Highest I-131 Radiation Fallout in US from Fukushima: in Utah, Idaho, California and Kansas

[May be outdated]

–> more locations, times and isotopes tested by the EPA.  According to precipitation samples collected (they did something! -ha – though it took Socrata to make the data more user-friendly accessible at http://opendata.socrata.com/Government/Precipitation-RadNet-Laboratory-Analysis/e2xy-undq

These are Iodine-131 levels detected in precipitation (last couple weeks, most recent data not available yet).  I’m only mentioning the highest measurement:

390 pCi/l     in  Boise, ID                   (sample March 27, 2011)

200 pCi/l     in  Kansas City, KS        (sample April 13, 2011)

190  pCi/l     in Salt Lake City, UT    (sample March 28, 2011)

ID, UT, KS, CA and FL apparently lead Fukushima Radiation Fallout Levels, at least as far as the couple samples here and there go.  The number of locations and frequency of sampling by the US EPA borders on or lies somewhere between surreal and negligent, I think.  Thanks EPA, for being so on top of it…    [sarcasm]

Now that I got used to Becquerels per liter or per kilogram…  The picoCurie, eh?  It’s almost funny how they flip the units around.  Luckily there’s my Radiation Units page, which for this unit directs to the Becquerel blogpost:  http://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/2011/04/13/becquerel-bq-terabecquerel/

I see…   1 Ci = 37,000,000,000 Bq,  meaning: that many decays occur in a gram of radium-226 per second

1 μCi = 37,000 Bq

1 nCi = 37 Bq

1 pCi = 0.037 Bq   (multiply by 37, divide by 1,000)

390 pCi/l     in  Boise, ID                   (sample March 27, 2011)  = 14.43  Bq/l

200 pCi/l     in  Kansas City, KS        (sample April 13, 2011)    =  7.40 Bq/l

190  pCi/l     in Salt Lake City, UT    (sample March 28, 2011)  = 7.03 Bq/l 

How does that compare to the worst day in Berkeley so far?    Tada:

For the UC Berkeley California data, see my USA page.

Which shows once more how important it is to have independent (well, sorta… they’re nuclear engineers in a state-funded school, but still, it’s not the EPA’s) monitoring happening, and even more so: in more locations and frequently (hourly?), in thousands of locations, something the EPA is currently not even planning on doing.

Also used:

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5 Responses to Highest I-131 Radiation Fallout in US from Fukushima: in Utah, Idaho, California and Kansas

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  2. America needs to be decontaminated this 2012 from all the Fukushima fallout carried over and dropped down from rain and wind.Fact.

  3. I just found some more sad Fukushima news.Check out flyingcuttlefish video(Doctor:14,000 U.S. Deaths from Fukushima Radiation>>Flying…)The ocean is very contaminated with Fukushima radiation and i fear that the cesium uptake that plants and trees are absorbing will cause long term harm and wierd mutations.Milk,cheese,and spinich were not safe to eat in certain parts the world after Fukushima fallout carried harmful radiation in the jetstream and dropped it on all people,places and things.Americans are in a media blackout about the harm brought down on us from the Fukushima fallout.How safe is it to eat fish this 2013??I hope smoking gun videos gets a hold of these facts.High cancer rate among Japanese children.Leuren Moret has many facts about Fukushima that need to be investigated.

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  5. I was living in Bazine Kansas in March 2011.I knew the sheppled media would not report the truth about the Fukushima Radiation Fallout.I told the school principle in Bazine that i did not want my kids outside playing in the Fukushima rain.Thank goodness for Dutchsince,and his truthful reporting.Has anyone down loaded new pictures of the Pacific Ocean`s sea bottom littered with dead sea creatures this 2014?Cesium 137 found in California pine pollen.Thanks for the sad truth.

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