actually spot artificial radioactive clouds on these monitors.   Perhaps not enough to take the bastards that rigged the system to court.  But enough to know that any politician or so-called scientist promoting more “safe nuclear energy” is full of it.

And the beat goes on…

—– —— —–

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Standard Deviousness

Some more EURDEP radiation graphs. It’s was late afternoon in Europe, Friday August 19, 2016 when I pulled the graphs… Strung ’em together later in the day.

A quick look on EURDEP’s public Advanced Map, Setting: 1 day, T-Gamma, Standard Deviation shows abnormalities in the Northern UK, ongoing upticks in the Alps region, and few other ones, documented here, below:


Germany is not gone.  Only gone from Standard Deviation view, just like Russia.  Often that just means there’s only one data point (a long 1-day average is an excellent trick (from the bag of tricks apparently used by deceptive nuclearist assholes who’ve coopted the monitoring networks) to hide spikes).  Not something Germany resorts to very often…

Take a deep breath, Dutchmen.  That’s fallout for ya!  “;-)”  Old village, fresh modern air @ Ouddorp, the Netherlands:


Unusual?  I don’t know… Seems a bit unusual looking at the past half year @ Leiden, The Netherlands…, doesn’t it?:


Hol, Norway:


Vinje, Norway:


The Irish coast wasn’t affected as much (or maybe it was, because there’s some mini-data gaps…).  Here’s some UK graphs that showed a ‘Standard Deviation’ color-change:

West Freugh, UK:


Machrhanish, UK:


It seems that monitors at higher elevation are often more easily affected by the high-flying radioactive air that takes its sweet time to sparkle-up the surface of our beautiful planet with fallen angel dust…  Combined with mountains tending to have more radon too, a natural uptick and an unnatural one may be hard to differentiate here.

half year @ Rojen Peak, Bulgaria:


Here’s a funny one from near Istanbul, Turkey…    “Funny” only because very early March stands out so distinctly with its relatively highly unusual uptick.  That was the time  -“how coincidentally” – of the “Highest Cesium-137 measurement @ Helsinki, Finland since Chernobyl 1986”, expalined away with a “leaking garage waste package” storyline…  I pointed out some holes in the story in my post, April 22, 2016: Was Helsinki’s Cs-137 “Localized Garage Waste Leak” A Decoy For Hemisphere-Wide Fallout Upticks? […]”, but not one media outlet questioned the official explanation.  This monitor must have had “empathy for the Helsinki monitor”, or something… [sarc.]:



Given the latest Cs-137 spike at Helsinki (see previous posts – click home and keep scrolling), maybe they’re telepathically connected?   This Turkish monitor just FEELS some monitors in Finland.  Forget about science and wind patterns and such.  Right?   [sarc.)

Look, this isn’t actually funny.  There’s dozens of new nuclear power plants under construction.  They get permitted under the guise of nuclear energy somehow having a relatively good safety record.  They’re not safe.  They’re not clean.  They’re not even climate-neutral.  But that safety record is highly manipulated.  Most fallout monitors turn themselves off when the fallout levels get too extreme, it seems.  I’ve found plenty of examples of that throughout the past few years.  Most major radiological releases apparently are getting covered-up.  Even an obviously massive one, with Tellurium-132 reaching 10,000% the highest level reached post-Fukushima in 2011, measured, validated, accompanied with extreme spikes and data gaps all over… didn’t make it into ONE mainstream media outlet.  Some validated data, like the Ruthenium-103 spike in Norway in early January 2016, accompanied by widespread upticks, is being disappeared.  The highly suspicious interruptions in radioisotope-specific air sampling, the fact that Cobalt-60 detections in May did not show up on the map.  And so on.  In short: the very agencies in charge of environmental oversight are apparently aligned with the moneyed interests of the nuclear industry…

Too crisp of a picture I’m drawing?

Here’s a blurry one from last week near the Great Sand Dunes National Park, Southern Colorado (“my backyard”):


— — — — — — —    — — —  — — —    — — — — — — —


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Radioactive Storm Approaches Irish Coast

Winds coming from across the Atlantic Ocean are delivering highly unusual radioactivity to Europe.  It’s been going on for awhile.  The more significant events seem to come in waves.  When that happens, as is the case again, official radiation monitors turn themselves off here and there, and sometimes for entire countries (usually showing as data gaps when the data flow is restored), while many other monitors show spikes outside the normal natural variability.  Cesium-137 just spiked in Finland, second-highest since 2011?  Looks like it… Iodine-131 shows odd upticks simultaneously in Switzerland and on Cyprus, indicating the source is an actively fissioning one.   Areas with low surface winds, which are also in a zone with slower jet-stream winds are seeing the most abnormalities.

When you look at the last month at Cork Airport, on the southwestern coast of Ireland, and then look at wind data from nullschool, you would be hard-pressed to explain that it’s coming from a spewing source somewhere in Europe.

This past month:


The peak at the onset of Aug 17, on Nullschool wind map.   When you look at near-surface wind @ https://earth.nullschool.net/#2016/08/17/0000Z/wind/isobaric/1000hPa/orthographic=-5.64,50.62,1024/loc=-8.500,51.800 , then you get the idea maybe it came from mainland Europe.  But this is also when Switzerland and Cyprus detected I-131 upticks, and just about when Helsinki is to be struck with a whiff off radioCesium.  Surface winds are all over the place.

Yet when you go up… Here’s 250 hPA (jet stream height -ish): @ https://earth.nullschool.net/#2016/08/17/0000Z/wind/isobaric/250hPa/orthographic=-5.64,50.62,1024/loc=-8.500,51.800  –> You see clearly that all these locations with data gaps, spikes, etc are delivered air, apparently radioactive air, from a jetstream band that arrives to the European scene from much further away…: Screenshot of that one:


Last time when there was a highly unusual uptick-disturbance @ Cork Airport, Ireland was just the other month in that notoriously fallout-rich month of early May 2016.  What I call the spiky “April 2016 event”, in some places seemingly starting as early as March, but overall peaking around April 24-27th (well documented – just click home and keep scrolling for more data from that period), is a data gap here @ Cork Airport as well.

And the fallout that followed in May… (data gapped in some places), we KNOW (from Cyprus, Czech, Norwegian, FInnish and other data that) it contained Cs-137, Cs-134, I-131, Te-132, Be-7, Na-22 and -drumroll- a véry unusual amount of Co-60.   So that’s the “fallout signature” such a radioactive cloud leaves on a gamma monitor on the rainy coast of Ireland (note May 8, and in the next 3-month-line, note Aug 17th):



Why the headline?   Well…  I though it sounded funny.  ;-)

And it’s very windy nearby:


I figured I can take liberty with my headlines by now.  Véry few people seem to give a damn anyhow.  So:  This is my tongue-in-cheek shot at off the charts ‘alarmist “make the preppers run for their fallout shelter”. – hehe

At the same time, though.  Let’s say Tihange or Doel NPP (in Belgium) or so melts down.  Wouldn’t you want to know if you live nearby?  Wouldn’t you expect the government to AT LEAST tell you to avoid rainy weather, shower after having been outside and change clothes, don’t drink rainwater, cover your leafy green veggies in the garden, and see them do extra tests on milk products, and so forth?     Well… something of the scale of warranting such warning and testing HAPPENED this spring.  And NOTHING even made it into the mainstream news.  Except for RT claiming Fukushima is having absolutely uncontrollably still fission reactions underground.  Yet no one lifted an eyebrow?  Nothing?


I mean… sorry, folks, but…  this is majorly fucked up.

Then I look outside and I’m like… Okay: whatever.  ;-)


No. It’s not funny.


Some people (20?) in Japan are paying attention to what some of us are documenting @ http://onuma.cocolog-nifty.com/blog1/2016/08/post-e457.html   And @ Invent Solitude (Japan) @ http://inventsolitude.sblo.jp/article/176376860.html    Google Translate sucks for Japanese -> English, so I have a hard time figuring out what is actually being said there, aside from unusual radiation upticks, also in Japan. (?)

Anyhow.  The shit storm continues…

— — — — — —    — — —  — — —    — — — — — —


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Massive Cs-137 Spike in Finland, I-131 Uptick on Cyprus, Widespread Data Gaps and Spikes… (EURDEP_1month_Aug18_2016)

Media silence about recurring radioactive clouds blowing around the planet continues…

The ‘fallout signatures’ on monitors, however, indicate we’re in the midst of an ongoing radiological emergency.  And yet so-called authorities, obviously in cahoots with the nuclear cartel, are remaining as silent as “the press” (whatever that still means…)

A selection of data from Europe (ending at time of checking, Aug. 18, 2016):

Ionizing radiation can do funny things to the electronics of gamma monitors…


The Helsinki, Finland Cesium-137 graph I posted here (at time of posting) had an error in it (3-month graph began with April rather than May).  Here, below, is the corrected one, and the 3 months before it as well, to show that massive “highest since Chernobyl Cesium-137 spike”, that was quickly declared to be just from a local leaking waste package in the garage of the monitoring building.  That the rest of Europe showed widespread disturbances, spikes, data gaps, as well as upticks in Cs-137 as well was entirely ignored by the media.  How will they explain this lastest Cs-137 spike?   Makes the April 24 and May disturbances-related-uptick in Cs-137 look benign at this location:

Cesium-137, 6 months @ Helsinki, Finland:





As mentioned in previous posts, it appears the radioactive cloud might also contain Iodine-131, an indicator of recent fission:


Data processing shifted again at the JRC’s in Northern Italy, bringing an end, for now, to negative activity rates (which is absurd and suggests data processing tricks), after a data gap around the time of the I-131 detections elsewhere…:


Lots of unusual spikes today (August 18, 2016):


Note: Not all data has been validated by the authorities that supplied the data to the EURDEP.  Also read the European Commission’s Orwellian disclaimer @ http://eurdepweb.jrc.ec.europa.eu/EurdepMap/Disclaimer.aspx, after which you can verify all the above for yourself.

