Locked My Car Keys Inside My Car… (EURDEP, 3 months)

And while I waited for very kind folks with the tools to swiftly break into my car, I sat at a bar waiting… which included a brief relapse into radiation monitoring land.  hence these few graphs:

The EURDEP data was pulled on April 23, 2017, and showed highly unusual abnormalities at some monitors, such as

Fleuris, Belgium, 3 months:


Westerlo, Belgium, 3 month:


Mannersdorf, Austria, 3 months:


Merson Anamur, Turkey, 3 months:


Bankut, Hungary, 3 months:


T-Beta-Art & T-Alpha-Art @ Braakman, The Netherlands, 3 months:

Location just west of Antwerp:


Note the timing of that spike in both total artificial beta & total alpha radiation… If you ever needed yet another indication that those drop-to-zero erroneous-looking values, such as in nearby Belgium at the same time, were due to nuclear fallout:


In this next one I put 4 monitors together for the same week


And now let’s just hope I won’t lock my car keys in my car again…

Another thing I looked at this week:

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  • For other individuals and small groups / organizations whom may still be keeping up the hard work of independently investigating various aspects of “the nuclear era” and its officially covered-up fallout landscape, as well as gathering the bits and pieces of news that did see the light of day, perhaps check these Nuclear News Sources.

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Transmissions Echoing Away…

Crestone, Southern Colorado – April 14, 2017


(Just a couple videos)



Deep breath… Ahh…. ;-)







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It took the IAEA over 4 months to post this Halden Report (a Ramble MIX, with lots more EURDEP graphed radiation data)

This is a “emptying the draft folder” attempt: bunch of data I recently graphed (I pluck most of it of EURDEP (via https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/radioactivity/current-radiation-levels-monitors/ ), and the string ’em together in 3 months per line, and then the next wifi opportunity, I make a blog posts with it – That has tended to be the process till now.)

I can probably conclude that I’ve put enough time into that radioactive cloud that escaped Halden, Southern Norway in mid- to late October 2016.   The French monitor highlighted yesterday (FR2044 -BA0KRS924MA_33_SIT_GM) correlates with this data gap and spike all the way in Greece too.  If you ponder that all those spikes in the Oct 16 to Oct. 27 period might have come from Halden, and that the disturbances that followed in November-December might have been related, then there’s no way it was just an INES-1 incident.  The IAEA’s “final” word on the matter: There was no release beyond authorized limits (The total release to the air wass approx. 16,9 MBq I-131, and 8,4 MBq I-132, so they claim), and no one in, near or far away from the facility was ever overexposed. More further below.

  • A repeat of Komotini, Greece, 3 months:

  • Scilly, UK, 3 months, showing the same 3-month period beginning at the end of Sept. 2016:

IAEA INES-scale-related news, via @ https://www-news.iaea.org/EventList.aspxhttps://www-news.iaea.org/EventList.aspx, see below the music…

…to get roll’n…

That’s about to be turned into “archival footage” if you ponder some of the “alternative news sites”, it sounds like…  Craziness…

Anyhow…  A bit más mellow…

Some cool skydiving in this one:

…wobb wobb wobb…

… Couple EMPs and the internet will be fried… and we’ll be back at centrally controlled news… .  Making this entire blog rather pointless to an “almost funny” extent… ;-/  If the online radiation monitors remain available after SHTF, then, I suppose, – for what it’s worth-  we got a bit of a record of the pre-April 22, 2017 radiation landscape, eh?

Otherwise…  I will be enjoying strangely mutated gigantic pink deer wandering by casually, with weird colorful purple sunsets for background….


SO, from the link above the music videos, you get this report:


Screenshot (taken April 9, 2017):


So, my impression that ’emergency venting’ must have been happening well before the Halden leak broke the news on Oct 25th is confirmed: the fuel removal started on Oct 17, and it didn’t go as planned.  Extra ‘venting’ (possibly a really nice euphemism for ‘spewing’) went on until somewhere in the Oct. 25 to 31st period.

That they only state I-131 and I-132 data, and no details on the nobLE gas releases, nor a word on the Na-22 spike, and Cs-134 or Cs-137 releases, is an obvious intentional omission.  Maybe if they included all those, it might reveal a more concerning situation than a mere cracked fuel rod?  Or perhaps it would push ’em outside the ‘permissable levels’, so it’s omitted to remain under that.  Nothing would surprise me with this industry anymore.  But, only one thing I’m certain of: I don’t know what happened.  I just find stuff and ask questions.  And I hope someone better-connected and better-equipped takes it further.