Drop me a line if you know if this just more Fukushima re-criticalities nastiness coming down, whether or not it’s coming from the same nuclear power plant that blew up this spring (mystery-oh-mystery, not to be touched upon by any mainstream media outlet…), or if the leaking low level waste packages in Helsinki’s STUK garage are multiplying and taking planes and being dropped near monitors…  [sarc.]   Or something…

No, seriously:  Where is this radioactive fallout coming from?

—- —– —-

To be continued in future blog posts.

— — — — — —    — — —  — — —    — — — — — —


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Wir haben es nicht gewusst…

(Offensichtlich nicht. Die Monitore schalten sich ab, wenn etwas nicht in Ordnung ist…)

Some more additions to the latest rounds of European radiation data, this one with a selection of German monitors and one Slovakian.:

Perhaps some day some bureaucrats may have to explain their rigged data processing software, though…

  • 6 months fron Nürnberg, Germany, with the by-now-notorious much-lower-than-normal values as a fallout indicator, followed by a massive data gap:


“Yeah, how could you know?  There’s nothing to be seen…

Or why be concerned about seemingly lower radiation levels???”

In some places the gaps were shorter:

  • 6 months @ Brannenburg, Germany:


Some monitors reduced the data-gathering times, but it all does further document that ‘something’ was up…:

  • 6 months @ Bad Hindelang Ot Bad Oberdorf, Germany:


It’s pretty obvious that the data gaps are hiding highly unusual disturbances:

  • 6 months @ Weigerdorf, Germany:



In other lovely news, some of the Slovakian monitors have returned from the dead:

  • 6 months @ Prievidza, Slovakia:


The radiation monitoring networks are rigged to hide the data when it matters most.

…which means that any attempt to correlate fallout exposure to cancers and other illnesses will fail to give an accurate picture, and is thus likely to “show no significant correlation” … which in turn means that more attribution will be ascribed to “other factors” … which ultimately means that the actual negative health effects of nuclear fallout are being “underestimated” (covered-up)… which means the nuclear industry is not held responsible for what might otherwise be millions of cases…  which boils down to reaping múch bigger profits.   Or in short: they’re making a killing.  Also literally.  And they’re only comitted to one thing:  That you don’t find out.  ***

Now you know.

*** Just my opinion.  Don’t take my word for it.  Also read my disclaimer.

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


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Alamosa, Colorado – August 16, 2016

First a sampling of US Radnet data (Aug. 1 – Aug. 16, 2016), and then some more EURDEP data, including documentation of the spike in Slovania.  And a couple snapshots of independent networks as well.

Data sources listed @ https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/radioactivity/current-radiation-levels-monitors/all/

US EPA Radnet:



Just south of there, @ Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island, Canada, via independent monitoring network http://radmon.org/:  since about August 10, the record is spiky, erratic and with a data gap:





Remember the spike in Hungary last week [See (Aug 6, 2016) + 5.4 µSv/hr Radiation Spike in Hungary].  Now that it’s past (aside from data gaps), here’s 3 months:


And here you can see how high that spike went again:


Now: the Slovanian spike, with its preceding 6 months ‘context’:


10,000 µSv/hr anyone?

When you put the past 3 months of both monitors next to eachother, you get yet another example of data gaps almost certainly hiding data when it matters most:



So how bad was it really in Slovania?

This radioactive messy mystery is obviously ONGOING…

Some more EURDEP radiation graphs…

6 months from Mustvee, Estonia:


6 months @ Barcelona, Catalonia:



6 months @ Oviedo, Spain:


Not much choice, but some independent monitors on the Iberian peninsula show unusual spikes this past month as well; example from Portugal:


Back to 3-months per monitor:

Suuk Sara, Greenland, and all the way south @ Qaqortoq, Greenland – Note here again as well: an uptick Qaqortoq followed by disturbances this past week, with some lower-than-usual values, precisely when @ Nuuk an uptick is followed by 5+ days of data gap:



Which way was the wind blowing over Greenland?  This could possibly provide a clue as to where this lastest radioactive cloud came from…

The beginning of the uptick @ Nuuk is July 9…  I picked 12:00 UTC to run a Nullschool wind map, @ 250 hPa (as the wind layers below are very quiet and there isn’t much to see):


Wind at jet stream height via Nullschool @ https://earth.nullschool.net/#2016/08/09/1200Z/wind/isobaric/250hPa/orthographic=-142.46,107.04,512

screenshot with some annotations:


To see where the wind may have come from, I turn the globe a bit, @ https://earth.nullschool.net/#2016/08/09/1200Z/wind/isobaric/250hPa/orthographic=-172.11,70.60,512

And mark a range within which “the spewing source” may be found…:


–> To hit the west coast of Greenland (narrow circle, top right), the air was delivered from… a rather large range of possibilities…  The possibilities include Northern Japan, (not so much Korea or China), Russia, (not India), and then you’re back in Eastern Europe…  Also unlikely to have come from some NPP in the US or Canada.

Interesting, though, when you ponder the Juneau, Alaska data gap…  Here’s the Juneau and Colorado Springs data gaps together:


For a fallout-cloud coming from across the Pacific this makes sense: it hits Juneau first, fans out and disperses while blowing over the US and Canada, to leave some upticks and data gaps (probably hiding spikes that fall outside the “no levels of concern” zone the corrupted Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA) has been strickly enforcing since the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear catastrophe began in spring 2011…)

So… a look at Aug. 7, 2016 wind at 250 hPa…


See… this is interesting… It does look like it came from across the Pacifix, yet in this case it looks highly unlikely to have come from Fukushima:


So, you got to turn the globe again to look at Eurasia – @ https://earth.nullschool.net/#2016/08/07/1200Z/wind/isobaric/250hPa/orthographic=-288.71,59.70,512

and there you see the jet stream flying north of Hokaido, and two bands coming together over far-northern China.  The southern band could be picking up stuff from as the Middle East, the northern band from the UK, and everything in between includes over 200 nuclear power plants, most of them in Europe, but also possibilities in the Ukraine, Armania, Iran, etc.

If it came from China, some monitors in Japan would at least show ‘something’, right?  Like @ Hino, Tokyo, Japan ( http://park30.wakwak.com/~weather/geiger_index.html ).  Past month, pretty much northing to be seen:


Same for Taiwan: looks fine…


To wrap it up: I can’t figure it out.  

It is clear that something HUGE happened, leaving what looks like suggestive evidence of a major nuclear meltdown event somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, in the first quarter of this year (2016), followed by odd detections, data gaps, disturbances and spikes.  That much is clear.  But if it’s many incidents/accidents compounding each other, or ONE very troubled spewing source remains impossible to ascertain with an already very limited public radiation record full of omissions.  And if it were all coming from one source, figuring out WHERE exactly this massive nuclear disaster is ongoing, seems to be beyond my sleuthing capabilities, for now.

Anyhow.  I guess it is yet another one of those blog posts that maybe some day could help solve this puzzle.  A nuclear cover-up is in full swing.  We know that much.  That is massive, possibly on par with Chernobyl-1986 or Fukushima-2011 is quite possible.  Where it happened remains unclear.  That Fukushima is still fissioning, and we’re seeing increasing evidence of this, cannot be ruled out either.   Though the latest round of upticks, particularly as seen on Eastern European and some US monitors could be a seperate event from the off-the-charts April event.

See previous blog posts (just click ‘home’ and keep scrolling) for additional data, context and ponderings.

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9 months @ BA0KRS939MA_33_SIT_GM (near Bordeaux), France

August 15, 2016

Looks like another fallout wave may be making landfall in Europe.  There’s lots of examples to choose from.  On some monitors previous fallout waves barely show.  It can be quite subtle.  So it’s extra odd to see some otherwise tranquil monitors show abnormalities.  Location of example marked on map in South-Western France (with Switzerland and Italy on right of this zoom-in):


the green dots show monitors with a slight abnormality in past 24 hours at time I checking on Aug 15, 2016 @ 1700 UTC.  Monitors that seem to have nothing unusual may have data gaps.

9 months, 3 months per line, annotated.  MOst recent at the bottom-end-right.


–> Note the end showing past few days’ unusual uptick.


— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


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A Pinch of Iodine-131, some weeks and months of EURDEP Data, a Nullschool wind map. Simmer. Stir… Let it steam. Ponder the impossible.

Mid-August already…

A nuclear witches’ brew, just to freak out those with feeble paradigms.  hehe

Starting out with some week data, and then looking at some recent Iodine-131 upticks in Switzerland and on Cyprus, with a Nullschool-wind map to see if the impossible is still possible after all…

Unfortnately, this isn’t all that uncommon: the blatant omission of data points that would most likely show the peak values of an uptick, example from St-Amand-En-Puisaye, France:


In other areas of France, where the upticks barely moved outside their normal fluctuation, the peaks weren’t data-gapped away:


Same a little more north @ Nadrin, Belgium:


Although apparently ‘whatever it is’ managed to send this one @ Saint-Vith, Belgium to the infamous all-zero-values zone:


A (minor) pattern resembling fallout conditions (with lower than normal values) @ Aberporth, UK at the end of Aug. 14th:


Nothing major.  Just more additions to many months of fallout waves and ripples of some spewing nuclear plant that blew up / melted down many months ago… or some sinking sun digging an extension to the rabbit hole one tends to tumble down when looking into nuclear cover-ups…  In any case, don’t worry about.  Can’t be much…  “:-)”

(If my sarcasm is lost on you, see Aug. 7, 2016, “We’ve Been Dosed…” and the preceding half decade of blog posts for clues.)

Could the last few days @ Nicosia, Cyprus offer a clue again as well?  Here’s the past 6 months:


*** @ The beginning of March, The Finnish told the world a bizarre story about a package of leaking waste in their building’s garage causing the highest Cesium-137 detection in Helsinki since the Chernobyl accident in spring 1986…  That data across Europe suggested there must have been more to it was left entirely ignored. 

This is to be ignored too, as it suggests that (at least one of ) the leaking source(s) is(/are) actively fissioning (Half-life of I-131 is only 8 days):



With a y-axis that makes more sense, ánd all ‘validated’, here’s also Cs-137 and I-131 data from the CERN, Switzerland monitor, past 9 months:


–> Half the air samples at this location include validated measurements of traces of Iodine-131 in the past 2 months (as accessed on Aug. 15 – early August data may still be added).    Don’t you find that peculiar?  Upticks in Cs-137 can more easily be dismissed, as various nuclear accidents and bomb tests have added it to soils and vegetation everywhere.  A dust storm or forest fire can resuspend that.  But I-131, with its very short half-life is recent…

The significant upticks in I-131 at both Cyprus & Switzerland between July 4 and July 11, 2016 (see graphs above) indicate this is not just a local event (like a refueling or minor venting).    These two monitors are 1600 miles (2500 km) apart.   If looking at wind data for July 9, a day with the highest peak in I-131 @ Cyprus, and part of the major uptick period @ CERN…

Then we see that there isn’t much surface wind…


But when you go up, a pattern begins to emerge that shows both were getting air delivered from the same jet-stream related air stream arriving from over the Atlantic.  CERN is marked here, and Cyprus is still very visible in the eastern Mediterranean:




And then @ 250 hPa (jet stream height), you see it clearly:


@ ENEnews, some observers are of the opinion the upticks must be coming from somewhere in Europe or the Middle East:


No offense intended, but… I get cynical from ponderings like that.  Use of depleted Uranium would not give rise to upticks of Iodine-131, for starters.  And how hard is it to check some wind data before coming up with “a theory”?

And nevermind, I guess…, that the massive disturbances in April-May contained Tellurium-132, Cesium-134 and Iodine-131 as well, all indicating an active fissioning source.   Major nuclear above-ground bombing or one or more véry significant reactor meltdown accidents, those are your options.   (Not sure but… I think “someone might have noticed the flash…”, so a major nuclear accident is almost certainly what’s being covered-up here.  Me thinketh…)

And then… here I go again…  unless… unless it’s not coming from a new location…


-> A major nuclear accident in EUrope is not impossible, for sure, but there’s a couple issues:  upticks have struck very far-apart regions with only fallout-delivery-by-jet stream being able to explain that, suggesting the source may be far upwind from Europe, like the US or further.   Furthermore, the US monitors get data-gapped out everywhere, including in Alaska, not downwind from US nuclear power plants.   It seems to point at a massive spewing source in Asia.  That’s my opinion.  And especially the fact that Cobalt-60 was detected during the same few weeks (in May in Norway) is so extremely unusual that I’m still more inclined to think that the source actually could be Fukushima-Daiichi’s still-fissioning cores underneath the site, in full-on “China Syndrome.”

I don’t know, though.

Lots of bits and pieces like that have been documented on this blog like nowhere else.  For a recent example, see (July 22, 2016), “Fukushima-Daiichi having FISSION Flare-Ups? Saudi Arabia Test a Nuclear Bomb? A Major Nuclear Meltdown Cover-Up Somewhere? Which one is it???”

OK… Let’s see…

North Pole view, below, same July 9, 2016 dy, and tracing the 250 hPa jet stream height wind lines upwind from CERN & Nicosia…  I marked Fukushima-Daiichi on there as well, just for orientation.   “:-)”


I used to point at Fukushima as the likely source for all kinds of weirdness, but now I’m only just saying: ‘Yeah… It’s still a possibility…’

Unless, of course, you’re a top expert & authority, like Shunichi Tanaka, chairman of Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority, who claimed that the molten cores underground going recritical is “physically impossible“.  I resolutely dismissed that (as a total amateur with no credentials -hehe) as bullshit (See Nov. 20, 2015, “Debunking the ‘Impossibility’ of Ongoing Criticalities at Fukushima-Daiichi“).

In the world of actual evidence, however…  There’s additional indications that something’s going on…   Check out Maija (http://majiasblog.blogspot.com/), who’s been watching the Fukushima web cams: it’s been steaming a bunch on site

I’m sticking to it until evidence points me elsewhere:  Something véry serious happened, I think it’s so serious it’s actually freaking out the experts.  They don’t want to admit how bad it is.  Impressively, “the nuclear mafia” apparently got the entire global mainstream media on board to not delve into this.  Freak’n surreal watching a cover-up that perhaps only a few thousand people are aware of…  yet which may affect millions in the decades to come…


— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —

Want a more upbeat take, here’s a recent PR-release from TEPCO, via NHK, followed by some realism: RadChick interviewing Chris Busby about why electronics don’t function in such highly radioactive environments, and a few more clips:

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


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6 months EURDEP Radiation Data @ Northern Italy (JRC Stations 1, 3, 5, 7, & 9)

Colorado Rockies, @ the onset of August 12, 2016

Like their disclaimer says, sometimes a few maroon dots in the same area just means several monitors are being treated to a calibration.  At the JRC Stations in Northern Italy they apparently do that by blasting the sensor with deadly or near-deadly doses…


Below is (unvalidated) data from all 5 above-shown monitors, 3 months per line, 6 months per monitor, with some annotations to show how high the spikes went.  I’m not sure if the isolated “glitch dots”, which were followed or in the middle of de facto data gaps (all zero values) were single-shot calibrations or not, but the 4 super-high values just the other day almost certainly were, I think.   My disclaimer is clear:  I may not have a freak’n clue what I’m rambling about, though.  Their disclaimer is clear: Nothing means anything, ever, unless they’ll explicitly tell you so, for which you’ll have to get in touch with them…

Unvalidated data, up for whatever artistic interpretation you fancy:  

The forced-zeroes right after the highest Cesium-137 concentrations were detected in Helsinki in Early March (within days blamed on some nuclear waste somehow found leaking in the monitoring agency’s garage, while nearly all of Europe inexplicably saw highly unusual spikes and disturbances…), as well as the up and down spiking in the last week of April (during which Tellurium-132 was detected in Northern Germany on April 26th), and in the following weeks Cobalt-60 in Norway, and I-131 and Cs-134 & Cs137 upticks occured at some sampling sites in Czech Republic, … all of this accompanied by major spikes and data gaps from Latvia to Turkey, as well as in the US, with all Beta monitors west of Denver being turned off, disturbances as far south as South America, etc…), all of that is surely best ignored and, if ‘belief in some happy new paradigm’ is all that floats your boat… have at it:  in such a fantastical case these additions to the growing list of strange correlations are probably best believed to be mere coincidence.

  • JRC Station 1:


  • JRC Station 3:


  • JRC Station 5:  (Note the almost zero at JRC Station 3 on March 27 showing as an uptick here)


  • JRC Station 7: (I only had the setting at “polyline” for the 1st, 5th and 6th months here, hence the visual difference):


  • JRC Station 9:



I guess we’ll see what happens after the calibration this week…

Something véry significant happened.  Did a major radioactive cloud made these monitors first go erratic, and then affect them to go into “data-gap equivalent”, namely everything-forced-down-to-zero values?