Some more 3 month graphs from that period from across Europe:

Well-timed ‘baseline adjustment”:

  • Suha, Slovenia:

  • Skillinge, Sweden:

  • Ollandssodraudde, Sweden:

Nummer Een, The Netherlands:

  • MON SARA0215, Denmark:

In Southern Europe and Asia Minor, it appears at least two radioactive clouds are overlapping, with data gaps and shifts obscuring their exact timings.  Three examples to show what I mean:

  • Parma1, Italy:

  • Mersin Gulnar, Turkey:

  • Izmir, Turkey:

And then I updated my Mac from 10.6.8 to 10.11…. And while it might make my printer work at last when I get home, it’s not an improvement for most programs, including the ones I use to make these graphs.  Bit annoying, but here’s the stuff I plucked 2 days ago (many monitors shown in previous posts):

  • Maly Javornik, Slovakia, 6 months (slow decline and re-increase likely due to winter snow shielding the ground):



  • Tarvisio, Italy, 6 months:


Two examples from Belgium showing forced-zero-values, likely due to ionizing radiation’s particles’ effect on monitoring electronic circuitry, as observed often before):

  • Koewacht, Belgium:


  • Hallaar, Belgium:


  • Bitola, Macedonia:


It’s an extra cut and paste to cut them stupid gaps out of it now… ;-/  Like I did for this one:

  • Zalou, Romania, 15 months:


-> Look at June!  “:-)”   -> I graphed this one to show another example of radioactive nuclear fallout causing lower than average data points, in this case from the mystery hushed-by-all-media Spring/April 2016 Event.


(…continued, but with the visual in-between-months gaps:)


Looks like the systems have been properly ‘primed’ for the full-on show-down.  If nuclear war were to break out, with hundreds or even more nukes set off it will not make that huge of a difference.  Most will be higher up for awhile, then there will be disturbances, data gaps, lower-than-usual and zero values, and the consequences will, just the same, take many years or decades to manifest as a variety of health issues…

They got it down.  If all stays calm, I might do a summary of sorts, an overview post, showing the various things I’ve observed on these monitors and what I think they imply.

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FR2044 -BA0KRS924MA_33_SIT_GM, (EURDEP, near Bordeaux, France, since end 2010)


It’s a monitor just north of Bordeaux, France, near that ugly nuclear waste production facility, Blayais NPP.  Beautiful region, though… visited there with my family way back in the 1980s.   Small lakes, rivers, small picturesque towns, great food, forested, medieval castles,…     I mentioned that set of monitors around Blayais in (June 27, 2015), What really happened at Blayais NPP near Bordeaux, France? Regional Radiation Monitors were turned off.

The reason I graphed this one was to see if the crazy spike seen the week of Oct. 23-30, 2016, right after Norway’s Halden “minor (INES-1) Iodine release” (see various previous as well as next blog post, I think…), was what I would call “highly unusual”.  (Yeah, it was…)

It appears this specific monitor started sharing data in early December 2010.:

There’s a very brief data gap and tiny upticks in the week following the beginning of the Fukushima-Daichi triple meltdown five-worst-case-scenarios nuclear catastrophe, which began on March 11, 2010:

And then, just like anywhere, it takes a few months for múch more fallout to reach the ground, by which time “authorities” have declared the situation has normalized, stop the extra monitoring to reduce the chance this is found out to be untrue, and we all went our merry way breathing in the stuff … that will severely negatively affect the health and longevity of hundreds of thousands of people in the decades ahead…:

ANd if you’re still wondering why mainstream media “kinda” went silent on the Fukushima mess at the end of 2013, when they had fooled most of us with a “Spent Fuel Pool # 4 offloading” hoax…, take the data gaps of 2013-2015 as a hint… perhaps:

BA0KRS924MA_33_SIT_GM__45.2N_0.7W__France_3mo_April9_2015 copy 2

Nice example of an on and off ramp to an omitted spike centered around June 24, 2016:

This sudden rising values curve is ‘a beauty‘, and the ‘baseline adjustment’ that followed is obvious from looking at before and after the curve:


The data gaps, the baseline adjustments, the lower-than-average values,… all of it are part of my long-standing conclusion: the official monitoring networks are rigged to hide the data when it matters most.

Then… The onset of the Spring/April 2016 Event, whatever thát was…, came (for this monitor) as barely noticeable disturbances, followed by a ‘baseline adjustment’ (in the notorious mid-May to Mid-June 2016 period):

BA0KRS924MA_33_SIT_GM__45.2N_0.7W__France_3mo_Oct9_2016 copy

Now… If this +400 mSv/hr gamma spike, followed by a data gap and another spike at the end of that data gap from Oct. 26 to Oct. 28, 2016, were the result of fallout swirling around Europe and hitting ground monitors (this one 2200 km to the south…) in erratic patterns…  then I would be inclined to call ‘bullshit’ on the IAEA’s INES-1 designation of this Norwegian incident, and suspect a far greater release than they’re willing to admit:

For what it’s worth…

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Scripted WW3 Moving Ahead As Planned

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