Check the many months (or years…) of previous blog posts for additional clues…

(My impression is that atmospheric dispersion of radioactive clouds needs to be looked at on timescales of months and years, rather than the weeks the mainstream media gives an accident attention.  IF they even give it attention… Still pretty baffling that this spring’s mega-release hasn’t even made ‘the news’ outside this little outlet of mine…)

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


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Ukraine brings 150 Radiation Monitors Online @ EURDEP (+ 1 year @ Limnos, Greece)

Cañon City, Colorado – Aug. 10, 2016

Ukraine’s public monitoring system(s) have been rather dismal, so far.  See my page @ Online Radiation Monitors -> Ukraine for measurements (but unfortunately not graphs) near active nuclear power plants (NPPs): those are still @ http://www.energoatom.kiev.ua/en/map_aes/, but now EURDEP just got 150 new monitors, all streaming data from Ukraine!

Access the latest via EURDEP -> http://eurdepweb.jrc.ec.europa.eu/EurdepMap/Disclaimer.aspx


Tada!  The nuclear establishment has 150 more toys to try to deceive us with!    ;-D

Not to get too cynical, but it’s at least a nice addition “to watch unvalidated spikes and data gaps on”… “:-)”

Maybe it will be added, but for now it’s also just Gamma radiation (which always is to a large extent “ground shine” and cosmic rays, as well as Radon progeny and some cosmogenic activation products coming down.  Sticking to ‘just Gamma’ is immensely helpful to hide unnatural spikes, as they often barely differ in doses from natural ones.  It’s the ideal toy for perception management, actually, as you can literally hold a Geiger Counter up to someone’s kelp on their granite kitchen counter and make it look like the radioactive cloud that’s blowing over is nothing in comparisson.    Even when it gets realy bad.  Then they’re surely not ‘validating’ the data.  Oh wait… that’s already the case at most monitors.   (“Hm…”)   Or, always lovely to watch as well:  If need be, they can just data gap it all away anyhow.

No monitoring for Beta nor Alpha radiation here either, probably because both are better indicators for most nuclear fallout.   And the whole point of these monitoring networks is obviously not to inform the public, but to fool them.   (Most nuclear fallout emits Beta radiation at very specific energy levels that are different from most natural radioactive decay).  But don’t take my word for it.

No 1-minute or 10 -minute averages here either.  Not even day averages.  Just once a day, an hour and 5 minutes average.  SO… 22 hours and 55 minutes per day are data gapped from the get-go.  Wonderful.  That might provide excellent rigging opportunities to help the pro-nuclear crowd remain in its blissfully ignorant stupor.  [sarc. , on the first part…]

An example from just west of the Zaporizhia NPP, which let loose a significant radioactive cloud at the end of November 2014 (with spikes up to 5.05µSv/hr near the ZNPP plant, as well as similarly high spikes perfectly downwind in Latvia), which the Westinghouse-backed side of that troubled region still denied ever happened.  Perfect ‘plausible deniablility’ established from day one, for “if need be”, as nothing is ‘validated’ anyhow:


If you click ‘polyline’, the dots become more visible:


Some monitors already have data gaps, Day # 4…

Its FirstDataGap

Off to a bit too predictable of a start…  ;-/

—— ——- ——-

Wish they could be more like Linmos, Greece… at least then you can spot “the fallout patterns”…   And unintentionally freak some people out with (sorta) reporting on that… (hehe)

  • Here’s ‘one lovely year’ (in which officially nothing happened) in the “interpreting silence” and “down is up” data art series of 2015-2016:



If the trend keeps up, we’ll be in a radiation-free zone (“6 feet under”, in thick clay soil  – lol)  before summer 2017…  [sarc.]

—- —- —-

Unless you entertain less entertaining possibilities…  You could make it fun. But just in case you have a hard time with doing head- (or hand-) stand in front of your computer, here’s the last one upside down:


…artistic interpretation…

War is Peace

Slavery is Freedom

Ignorance Is Strength

Down is Up.

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


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Cómo radiactiva lluvia aparece en un monitor español

2 + 2 = still 4

The Spanish data gap on EURDEP ended.

An example:  Here’s 6 months @ Caiceres, Spain, which is in Western Spain, close to Portugal.  :


Looks like the data processing applies a “squeeze to a specific value” filter when the dose surpassed 0.1 µSv/hr…  And then something trips the system into hiding the data, right when that Hungarian monitor spiked. (See Aug 5, 2016: + 5.4 µSv/hr Radiation Spike in Hungary, and the posts before and after for additional data).  From below 80 nSv/hr to over 120… a 50% increase in outdoor air background radiation in a matter of three months?  (micro, nano, etc., See Radiation Units & Conversions for help)

Interesting that “the April event” doesn’t show here, though.   Maybe it was a March event (or even earlier) and the delay (to arrive at ground level where the monitors are) just differs due to varying wind patterns?  Maybe it’s delayed effects from some March 11, 2011 event?

In any case:  How can you look at all of this and not get the impression that something major happened?   And why do all mainstream media outlets remain completely silent on this obvious ongoing nuclear cover-up?  Because all the nuclear and oversight authorities stick to the script that all’s just fine?  And they believe that?  I mean… It’s not like I’m reveiling ‘hacked data’, or something secret.  It’s all public.  It comes with a disclaimer, though…

And without jumping through this Orwellian ‘mindfuck hoop’, you can’t check the data for yourself:


Click to go there

—   —  —   —

Someone got mad at me the other day for, to quote, “scaring me with all your doom and gloom.  I was feeling fine before you brought up this nuclear stuff!”  Furthermore, I was informed’ that I am “wasting my time keeping the fear paradigm going.”  Thought he was kidding first.  Nope.  The day that ‘investigative journalism’ gets labeled ‘terrorism’ has apparently already arrived in the New Age world of make-belief…

Lo siento, but… I didn’t get the memo that belief trumps reality.

Really don’t mean to piss on anyone’s bliss parade.


I’m just trying to find a way to convey what I intuitively sense is happening.  Just saying what I feel has never quite cut it.  I thought digging into facts could be helpful to figure out what happened and is happening.  Not to scare anyone.  Just to know the truth.  And I think that when we’re collectively well-informed, we could respond to the challenges much better.  I don’t believe the needed solutions can arise out of the mindset of the nuclear industry, or the military apparatus.  Anyways…  I keep finding that apparently I underestimate that reality no longer matters to many.  What matters are their happy thoughts.  Their new paradigm.  Something.  That a misguided technology may be spewing so much pollution into the air and sea that many species are suffering as a result…  I don’t think it’s just a matter of what you belief…

Surrounded by so much denial and apathy, sometimes, though…

images——– ——– ——– ——– ———


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We’ve Been Dosed…

If you have information that could lead to the arrest of those in charge of this spring’s  nuclear accident cover-up, please get in touch with law enforcement.

If your country still fancies justice, that is.   (Good luck with that one…)  Hahaha


(Banksy Nuclear Waste Ballroom B131)

Crestone, Colorado (USA) – August 7, 2016

Each line is 3 months of publicly viewable EURDEP gamma radiation data, showing, in two lines per location, the past half year.  Annotations and copy-paste edits were made to the screenshots to show higher than usual spikes without losing the lower dose resolution.  Additional background info linked to at the end of this data series.   People who’ve followed the documentation over the past year will see much repetition.  I thought it wouldn’t hurt to bring some of this together once more.

One thing is certain (and I don’t claim certainty very easily): a very large radioactive cloud has drifted over the Northern Hemisphere this spring, and into Summer.  It has affected monitors all the way in South America.


The United States shut down nearly all its Beta Radiation monitors.  There have been measured validated detections of Tellurium-132, Cobalt-60, and upticks of Iodine-131, Cesium-134, and Cesium-137.  (See links to additional posts at end of this post)

In this blogposts I show some examples of widespread “fallout signatures” on European gamma radiation monitors.  By looking at lots of long-term records, it also become clearer that data gaps suggest ‘inconvenient data’ is being hidden on purpose, further suggesting that the official monitoring networks are rigged to hide data when it matters most.

Not one media outlet has investigated this, or reported on it.   WHERE did this happen?   How bad is it?  Should people have been evacuated?

Look closely at the details.  In no particular order:

  • Narva-Joesuu, Estonia:


  • Terneuzen, The Netherlands:


  • Maly Javornik, Slovakia:


  • Gressan, Italy:


  • Hoevenen, Belgium:
  • Hoevenen_Belgie_3mo_EndingMay7_2016Hoevenen_Belgie_3mo_EndingAUg7_2016
  • Berlin-Tegel, Germany:


  • Bilecik, Turkey:


  • Bitlis, Turkey:


  • Konya Huyuk, Yurkey:


  • Herstmonceux, United Kingdom:


  • Zlatibor, Serbia:


  • Salaspils, Latvia:


  • Ottenschlag, Austria:


  • @ 47.2 N, 0.1 W, France:



  • Rostov-On_Don, Russian Federation:


  • Hatay Iskenderun, Turkey:


For ‘some clues’ as to what artificial radionuclides were in the enormous nuclear fallout cloud this spring, consider these interestingly matching detection dates:


Other more recent related blog posts:



It may be time for me to return to the Amazon…

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


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+ 5.4 µSv/hr Radiation Spike in Hungary

Data shown below was accessed via the European Commission’s Radiation Data Exchange Platform (EURDEP).  That as well as other options, see Online Radiation Monitors.  Read their disclaimer.  Read my disclaimer.  And make up your own mind.  For help with some basics, see Radiation Units & Conversions.  Nuclear-topic articles are listed chronologically in my (to-be-updated) Nuclear Blog Posts Archive.

The observed major upticks @ Bataapati Zsibrik Halasto, Hungary, reported on in last blogpost turned into a spike surpassing 1000 nanoSievert (1 µSv/hr – and climbing to over 5 µSv/hr later on!), here showing 2x  48-hour periods pasted together:


It is clearly not a calibration pattern, and though that can never be ruled out, it doesn’t look like an obvious instrument error either.  Looks like a direct hit from nuclear fallout to me.  That something’s up again is illustrated in greater detail in the previous blogpost.

I went to sleep, and rechecked in the morning (Friday Aug. 5, 2016, Colorado Rockies) to find it climbed several extra microsieverts, to just above 5.4 µSv/hr then a few hours of data gap (cleaned? data processing adjustment?), to show normal values upon its return (at least for now):


Graphed last night (already Aug. 5 in Europe):

More 3-month graphs with an obvious uptick the past day:

Czech Republic:


SouthWestern Germany:


[Added later] South-Eastern Germany, near Czech border:


[Added later] Switzerland:


[Added later] Southern Greenland:SouthGreenland_3mo_EndingAug5_2016That other very nearby monitors aren’t showing anything unusual might be because they’re tuned to different decay energies. 

Little flashback on that one:  For an example of two monitors very close to each other (@ Salaspils and Riga in Latvia) spitted out vastly different data, see https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/2016/04/25/4%c2%b5svhr-in-latvia/, from which these graphs:

Nov. 2015- late Jan. 2016 (the only relation is in the data gaps here):



  • Jan. 2016 – late April 2016:  Nothing even suggests these are in the same region of the same small country:



So an obviously spiking monitor right next to one showing nothing unusual doesn’t mean anything.   Both monitors may be working fine, just showing different specific energy ranges.

In the previous post I mentioned the Hungarian Paks NPP.   Others have pointed at the Ukraine.   If it’s not just more Fuku-fallout, then I’m more inclined to wonder about Slovakia, simply because its entire network has been data gapped away for over two weeks.  Most monitors have yet to come back online…



Slovakia did bring one NEW monitor online, though [screenshot updated on Aug 6, 2016]:


Some more data from Hungary:


Looking at the wind… seems currently delivered from over Italy and Spain.  Some possibilities for NPPs in Spain and Southern France as well:

Aug5_2016_00UTC_700hPa_18.600_46.200.gifInterestingly, Spain has imposed a 48+ hour data-release delay (which often becomes a data gap):



Except for that one new monitor, Slovakia remains off-line as well.

No new I-131 or Cs-137 spikes since what followed the April data gap @ Hradec Kralove-Piletice, Czech Republic: (note it ends July 5; the following 3 weeks showed nothing unusual; last week’s data is not in yet (or data gapped):


Compare (Note the dates!) to this 3.5-month pasted-together EURDEP record from outside Antwerp @ Hoevenen, Belgium, ending on Aug 5 (with uptick), and also including “the event” of April 2016:


[Added later]: Another look at Ozalp, Van, Turkey (in mountains bordering Iran), past 6 months:


–> This COULD be an example of delayed fallout from the April event, blowing over this area from mid-May to mid-July, including spikes over 5µSv/hr, as well as various data gaps.    If that’s the case, there’s a possibility that the spike in Hungary is part of the same delayed fallout whiffs.

[Added later]:After the major uptick in March, the trace detactions of Cesium-137 quieted down in far-northern Finland, though “the April event” seems to show up here as well.  Then nothing, until just now.  6 months of Cs-137 @ Ivalo, Finland:


A look at some BETA monitors (all beta, not just T-BETA-ART, which is the more interesting, but less monitored-for):

Besides a data gap in the Gamma radiation record in mid-June, just the other week on July 26th, the highest BETA spike @ Kursk, Russia since Sept. 2015 was registered, with a Beta-data-delay or data gap since July 30th:


Some Romanian Beta monitors quit streaming daily averages on July 11:


While others showed relative upticks in past few weeks:


Slight uptick in Southern Poland as well:


(more data added later, see further below, as well as in the previous post)

My Take: I think much of the disturbances are delayed effects of the major nuclear accident in April (2016), at what would be a still-covered-up mystery location (lots of documentation in the previous few months of blog posts), OR an also-hushed major underground fission flare-up @ Fukushima-Daiichi’s ongoing Full-On-China-Syndrome out-of-control Nuclear Catastrophe.

The signature on the Hungarian monitor, however, hints of a more local radiation very recent release, most likely a European (Slovakian? Spanish?) Russian? Ukrainian?   …???) incident or accident compounding this already very unsettled radiological landscape.

Added later in the afternoon on Friday Aug 5, 2016  (US Mountain Time):

Blog Traffic Statistics tell me where interest comes from.  And when there’s no interest from Hungary when it’s mentioned in the subject line, that would be odd.  Maybe it hasn’t been up long enough, but… in the past “blog traffic” has added intrigue.  For instance, after pointing out that the Helsinki Cesium-137 spike may have been a decoy for a much bigger story, blog traffic from Finland dropped to zero. (May 28, 2016: Finland, U still there? *)  When I documented evidence of the Ukrainian NPP @ Zaporizhia having released a significant radioactive cloud, traffic from Ukraine dropped to zero.  (Dec. 5, 2014: “Access Denied” – Blog Blocking Confirmed !)

Anyhow, thought I’d mention it, cause obviously something’s happening, and just as obviously it’s not part of “all that’s fit to print” for mainstream media outlets… ;-/

Granted, my blog was “playing opossum”, but still, maybe there’s clues in the areas with zero blog traffic.  ‘Cause they just so happen to be exactly the countries I just wrote about again (network outage in Slovakia, major weird spike in Hungary in particular; spike at Macedonia,…):

Blog Traffic 7 days before Aug 5 2016

For what it’s worth, if anything…

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


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Last Updated: (The above hasn’t changed since) Friday Aug 5, 2016 @ 4:34 pm Mountain Time (Denver, Colorado)

Aug 6, 2016 ADDITIONS:

3 months, ending Aug 6:


6 months, ending Aug 6:


Below: 1 week data from the spiking monitor and 3 others close to it in Hungary (as accessed on Saturday Aug 6, 2016 11am Mountain Time (in Colorado, USA):


! –> this illustrates that nearby monitors showed upticks or went into “data gap mode” (likely to hide what would otherwise look like a spike)

Since I see some interest from Poland, here are some 3-month graphs from some Polish monitors:


In no particular order:



A bit over a year of data from Ploeé, Croatia (on the coast) shows all the elevated fallout periods very well:  From late Sept. 2015 into November; early January 2016; mid-February and the onset of march; around April 24, mid-June, and just now.




A “Swiss cheese” year @ Siklos, Hungary:


 — [Monitor in data-gap mode from early Nov. 2015 till Feb. 17th, 2016…] —


Or, in other words, “You call that monitoring?”

Alright… And thát IT, for now, until I see something that truly gets me going again. 

Note:  CLICK on the images on the Hiroshima post (the next one, Aug. 6, 2016), they direct to related posts.


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— Oh, SNAP! – A relapse in radiation blogging land… —

“Ik stopte dus met bloggen…”  ;-)

(Toch wel een redelijk hardnekkige “verslaving”…, zo blijkt wééral…*)

*I suck at quitting…

So far it has always gone this way:  I quit!  [then there’s the sound of crickets, sometimes for weeks…]  At some point I still check one radiation monitor.  Just one.  “One for the road…” hehe  ;-)  One leads to another…  I start to look at some longer term patterns… And then…

Then comes that “Hm…” moment again…

Like… for instance, one Hungarian monitor, “Bataapati – Zsibrik Halasto”, stands out in “a sea of calm”.  Here’s three times 2 days pasted together, past 6 days:


“fallout tsunami wave crashes into Hungarian monitor”

Next is a 3-month graph to show how unusual that is:


Everything okay at PAKS?

It reminds me of the end of Nov. 2014 upticks/spiking of monitors in Latvia, perfectly downwind from the Zaporizhia NPP in Ukraine, where ‘officially no radiation leaked’.  Such a +0.3 µSv/hr would exactly be what you’d get from a serious release.

The nearest NPP is Paks, Hungary, a notoriously dirty nuclear plant, but there’s plenty of other ones upwind as well, in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, the UK, and even further across the pond, of course.  Nearby monitors show absolutely nothing, making this a curious one.

So I hopped from monitor to monitor and strung some 3-month periods together, sampling a bit here and there.  They don’t always end on the same end-date, as I did a bit here, a bit there, spread over many days.

Statie 400 KV -2 in Romania just re-arose from a long data gap:

Statie_400KV_2_Romania_3mo_EndingAUg4_2016Did something happen in Romania, or is one of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants having issues again?    On July 23, 2016, ENEnews commentor ‘Vital1’ relayed the following:

@ http://enenews.com/forum-post-radiation-monitoring-data-april-30-2012-present/comment-page-86#comment-784195

Alert level detection, with a peak of up to ~ 19 uSv/hr showing on a Romanian Carie private monitoring station on the,

http://www.uradmonitor.com private monitoring network.

Screen Shot:


Romania-Carie-on-uradmonitor-230716-19-uSv-hrQuote from this report:


“MP Andriy Artemenko (Radical Party) has said that on July 16 a serious accident with leakage of nuclear fuel was recorded at Khmelnytsky nuclear power plant (NPP), while the press service of National Nuclear Generating Company Energoatom denied the information.”

The surface wind direction is coming from the Ukraine to this Romanian location at present.

https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-334.38,44.44,3000/loc=31.675,48.987  […]

One problem with that theory (that the spikes were caused by a leak at the Khmelnytsky NPP on July 16) is that the various disturbances and data gaps began earlier, as well as in places obviously not downwind.  Actually… since “that present” is long past, if you check for July 23 when the above comment was left, you strangely find that the wind was NOT actually even blowing from the Ukraine to Romania:  (click ‘Earth’ to adjust air layer, and browse through the days before): @ https://earth.nullschool.net/#2016/07/23/0600Z/wind/isobaric/850hPa/orthographic=-335.46,48.20,3000/loc=31.675,48.987

So much for that… ;-/   But those spikes did occur during the time EURDEP data-gapped its record away, though, further documenting exactly what I’ve been saying for years: the official monitoring stations are configured to hide the data when it matters most!

Kocevje, Slovania saw increasing upticks in the second half of July:

Kocevje_Slovania_3mo_PreAug4_2016Snow obviously melts late in far-northern Sweden (in May, as evidenced here with the disappearance  of snow’s ground shielding), but the June data gap might be hiding a spike (see next graph from The Netherlands).  And the past 10 days hint of slight fallout conditions:Ritsem_Sverige_3mo_Aug2_2016It melts even later high up in the Italian Alps:


A +0.8 µSv/hr “glitch dot” at Gastel (Maarheze), Nederland in the first week of July 2016:

Gastel_Nederland_3ma_EndingAug2_2016Something appears to be going on…

Lublin, Poland:  The lower-than normal data points amidst data gaps and upticks is what I associate with “fallout conditions”.  Something’s coming down all over Europe and all you need to do is graph enough long-term records to see how it stands:


Data gaps are an Italian specialty lately, sprinkled with the occasional data processing adjustment and isloated upticks:Acireale_Italy_4mo_preJuly31_2016

The T-BETA-ART monitor @ JRC STation #7 in the Italian Alps has quieted down after exploring the absurd realms of negative activity rates from late June to mid-July (Just try to make sense of the negative bequerel….)

JRC_Station_7_Italia_3mo_T_BETA_ART_Ending Aug2_2016

St. Aegyd in Austria saw a zero-value and spike up to a ridiculous 0.7 SIEVERT.  Weird way to calibrate a monitor, or is this exactly the kind of thing that can happen when a hot particle strikes a monitor directly?    Note the fallout pattern in mid-July, however, correlating with the JRC 7 weirdness, onset of Romania data gap, etc.:StAegyd_Austria_3mo_EndingAug1_2016

Just outside the micro-cracked accident-waiting-to-happen NPP of Doel, Belgium, @ Kallo, the only remarkable thing to observe is an odd increase in background radiation, without dips below 0.080 µSv/hr the past 10 days (look closely):

Kallo_Belgium)nearDoelNPP_3mo_ENidngAug1_2016The isolated high values on the coast of Northern France appear to be on the upswing, with a whopping +54 µSv/hr glitch dot to start of the month of August:NorthernFranceCoast_3mo_EndingAug2_2016

Not validated:GlitchDotNorthernFrenchCoast_Aug1_2016_1moData_PreAug4_2016

A neighbouring monitor, also right there on the northern French coast, graphed for a whole year:

NorthernFranceCoast_PY0KRS806MA_76_SIT_GM__3mo_EndingNov4_2015 NorthernFranceCoast_PY0KRS806MA_76_SIT_GM__3mo_EndingFeb4_2016

Most of November, going into December 2015 is data-gapped into invisibility here as well.  In February 2016 the record becomes increasingly unstable, with peak values recorded – again – in the second half of April:NorthernFranceCoast_PY0KRS806MA_76_SIT_GM__3mo_EndingMay4_2016… followed by data gaps and a spiking at the end of May.  With yet another baseline adjustment with an uptick in it just now:


Look like they sure know how to fool the French…

Looked at the Radon-220 record from Sveti Kriz, Croatia again.   Mysterious mega-spike at the end of a data gap in the second half of January 2016:


And for the mid-April to mid-May period… Not for public eyes:

Radon220_SvetiKriz_Croatia_3mo_EndingMay4_2016 Radon220_SvetiKriz_Croatia_3mo_EndingAug4_2016

(OR, actually, it’s possible that the presence of various other radioisotopes pushed the minimum detectable concentration so far down up that the data gaps essentially mean “none detected” DUE TO the effect of large quantities of OTHER radionuclides present, or shorter sampling times, which can have the same effect.  )

Anyhow… some more bits and pieces:

Found another example of ‘negative dose rates’, here @ Porto, Portugal in spring 2015:


The monitor @ CERN, Switzerland seems to suggest there’s at least “additional circumstantial evidence”, in the form of Cesium-137 and Iodine-131 detections this July 2016, that the upticks have an artificial component and cannot be dismissed with the standard pro-nuclear troll lines like, “probably just radon rainout”:


Kielce, Poland is back (or new?):

Kielce_Poland_1month“Often entertaining” Strumica, Macedonia, after its 4-dots-calibration-style spike of + 14,000 µSv/hr in early July, has seen some plain weird massive spikes amidst data gaps at the end of July and onset of August:StrumicaMacedonia_1mo_August1_2016

Lamia, Greece just doesn’t seem to be able to come up with comforting data, either:

Lamia_Greece_1mo_AUg4_2016Here’s 6 months @ Cahirciveen, Ireland:


-> “The event” in late April, data-gapped away,

followed by a more obvious fallout pattern in early May:Cahirciveen_Eire_3mo_EndingAug1_2016-> Note there’s also a short data gap in the beginning of July!

Same deal at Linton, UK:Linton_UK_3mo_EndingApril30_2016 Linton_UK_3mo_EndingJuly30_2016

A look at a whole year @ Kocevje, Slovania, starting out with the high weirdness of autumn 2015:

Kocevje_Slovania_2mo_Ending.Oct30_2015 Kocevje_Slovania_3mo_Ending.JanuaryL30_2016

Some people may recall that the disturbances of autumn 2015 is what got me back into this after the so-many-th attempt to quit.  ( ;-) ), with posts like:

More in my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive.  But, again, it was the presence of Cobalt-60 that had me wondering if we’re looking at more and more evidence of Fukushima having gone majorly re-critical.   Fact is that Co-60 was again part of the mix in May 2016.  Fact is also that EURDEP is actively shrubbing the record of these inconvenient detections

Kocevje, Slovania, continued…:

Kocevje_Slovania_3mo_EndingAPRIL30_2016The weirdness of mid-February, spikes at the onset of March, and “the event” around April 24 with a higher spike showed up here clearly as well.  The current uptick of late July 2016 is apparent here as well:Kocevje_Slovania_3mo_EndingJuly30_2016

A look at a year in nearby Bratislava Koliba, Slovakia shows similar patterns:

Bratislava_Koliba_Slovakia_3mo_endingNov4_2015 Bratislava_Koliba_Slovakia_3mo_endingFeb4_2016 Bratislava_Koliba_Slovakia_3mo_endingMay4_2016 Bratislava_Koliba_Slovakia_3mo_endingAug4_2016–> the data gaps of June and July indicate there’s something they’re obviously do not want the public to become aware of… .

Then EURDEP crashed, and for some time it even looked like I had been set free from my terrible habit:


But, alas, the reprieve was temporary…  What actually really got me back to “Hm… Maybe I should just post this anyhow, eventhough I’m trying to quit…” was…

I was looking at this lone monitor, shown below, just north of Brasil in French Guyana.  On EURDEP it’s called, “Cayenne-Guyan_973_AGG_CP,” and you can see it here marked on the North-Eastern coast of South America (but stil in the Northern Hemisphere) :


It’s exceptionally quite there, kinda like Iceland used to be…  Until the nuclear meltdowns of 2010-2011…    (Currently, still, all 4 icelandic monitors are either dead or only spitting out secret data…)   SO… here’s Cayenne-Guyana‘s hot data for the past year, starting at the beginning of August 2015 (note that I adjusted the y-axis to show more detail):


-> That’s what ‘quiet’ looks like.  (and it’s not like ‘radon’ or ‘rain’ are European phenomena…)


The (visual but minor) disturbances of November-December 2015 did also show up far more clearly on many European and US monitors.  Same with February.  But look at April.  It’s still just slight, but it’s quite clear that ‘something’ (that emits gamma radiation) was moving through the air… (I’ll zoom in on it at the end, after the year data):


And another, even more pronounced “fallout pattern” occured in mid-June, and most recently (at time of writing in early August 2016), a minor new uptick right now again…:


–> What struck me most is:  the disturbances of the second half of April stand out; a time marked with very pronounced abnormalities in Europe, with spikes of multiple microsievert and radioisotope-specific detections (including of Tellurium-132, Cobalt-60, Iodine-131, Cesium-134, widespread upticks in Cesium-137, etc. – as recapped in the July 22, 2016 blog post, “Fukushima-Daiichi having FISSION Flare-Ups? Saudi Arabia Test a Nuclear Bomb? A Major Nuclear Meltdown Cover-Up Somewhere? Which one is it???“.)

“Oh Yeah… thát…” Yup, still wondering, actually.  (Seen any illuminating news articles?  I haven’t…) 

Okay, one ACTUALLY…   They may not have the most reliable reputation yet, but credit where credit is due (in this Pre-WW3-period of weirdness), one semi-mainstream outlet let the cat out of the bag, and ALL (I mean… ALL… ) supposedly serious mainstream news outlets ignored it:  No one called bullshit on the allegation, either.  Double odd.  They all just kept quiet.  That in itself it weird.  They love to call each other on bs.  Right?

Since this is exactly what I’ve been poiting at for years, it barely gets more bizarre than this otherwise ignored statement, as mentioned in (June 26, 2016), Emptying the Draft Folder… (Some EURDEP radiation data, RT: Fukushima Still Fissioning, How did they get to “600 Tonnes of Nuclear Fuel Missing”?,…):

RT, May 24, 2016: “600 tons of melted radioactive Fukushima fuel still not found, clean-up chief reveals“:   “[…] The absolutely uncontrollable fission of the melted nuclear fuel assemblues continues somewhere under the remains of the station. […]”


Anyhow, hope you didn’t mind that “diversion”…  (Or my “relapsing in blogging land”, for that matter…  Or the fact that I’m repeating a lot…)

Back to (the same?) reality…

Here, Cayenne-Guyana, re-graphed, below, to show more detail with the specific period in the middle:


Did traces reach this location as early as April 7? Or at least April 13?

–>  The dose uptick is a mere 3 nanosievert (0.003 µSv/hr), which is nothing (dose-wise).  You’ll get a lot more from Potassium-rich food, or a granite kitchen counter, or so.  The reason I find this significant, though, is obviously not in the minuscule dose uptick, but in that it shows how far this radioactive cloud apparently spread:  Detectable as far away as South America!  It wouldn’t make a dent if it were a negligeable small local European event, me thinketh

Also interesting is that it occured around (almost exactly!) the same time, with… its apparent “peak” actually coming right before April 24, rather than right after, as was the case for most of Europe (see the Salaspils, Latvia; Seehausen, Germany and Konya Huyuk, Turkey data, among others – all shown in the July 22 post linked to above), and from which I’ll repeat these two graphs once more to highlight the continent-wide nature of this MAJOR event no news source has dared to report on:

Salaspils_Latvia_3mo_Ending.June17_2016 KonyaHuyuk_Turkije_3mo_EndingJune18_2016

See…  If the source were in Europe… wouldn’t the radioactive cloud first have to blow over Eurasia and the Pacific before its southern dilluted edges would reach this monitor?  That’s a lot of diluting that far branched-off from the jet stream…

Do I need to repeat my all-powerful disclaimer?   Okay…  Check out my DISCLAIMER.  Read it in full.  And at the very least remember this:   I hold no claims on knowing the Truth.   Your supposed authorities likely know what’s up, what matters, and what doesn’t.  They are probably the most lovable (wave that tax-district flag!), in intergrity, nothing-conceiling, nothing-distorting, and always-telling-the-truth mofo’s out there, especially in ALL matters nuclear.   When in doubt, discard all I ponder and go to them.  Got it?  And make sure to read THEIR disclaimers too.

(God… I hope that demons-dispelling trick keeps working…)

Little humor-category distraction…   Came across this EURDEP promo video…

That’s some hilarious blatant propaganda, IF you’ve paid ANY attention… LOL:

“Obliged”… I wonder if that British accent was selected for best propagandistic effects…   “Laboratory results…”    lol


Well, anyhow, extrapolating is hard in such a dynamic planetary atmosphere…

I went back to look at US Radnet data, starting with Alaska, graphing for clues in the period April 10 – April 26, 2016:




In all 3 cases in Alaska, you see ‘something’ in the first 4 days of these graphs, inviting me to look at the 2 weeks before that.  So I did.  This is the period April 1 – 14, 2016 (so there’s a few days of overlap):




Obviously, it will remain véry difficult to figure out where the leaking source (a major fissioning meltdown-like event, or a nuclear detonation) was, but you can see in the data gaps followed by higher values, that of the three Alaskan records shown, it is quite likely that Anchorage may have gotten “hit” first… (with minor traces.  Pleace don’t misinterpret this.  I’m just trying to find out the location of the Fissioning Meltdown/China Syndrome/Kaboom Event that let to these weird measurements.)   Although… as early as April 2nd???  Maybe that’s a seperate omission event.  In either case, Fairbanks and Juneau got “hit” on April 9th, and Fairbanks got a lot more much later on.   But if the European long-term data sets I looked at in the past are any clue, you really need to graph many months on end to see the pattern amidst the natural variability…

Because that takes forever on Radnet, here’s just 3x 2-week periods pasted together: From mid-March till End of April 2016:


–> That shows that the onset of the data gap on April 9 is most likely the beginning of this ‘major event’ at thís monitoring location.  That’s only interesting for one reason:  That seems to be a whole day before the onsets in Europe…

The challenge is: THAT actually doesn’t mean it didn’t occur in Europe per se.  It still could have, with the fallout rising to the upper troposphere… and becoming much more apparent on its following rounds around the planet.  Can’t rule it out.

One reason to “quit blogging” (a theme that is likely to return anyhow, just because…) is because it seems at times that I’m just going in circles.  WHERE-THE-FUCK! ís this measured radioactive cloud coming from?  I mean…  Come on…!  WHERE!?   If this happens all the time, then one release mixes with another and it just gets confusing, but….  I just HOPE that it isn’t just quite THAT bad…

Why has not one major news outlet given ANY attention to what is by now well-documented to be a MAJOR nuclear incident?  Or why not even attention on the “slightly disturbing” fact that they’re shrubbing the record clean of inconvenient detections?   No… They’re really busy covering Hillary’s (s)election as the “OMG First Female (USA!-USA!-USA!) President”…  AS IF the “presidential” campaign isn’t one giant choreographed bullshit shit-show of a rigged selection anyhow…   Nope.  Nothing.

On June 18, 2016, I posted, “Decade-Long Gamma Radiation Record from Argos, Greece“, as part of the (also addictive) “subversive habit” of long-term pattern spotting attempts…

Here’s a zoom-in on two times 3 consecutive months of “off the charts” data:

Argos_Greece_3mo_EndingMid_March_2016 “Something” obviously happened in February 2016, that’s for sure.


No idea.

—- —- —- —- —-

Could this be related?


IwakiExplosionSOUND_Feb8_2016I do wonder if the weird undergound explosive sound(s) had some relation to what’s going on at the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Catastrophe Site…

Could the corium have had a major fission flare-up, akin to an underground nuclear detonation?  Did a massive hydrovolcanic explosion occur (when hot corium meets a water layer and the whole water patch blows up in a massive steam explosion).  Could such an event be accompanied with a major release of underground built-up radioactive gasses?

I don’t know.  Mentioned it before.  Though I’d mention it again.

—- —- —- —- —-

Also visible in the Greek Argos monitor is the data gap at the onset of March, when unusual amounts of Cesium-137 “escaped a package in a Helsinki garage (uh-huh…)“.   Likewise, there’s mostly data gaps over New Year’s, when Ruthenium-103 was detected outside of Oslo, Norway.    “But there’s só mány gaps, you might as well ignore them all.”  [sarc.]

That will become easier anyhow, as the European Commission (or the nuclear “experts” they hired, because they idiotically trusted ‘the nuclear industry’ somehow…) is actively replacing the past’s radiation record with one on which perhaps some day nothing abnormal will be found…

Continuing from mid-March 2016:

Argos_Greece_3mo_MidJune_2016-> Peculiar, not? … Right before April 17, spikes of +10,000 µSv/hr were recorded here.  The only other recent time it went that high was in February.

Not validated, but hey, who needs ‘validated’ data to expose a cover-up?  If you get enough ‘non-validated’ data that fits a pattern, in my view “it validates itself”, just through its documented context.

Same with those “lower-than-normal” values were seen in the first week of May.  “Instrument error!”, I hear an “imaginary” pro-nuclear troll yell.   “Fallout effects!” (ionizing alpha- and beta-radiation affecting the gamma radiation monitor’s electronics), is what I think.   But whatever…  I did quit “for a reason” before…

How many monitors need to spike, show abnormaly low or high values, or data gaps in the same period, before you know something’s up?


“[…]  Yes, and how many times can a man turn his head
And pretend that he just doesn’t see? […] “


Either there was a MAJOR nuclear meltdown event this year, which would mean a monstrous cover-up is in full swing.  OR the situation at Fukushima-Daiichi is getting worse, with fission flare-ups and underground explosions and all, which actually would also mean its monstrous cover-up remains in full swing.   I think it’s safe to assume that the detections of Co-60 in the various fallout waves in the past few years point at Fukushima, and not at nukes being set off secretly.   That newer leaks at various locations are compounding the larger leaking from Fukushima seems most plausible to me.

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —

Meanwhile it is Thursday August 4.  Saw some snow high up yesterday afternoon.  Bit early, but it’s only going to cool down from here.  It’s raining right now.  Quite nice.  I prefer the forest fire danger on the low end.

Three months till winter…

— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


— — — — — — —   — — —  — — —   — — — — — — —


If you are viewing this page on any website other than allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/ it IS plagiarized.  Please let me know.  All original content is copyright © Michaël Van Broekhoven, administrator of the Allegedly Apparent Blog.  Content cited, quoted etc. from other sources is under the respective rights of that content owner.  For more details, see my Disclaimer, Share Policy and Fair Use Notice.   If you wish to reproduce any of my content in full or in more than a paragraph or quote, please contact me first, to probably obtain no such permission.
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A Reply to Some Inqueries Re. “The End”


Related to my June 22, 2016 blogpost, “Fukushima-Daiichi having FISSION Flare-Ups?     Saudi Arabia Test a Nuclear Bomb?    A Major Nuclear Meltdown Cover-Up Somewhere?    Which one is it???“, as well as the latest announcement of quitting this blog (— “The End” —), I received some private messages (email and others).

Here’s a couple answers:

  1. No, I’m not interested in giving interviews at this point.  Maybe some day.  Thanks, though.
  2. Commenting is turned off on all recent blog posts, because I don’t want to deal with them.  (Most are spam, insane-sounding people, or obvious pro-nuke trolls anyhow. The last two kinds are hard to tell apart.)
  3. Here’s my response to one letter, that hopefully also answers inqueries from most others (and with that you have one more blog post, this one):

Links that were shared as part of one private letter, included here:

And this very interesting video (in German):

——— ——— ———

Crestone, Colorado (USA) – July 26, 2016

Dear [—————–] ,

Thanks for your letter.

Yes, I knew of ZAMG, the Austrian meteo service.  I only mentioned them once in March 2011 ( https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/2011/03/25/2-weeks-in-fukushima-already-20-chernobyl/ ), but did look at some of their modeling much later.

ZAMG’s documentation of massive quantities of Xenon-133 is part of the likely evidence that a true nuclear explosion might have taken place at the Fukushima-Daiichi site in the first week  of the disaster in mid-March 2011.   Example of their atmospheric dispersion modeling @ http://www.zamg.ac.at/pict/aktuell/20110321_fuku_Xenon-Simulation.gif
Xe-133 is one of the fission products of both U-235 and Pu-239, and therefore used as one of the indicators of nuclear explosions:
NIRS, the Norwegian meteo folks doing the same back then, soon after also quit (See screenshots of their last data @ https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/2011/05/14/nilu-abandons-fukushima-forecasting-reliable-data-blackout-cited-the-return-of-zardoz/ ).

From looking at long-term EURDEP graphs the past half decade, what reached ground level, where the monitors are, must have been MUCH worse later on compared to what they measured during the early weeks.  I emailed with the CTBTO awhile back, but they are under strict secrecy restrictions, and even the bit of data they released (to Germany) was redacted.   (Example from Freiburg:  https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/2015/01/21/years-of-radiation-data-eurdep-freiburg-germany/ from which this excerpt:


And now, at least for some time, I am quitting myself.

I’ve said this numerous times before, and it remains the case:  scrutinizing radiation data, just because all governments seem to have one thing in common and that is to cover-up what’s really happening, has become far too time-consuming of a “hobby”.  (Also, I need to remember who it is I’m ultimately up against:  People who are all onboard with flash-incinerating 50,000 children at the push of a button, just to show who’s boss….)    Given where they seem to be taking things lately, it’s actually very difficult to quit, but at the same time: there isn’t all that much I could add anyway.

If you have connections in the academic world, my recommendation is to expose why Cobalt-60 was omitted from key scientific literature.  It’s scandalous in its implications of what it clearly aims to cover up.

It was Ken Buesseler (of WHOI) who directed me, by email, to Georg Steinhauser, who called me by phone.  Later I found they shared my emails amongst themselves, like they were essentially a team. Steinhauser mentioned in relation to the recent fission fingerprints I’ve written about numerous times, that “his FRIENDS at the CTBTO” would surely have told him. “I just saw ’em recently.” Etc.   (At the time the idea that active fissioning might still be ongoing underneath the site was still considered “crazy talk” by most then.  Meanwhile others have stated or alluded to the same.)   And while Mr Steinhauser called my detection of 1.4 Bq/kg of Co-60 in a Japanese seaweed “spectacular”, he dismissed it as “probably from a medical dump”, and was adamant about it NOT being from Fukushima, “because of lack of radioCesium” (which I now know was a bogus argument, particularly in low concentrations.  Fukushima is practically certain exactly where the Co-60 came from!)   Anyhow.   I consider it my biggest discovery:  https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/2016/01/26/significance-of-cobalt-60-in-fukushima-fallout/.

(Last year, in 2015, after my last lab sample data came in, I was unable to forward Steinhauser my strangely radioactive Colorado rainwater sample for more precise testing, because of a very long delay on the lab side, reportedly due to the house of the lab manager burning to the ground…    And that the lab assistant wrote me in the middle of communication that, “I’ve resigned” was a bit weird too.  But anyhow, no need to get distracted in speculation.)
The significance is its cross section and the massive neutron flux required for creating such abnormally high quantities of activation product Cobalt-60.
You can’t get that from a normal meltdown.  They don’t want to admit that, because it means one of only a few possible things:   Either the 400+ normally operated reactors CAN actually have a nuclear detonation when melting down (seems unlikely);  OR… One or more of the reactors (probably the MOX-fueled Unit 3)  wasn’t operated like a normal reactor.
In that latter case, there’s at least two more options that come to mind:  Perhaps it was set up to produce fissile material (such as U-235 or Pu-239)  for nuclear bombs, which would thus expose a Japanese secret nuclear weapons program.  (With Israeli company, Magna, doing the Fukushima-Daiichi security, which adds at least a pinch of elevated possibility of a far-ranging international plot here…) OR it was set up like a (Thorium-Plutonium?) breeder reactor for experimentation, either for possible “unlimited energy supply” attempts, OR to siphon off fissile material for nuclear bombs, OR a combination of both and perhaps other applications I don’t know about.
I’m just an amateur, no degree of any kind, but that’s what I now believe based on what I’ve learned.   Something here is véry fishy.  None of these scientists reply to my emails anymore, by the way.  (Or they never get ’em.  I don’t know.)
My impression is that the IAEA and CTBTO may at one point have been genuine, although even that is far from certain for the top levels, but that they are by now ‘infiltrated’ to the core, by de facto international criminal elements.  That would allow for nuclear bomb tests or accidental detonations to occur and remain unannounced and unreported.  Their willingness to remain silent about the gravity of Fukushima, which very well might have had an actual nuclear detonation in its first week, as well as currently-still-fissioning cores, tells me they cannot be differentiated from the darkest realms of military-industrial complex itself.  These UN-affiliated agencies are actively covering it up with utter nonsense like UNSCEAR’s 2014 Fukushima Report to the UN General Assembly, for example.
In short:  There are no oversight agencies.
It is all one big scam.  My attempt “to play oversight agency”, all by myself, albeit with the tiny bit of redacted (usually “not validated”) public data available, on a bad internet connection in the middle of nowhere in the edge of a vast Colorado wilderness…, I think most people will agree with this: it borders on the absurd.  But I tried for some time, and I did expose important things, I think.  I hope others take it further.
If the tiny bit of socialy responsible democratic fabric wasn’t unraveling as fast as it is these days, perhaps I would feel the basic minimal protection any independent journalist requires.   But the sad truth is, I have no support network, the media is remaining silent and it appears most academics are in complete denial, in cohoots for the money and safety, or somehow ‘demoralized‘ and no longer capable of independently thinking…   I am actually truly becoming ‘speechless’…  I don’t know what to say anymore.  It is unbelievable what cover-up these sociopaths are getting away with.
I don’t know if my current stop is final, or just a break, but I aim to remain silent for some time.  Some more static till an anniversary and then nothing for awhile.  If I can stick to my intention to quit blogging, that is.
Kind Regards,
Michaël Van Broekhoven
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